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  1. Just some semi coherent thoughts and ideas about how to improve the Trike, if you have any good ideas please comment below. So currently Triceratops in Ark are fairly easy and early tames in game, they’re very slow, have a subpar stun attack, and are surprisingly small. I’d like to see Ark 2 Trikes on par with some of the later game tames like Rexes and Yutys, being a similar size to both and being a very tanky and powerful fighter. I’d like to see Trikes and possibly even Pachyrhinosaurus that can stand up against predators and do well in a fight, boss fights, PvP fights, pretty much any major combat scenario in Ark. I think the charge attack could be cool if it did more damage to targets, additionally the ability to turn in place would suit an animal like that. Being able to turn on a dime and deal and take more damage would make for an excellent late game tame, additionally it would also be good to have a Trike that is around the same size as a Rex since both animals are fairly comparable in size. This added with a high weight and decent mobility can make it a good pack animal, able to survive attacks from predators easily and effectively cross rough terrain. Artwork by Harry-the-Fox on Deviantart
  2. That’s an interesting idea but the Titanoceratops is more reminiscent of a Tower shield/Battering ram, it’s more of a medieval weapon of war compared to a tank despite it possibly being quite tanky. I wanted something to kinda fit that medieval/viking theme, also we kinda already got a tank/atv with the Andrewsarchus.
  3. The “Giga killer” was more or less just to gain more attention since a lot of people liked the Giga counter idea, I do however do not want this creature to be tiny like the Trike. I wanted this thing to be on par with the other large dinos like rexes, I don’t want another situation like the Trike or Pachyrhino where it’s small, weak, and can be killed in a few bites. I did also flesh out it’s utility as a slow but powerful tower shield/battering ram with anti bear trap/spike wall capabilities and the ability to deal higher damage towards creatures of a higher drag weight. It has it’s weaknesses like an unarmored backside, slow speed and turn, and high vulnerability to fire.
  4. Because A. It’s not another trike, B. because both in game ceratopsians are terribly weak especially the Pachyrhinosaurus, and C. because there’s a huge variety of ceratopsians and the one I’m suggesting is anatomically unique compared to both trike and pachyrhino.
  5. If the bison wins I really don’t care, we still get a giant horned herbivore regardless. I do hope if it does win that Ark devs will add in an actual dinosaur or other prehistoric reptile.
  6. The main point of my suggestion for another ceratopsian is A. the in game ceratopsians are laughably weak and B. because Titanoceratops and similarly related chasmosaurines are unique in that they have insanely tall frills, humped backs, and truly impressive horns and hornlets. They’re just all around cool and Ark could really use some more ceratopsian diversity wether it be Titanoceratops, Psittacosaurus, or Protoceratops.
  7. I’d like that a lot actually, I had suggested it in my Titanoceratops vote. Herd bonuses should’ve been a thing in Ark long ago, the game is heavily predator oriented and it kinda sucks that a lot of powerful animals like Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, and Iguanodon are reduced to weak beach tames.
  8. Mapusaurus is even more Giga like in appearance than Carchar is, in fact they’re extremely closely related and lived only a few million years apart.
  9. This animal would fit so well in Fjordur, I absolutely adore the bull riding taming mechanic.
  10. Maybe? I really don’t think I’ve heard of Kentrosaurus being used as a Giga counter
  11. I’ll be updating the description soon but the legs are actually heavily armored like the frill and will protect it from spike walls and bear traps as well as some explosive damage. I’ll be talking about balancing issues with it in my description to so hopefully it’ll clear things up a bit.
  12. I don’t think they will use the concept art although I’ll be thrilled if they do
  13. I know I wasn’t able to load it on the program I use, it’s the biggest glaring issue of the dossier and I can’t really fix it atm.
  14. I’m a paleoartist so I already do semi professional work, I wanted this artwork to look on par with the rest of Ark’s concept art more or less as a challenge to see if I could pull off a convincing yet mostly accurate design. It has been a really fun project overall.
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