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  1. I'm sorry for your troubles. Build up and rise above...it's all part of the game!
  2. I accidentally ate an egg we had paid 50k metal for...I'm lucky to still have a tribe
  3. PvE is 565, I wouldn't imagine PVP is that far behind. I would guess 525+
  4. How can I get banned for duping when/if I clearly didn't ask it to dupe my character? I'm at work so don't even know if that's what the problem is, but that makes zero sense
  5. Extinction transfers broken for everyone?. Tried to transfer off our Extinction server and it's a no go. Unable to upload/move character. Everyone having this issue?
  6. Try using their social media accounts, specifically Twitter. When our server was down we got a response on Twitter but never got much communication from the tickets.
  7. Your babies will be fine. The server is offline. That means time is stopped, standing still. They are not maturing, starving, etc.
  8. When the box with our server corrupted - it took 36 hours (maybe 48 hours) to get it back. Yes those repairs can be completed quickly on YOUR PC. ARK uses a server hosting company. The box goes down, they contact the company, the company has to get the ticket, process the issue, get the fix. That would take a few hours (not including timezone issues) even if they only had a few machines. Multiple machines, multiple games, many many boxes. Many more issues. Simply put, you must wait your turn. We learn to wait in queue since we are children. Patience is the lesson of the day.
  9. Play PvE! Then you can't be attacked. I've played lots of hours (thousands lol) on official PVE and in my opinion it's the only way to go.
  10. Our server is gone too - NA-PVE-86 - over 24 hours and it's status on Battlemetrics changed from "Offline" to "Dead!"
  11. I think I'm approaching 5k hours right now.
  12. I have 4500 hours on official so I'm not a noob having trouble getting started. I'm indifferent on the topic. I play now and I would definitely play if they wiped the servers. In the long run, it would not hurt their player numbers. My opinion is it would boost them massively. Yes, some people would be mad/sad/swear and curse and say they are never coming back. But they would come back. And all the people who have quit because they have everything would also come back. The player count hit 100k after the last DLC release. Then slowly died down. I recently took a 3 or 4 month break. Building a new base and getting myself back into ARK. I think the game gets dull after a while and you need something to mix it up for you. I try to look towards the future. If ARK stays around, they will need to change something to get ANY new people playing. Either server wipes or new maps released on a somewhat regular basis. Maps fill up and it drives new people away, which in turn drives their sales and numbers down.
  13. I think they've done it both ways but most recently it has been characters only, not characters and items/dinos. If they allow dinos and items to transfer in, the map is pretty much pillared instantly and that's that
  14. They need something new. I've done everything there is to do in ARK. I love the game, and I want to, want to play. I just don't right now. So I've quit after 4000+ hours. A new map, a new season pass, new creatures would bring me back as I believe it would a lot of people. Server resets would also bring me back but I know that's wildly unpopular. You can only slap color on the same dinos so many times and make them more interesting.
  15. Honestly I'm looking forward to the event. I have very little left to do in ARK anymore. I just come back for the events to pull cool color drakes and reapers.
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