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  1. We still have no dino spawns and terrible lag.. a restart would be nice!!!
  2. Another great night of imprints being off, 255 ping, and no dino spawns.. The lag is horrific again. We really need a patch or a server restart.. Sucks having 3x with little to nothing to tame.
  3. I am on server 584 and we too have a high ping, no dinos spawing (unless the server restarts, crashes, or a patch is implamented), and terrible lag that is setting our imprints back 1hr 30mins plus. Can we PLEASE get a daily restart? You are giving us events of 2x, 2.5x, 3x and no dinos are spawning. What's the point? Please look into this issue.. I am sure MULTIPLE servers are affected.
  4. 584 Keeps Crashing For hours now 584 has been crashing. Any word on why or when this will be resolved?
  5. It is back but there was a little roll back. Looks like just a few hours. Things we had podded were not podded on log on.
  6. Can we please have our server back????.. or at least answer us and say a fix is in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I too have lost my toon and ALL my dinos.. My base.. all my mats.. All my tribes stuff is gone.. WHY! Why does making a new map cause this.. WHY is there no one to help us with this??
  8. Why does 1/2 the scar not produce eggs anymore? Is there any eta on when this will be fixed? It's a joke trying to get wyv eggs when nest aren't spawning.
  9. 557 is still severely laggy, with the occasional long pause. We are having issues getting through doors, accessing inventories and then you rubberband. Having to do things 3 times to get it done is not so fun. We need further assistance please!
  10. 557 is still laggy, rubberbanding, players timing out, crashing/rolling back. Is a fix coming soon?
  11. For the past two days Valg 557 has been a challenge to play on. There is horrible bouts of lag, accompanied by long pause breaks, terrible rubber banding, and disconnects from hell. A bunch of us on the server have submitted tickets, a GM came to help a player and they too suffered the torment of lag and disconnects. Is there an eta as to when we might get some help?
  12. Survivor BrokenRealm asks, “Will there be another Ark: Fear Evolved?” Buuuut buuut.. It's Halloween!!!
  13. OMG! Teleporters on Ab!!!! So much YEESSS!
  14. good evening
    I would like to know if you have Rex with status to sell. game on server 84. no legacy

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. darkgohan


      I'm looking for Rex above 14620 from HP. and above 508 melee.
      Speak out price

    3. Foxiefyre


      I'll have to touch base with my tribe rex breeder and get back to you. 

    4. darkgohan



      I play on the steam server 84

      Gohandark # 9573  discord

      http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122758040/ steam profile

  15. Yesterday I was able to log on for a whole 10 mins at a time to find that 23 of my thylas and 12 of my Thorny Dragons have vanished on my alt account. This is so maddening and I have been set back months now. I hope this gets fixed.
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