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  1. Survivor BrokenRealm asks, “Will there be another Ark: Fear Evolved?” Buuuut buuut.. It's Halloween!!!
  2. OMG! Teleporters on Ab!!!! So much YEESSS!
  3. Wyvrens, Rexes, Giga. We use a rex or wyv to beat it down then shoot it with a shotgun when we are lvling.
  4. good evening
    I would like to know if you have Rex with status to sell. game on server 84. no legacy

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    2. darkgohan


      I'm looking for Rex above 14620 from HP. and above 508 melee.
      Speak out price

    3. Foxiefyre


      I'll have to touch base with my tribe rex breeder and get back to you. 

    4. darkgohan



      I play on the steam server 84

      Gohandark # 9573  discord

      http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122758040/ steam profile

  5. A few of these I have sold.. had to down size, but they're pretty!
  6. Is this for xbox only or can official pve share too?
  7. It's harsh. Find desert gear, cactus punching gives you water so does drinking from the blue beetles. WATCH out for Rock Golems. Starting dinos would be a rex, something for wood, something for rock gathering (golems are really the best), eggers (if you only what SE cuddle kibble there are 6 types). Wyvs are the best way to get cactus sap.. Really just have to dig in and get started.
  8. I originally started ark Jan of 2017. I game with my husband and we had a tight knit group of friends we had a tribe with (Legacy). In official we play with a totally different group of people. We have an alliance on a few servers and then we all have teamed up Abers. It's an amazing little community. Many tribes forming a bigger one. I consider them all friends and I like to think we all of a positive effect on each other. Actually we're more like a little family. Everyone contributes a little something different.
  9. Halloween only had bats, megalania and boa colors.
  10. Yesterday I was able to log on for a whole 10 mins at a time to find that 23 of my thylas and 12 of my Thorny Dragons have vanished on my alt account. This is so maddening and I have been set back months now. I hope this gets fixed.
  11. Sweet! I will have to give this a try. Did you use bug repellent?
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