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  1. The newest batch for mass sale on the market that i've seen is 435%. Came out yesterday or the day before.
  2. Can confirm this is still an issue. Done the manitcore plenty of times before, but this time, it landed once at the beginning for a normal amount of time. We got it to maybe 4/5 or 3/4 HP, and then never landed again. All it did was the dive bombs where it LOOKED like it was about to land and then immediately took off again. I love losing all my dinos to a bug.
  3. Only wildcard would be able to bug egg nests with a new DLC release, and destroy all stone structures on a map with an update.
  4. I've found aiming for anky tail on flat ground works best for me. but some days it seems like it just doesnt even matter... like i will accidently grab the player straight on but pick up the anky lol
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