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  1. It's very good,I remember last year's Raptor Claus was so beautiful!I'm looking forward to this year's Raptor Claus.So Come on.
  2. Alpha Wyvern is a boss.
  3. mana disappear the island When to fix the bug that mana suddenly disappeared in the island? I am landing the green obelisk ,and the mana suddenly disappeared . I was very surprised, there is not message about it is death in the diary,at the same time when I went back to pick up my bag, there was no light of death.I'm very depressed!
  4. It's very good,and the colour of dino is very beautiful.so i want to know when is starting to 2× taming.
  5. I come from China. I saw the game live from huya. I was very surprised at that time, and then I was deeply attracted by the ark! I've been playing this game since 2016, but my English is not good, so I joined this place and also want to learn some English, which will be more interesting, won't it!
  6. Why can't I get into the trade? Why can't I get into cross-ark item trading & dino breeding?why?
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