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  1. As was said above, its the crystals on its back. The gacha has to be able to hit plants/brush on the ground for its crystals to grow back. If its on a beach without plants, use a wyvern or gasbag to blow it over to some plants. It will hit them, the crystals will grow back and you will be able to feed I per crystal. I do agree some instructions would have been nice, since there was a lot of trial and error and the event was only so long. But, it was still fun and I hope they do it again.
  2. This - all this... Best response ever and all true.
  3. Winter Wonderland events usually come out between the 18th and 23rd, and last until January 1-5 or so. I would guess it may come out like the 20th, the weekend before Christmas. You have a few more weeks yet
  4. 5k hours on official servers solely. There is no reason for this game to be removed from sale.
  5. Hopefully you hear something back today or tomorrow. Given last week was Thanksgiving in the US, I'm guessing support may have been a bit behind. Support is pretty good about refreshing your timers and doing what they can to help.
  6. Yes some of us have great official servers we play on. But they are great because we don't share a lot of information about them. Our own best kept secrets. I play on 5 official servers. 3 are amazing. 2 are laggy, actually 2 pretty much suck. Used to be 3 that suck, but we got one onto a new box and it's amazing now. I have left 3 or 4 official servers because they are too laggy and I can't tolerate playing on there. Trial and error. You will eventually find servers that are not super laggy, and have a tolerable community.
  7. Also if the tickets are being closed, there may be an email from a GM you are not responding to. Check junk mail? It takes 5 days of no communication from you for a ticket to automatically close, from my understanding.
  8. So if there is a ticket number, they have a ticket for you. When I got that email, I think I just waited to hear from a support staff. I'm still in the character restoration process but they have been pretty responsive. Are you a solo tribe?
  9. Did you file tickets? That blurb you quoted is usually attached to an email saying we have received your ticket, giving a ticket number and it's an "in the interim, review this..." Kind of thing. What servers are you playing on?
  10. My tribemate and I both lost characters over the weekend. Unfortunately they were the only characters in two of our tribes. The GM responded to the tickets within 12-24 hours and we won't get restorations until December 5, but he has reset the timers on our bases so we don't lose out stuff. They are super nice and helpful in my experience. You should take a screenshot of your implant and keep it in case.
  11. Extinction 460 and Aberration 266 servers Has anyone else lost characters going into/out of these servers in the last day? My tribemate and I both lost our characters moving between these servers in the last 14ish hours. We have filed tickets and are hoping someone responds in time to save our stuff. Just wondering if this is a server issue, or what the actual odds are of us both losing characters like this.
  12. Unless I'm reading it wrong, its not really a region lock. It's a lock for people who choose to play on ASIA labeled servers. In other words, people who live in that region can still choose to join NA/EU servers. It's just that if you choose to play on ASIA servers, you will no longer be able to interact with non ASIA servers.
  13. Yea anything over 450 will disappear at server update.
  14. I'm sorry but you either like/love a game and deal with the inconveniences for a week or two here and there or quit. No need to announce it on the forums. You come across as whiny. I have 5k hours in this game. Having to stay out of the wyvern trench for a week or two doesn't break the game. Avoiding chalk hills if possible doesn't break the game permanently. The patch last night took an hour and a half. That was annoying but I will still keep playing, because the game is worth it to me. Honestly, quit or don't. But the forum theatrics get old. Oh and BTW, good luck refunding the season pass. If you have played more than a few hours on ARK since it was purchased pretty sure it is non refundable.
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