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  1. Foxiefyre

    Please extend the Evo Event to Tues...

    Only time events have been extended is when there are technical issues on WC's end and people we robbed of game play due to servers being down. In all honesty you should be thankful they even had an Evo event this weekend. Sorry you can't participate but that is what RL does.. gets in the way of ARK play. Hope you have a good holiday! And WC is owned by Snail Games.. A Chinese company.
  2. Foxiefyre

    Procoptodon Pouch

    Can someone explain to me why a Thyla and megatherium can be in the Procoptodon pouch for the first imprint.. But a tiny TBird cant? My tribe mates and I are perplexed by this. Also it really sucks when you forget to take the baby out of the pouch before imprinting it. I don't get why you only get the normal percent if that step is not taken. *****Tbirds can go in the pouch. You cant get them in by holding e, choosing pick up, they wont appear on the list.. BUT If you go next to them and hit C the Roo picks up the tbird! wooo!*****
  3. Foxiefyre

    Megalos for Rockwell?

    We use reapers, drakes and shot guns. Never tried with meglos though I have heard of others who have.
  4. Foxiefyre

    Favorite Base Site

    I was wondering where people find the ideal spot for a base. My husband and I live on the desert side of the red obi below the crystal cave (a ways) in-between the Cliff from red obi and the plateau that is out by the desert. We love this spot and have lived here Legacy and now Official. I know there isn't a ton of wood.. but I donno being so close to the scare and obi is nice.
  5. Foxiefyre


    We build a cage around it once it turns to ash. Stone: 8 fence foundations, 4 pillars, 7 ceilings and 48 door frames. Make a hexagon shape. 6 high is what works for us. We use Fire Wyvs with 2000+ stam and we have 3-4 of us who tame it together as that is the easiest method. We've tamed 5 phoenix's this way. Good luck!!!
  6. Foxiefyre

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    Wyvrens, Rexes, Giga. We use a rex or wyv to beat it down then shoot it with a shotgun when we are lvling.
  7. good evening
    I would like to know if you have Rex with status to sell. game on server 84. no legacy

    1. Foxiefyre


      Hello! What stats are you looking for and what would you be offering?

  8. Foxiefyre


    It looks like everything came out but his toon. We've had this happen before. No fun. I had hoped they fixed this issue. Glad we do the be on the ground out of your inventory routine.
  9. Foxiefyre

    THYLAS! THYLAS! THYLAS! (all things thyla)

    A few of these I have sold.. had to down size, but they're pretty!
  10. Foxiefyre

    THYLAS! THYLAS! THYLAS! (all things thyla)

    Sorry meant PC Official
  11. Foxiefyre

    THYLAS! THYLAS! THYLAS! (all things thyla)

    Is this for xbox only or can official pve share too?
  12. Foxiefyre

    Industrial Grinder Is a Joke

    I think that the mats required is a little much.. but it is worth it. You find all kinds of junk and grind it and it all adds up. I especially love the stuff that gives poly. It's useful. Plus you can farm rock and make flint and wood can be made in thatch. Just all around useful.
  13. Foxiefyre

    SE starting Tips

    It's harsh. Find desert gear, cactus punching gives you water so does drinking from the blue beetles. WATCH out for Rock Golems. Starting dinos would be a rex, something for wood, something for rock gathering (golems are really the best), eggers (if you only what SE cuddle kibble there are 6 types). Wyvs are the best way to get cactus sap.. Really just have to dig in and get started.
  14. Would be nice if you only had to do 3 imprints through the 3 stages of growth. Baby (initial claiming) Juvenile Adolesant This would make it so we actually get some sleep. Can plan things better. And still have some shred of sanity after said dino is grown.
  15. Foxiefyre

    Your ARK Stories!

    I originally started ark Jan of 2017. I game with my husband and we had a tight knit group of friends we had a tribe with (Legacy). In official we play with a totally different group of people. We have an alliance on a few servers and then we all have teamed up Abers. It's an amazing little community. Many tribes forming a bigger one. I consider them all friends and I like to think we all of a positive effect on each other. Actually we're more like a little family. Everyone contributes a little something different.