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  1. Foxiefyre

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Survivor BrokenRealm asks, “Will there be another Ark: Fear Evolved?” Buuuut buuut.. It's Halloween!!!
  2. OMG! Teleporters on Ab!!!! So much YEESSS!
  3. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    They're clearly QQing about his eggs being taken on the sign. Blocking in a dino affects game play where taking an egg off the ground does not. You are missing the point here.
  4. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    He isn't a victim. He is CHOOSING to leave his dinos in the open. That makes it fair game unless you have a force field.
  5. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    He is crying over KIBBLE EGGS meaning eggs that fall out a dino onto the ground.. You leave em in the open people gunna come get it. Yea he feels he was wronged. I get it. I had tribemates that lost their poop when someone got away with a kibble egg. It's never bothered me. This dude took his revenge. If he doesn't enclose his eggers there will be more people coming for his eggs. PERIOD. I don't get why people think PvE isn't competitive.. because it is due to the people we have to contend with and share a server with. It is always going to have trolls. How you deal with them and how you follow the CoC is up to you.
  6. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    Not true.. we had an adult Chinese man do it to us. He gave the egg back like Kona stated.. tried to bring us a grown wyv as a sorry. He ragged on society because he left his door open and someone stole his Ptera eggs. We don't even have Pteras.. they are useless to us.. but he still came into our base via one small crack and stole a 185 light egg that was cooking down.. Since this we have plugged all holes and secured our incubation room. No more trollin us!
  7. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    There is a mode for that.. it is called Single player...
  8. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    Like I said.. stuff has changed recently.. I mean people on se had to stop bringing golems for people to tame at their bases due to the griefing changes. If you are caught with enough proof you can get banned.
  9. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    Not anymore Paroxyde .. If someone gets screen shots and video of you doing that it is considered player griefing and banable.
  10. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    You use to be able to.. and WC would say the game is working as intended. Just recently did they change their stance on this in PvE.
  11. Foxiefyre

    Is this a fair punishment?

    I think this is funny.. However, if you leave egg laying dinos in the open.. even if it is behind your gates they are free game. I personally purposely put my eggers outside (when I was in a two man tribe, those days are long gone) so if others flying by saw an egg the needed they could grab it instead taming another useless dino for cap. I mean we are a community after all no? Read the CoC.. know it. WC expects you to be up to date on it. It isn't their job to tell you to read it. If you don't want others getting your kibble eggs you need to enclose your area. Plain and simple. People can cry about the building lag.. but it is really the Behem gate fences that are lagging everyone.
  12. Foxiefyre

    Favorite Base Site

    I was just interested where others liked to build. I am totally happy on the other side of red.
  13. Foxiefyre

    Favorite Base Site

    But.. you kill thyla spawns when you build too close to green. people don't seem to care about spawn killing.
  14. Foxiefyre

    Industrial Cooker

    No it was like this before they changed that.. I am just now taking the time to voice how much it doesn't make sense!
  15. Foxiefyre

    Industrial Cooker

    Why is it that Industrial cookers on SE do not work during an electrical storm? All my fridges are powered yet I am unable to turn on my cooker, and YES it has gas in it. Why does an electrical storm effect something that requires gas? This makes no sense what-so-ever! Can this please be fixed? Gas powered things should not be affected by storms!!