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  1. Rainex37

    View distance

    It is a pity that it will not work (I play on the official server, base longer than 90 sections is not fully downloaded, I can not see the walls). Thank you for your help and prompt reply.
  2. Rainex37

    View distance

    I saw the setting "Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\Engine\Config": Tried to change the values, the range of visibility did not change. Is this the wrong option?
  3. Rainex37

    View distance

    I am interested in the possibility to make the range higher than the standard. Somewhere I can change the values responsible for the range of those options?
  4. Rainex37

    View distance

    Good day. How can I make the range of loading buildings as large as possible? Where can I change this in the config settings?
  5. Rainex37

    Weapon / Armor cap

    Hello. What is the maximum damage from weapons bps / crafted weapon on the official server (island map)? Is there a limit of durability / protection for armor / armor bps? My crafted Pump-Action Shotgun with 315+ damage dropped damage after restart to 298. I apologize if such a topic already exists somewhere. Because of the language barrier, it's hard for me to use the forum search
  6. Rainex37

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    My friends kill worms only on giga. They also have wyverns, but they choose giga for some reason
  7. Rainex37

    Dino killers Abberation

    I think Megalosaurs, but they have a significantly lower attack area
  8. Rainex37

    Megalos for Rockwell?

    Yes, Dinosaurs are not effective there, only guns
  9. One of the best buildings on the aberration I've seen. Congratulations!
  10. Rainex37

    Cool Ark Builds

    Just an octagon for therizino
  11. Rainex37


    mini football
  12. Rainex37

    megalosaurus make 90% lower dmg with no rider

    Yes, on the local server shows very low damage.
  13. Rainex37

    Best Reaper King

    My best newborn reaper. 509 melee and 25328 hp
  14. Rainex37

    Reapers disappeared

    They have grown, now you can not open inventory or press anything. However, somewhere in another dimension they interfere with the construction of new structures