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  1. Done the manticore alpha solo well over 200 times on official and there's nothing wrong with the manti core, U just don't know how to do it properly. Get a more experienced player to teach U before trying Would also NOT take any advice on how to do it from people on this forum, it's ALL wrong, including the junk on this page.
  2. MAC and Scorched Earth Why does wildcard continue to sell this on steam when it's been broken for 6 months and doesn't even load into the game.
  3. been broken for scorched earth much longer than 8/8. I've got 2 months of tickets and no response.
  4. This game needs to be removed from the steam store for mac. Its highly unethical to say the least, that they continue to sell something knowing its not available for months at a time and is currently NOT available.
  5. Just the list is down, servers are up. u can still join/transfer if u can apply a filter. ie. show favorites or servers where characters are.
  6. Don't buy the mac version. It doesn't load. WIndows is ok.
  7. MAC and Scorched Earth Has anyone been able to get scorched earth to load on mac in the last 2+ months? I tried on two different mac's and it appears the DLC has been broken for a good while. It should probably be removed from steam, a company selling a product and knowing in advanced its broken, is fraud. I'm not sure how long this deceptions been going on or how much has been profited from it, but its really NOT great. I logged 2 tickets about it between June and August, with ids #1225100 and #1239361 respectively. After the first ticket was closed without being resolved I decided to log another and it has also been completely unanswered.
  8. Still no client for mac, cant join official scorched earth server. just redirects me to menu.
  9. Mind wipe for dinos please. If this technology exists for humans, it should exist for dinos. In the real world, we test everything on animals before we use it on humans. So it only makes sense for an animal version to exist.
  10. MostSpy

    Im so angry.

    Tek storage is broken, don't use it for crystals.
  11. Tame a thyla instead. or if u really insist on the saber, just bola it.
  12. does your implant say you've done the bosses? if so make a screenshot of it and submit a ticket.
  13. As title says. it has not been updated since 2016. Why does this locked pinned topic even exist? Its just misleading people to believe you actually provide updates to your users. Can this fake update thread be removed?
  14. Looks like steams having issues. but it doesnt effect everyone, seems to be older accounts cant login. https://downdetector.com/status/steam
  15. server OC-98 SE no longer exists in official list as of today.
  16. Anyone else noticed this? Gacha stuck in feeding animation (wont stand up like normal) Eating roughly 3000 stone per 10 minutes. Impossible to raise. Tried podding it and redeploying, no difference. Has been broken with this particular gacha for a few days (other babies are ok just this one), I take it out of the fridge and try everyday and the same thing.... Once u initially give it some food, it does this and wont take anymore food until its inventory is emptied
  17. Sounds like it could be an interesting read. Can you write this in an English version please
  18. Tried incubating quetz/giga eggs like 3 times in the last week,. and cause they take so long I keep losing the eggs and they never finish.
  19. Have u tried whipping the ground in case its there but just invisible? There is a bug with wyv eggs ATM. They are all invisible but u can still whip the empty nests to collect. I wonder if this is the same kinda problem?
  20. yeah thats normal on pvp. the people who live on that server are trying to stop trolls using the drops. and obs are blocked to stop people wiping the server (doing boss fights and getting element) - its a bit off topic, not really related to the pillar issue we are discussing in this thread. its pointless to pillar land on pvp cause people can c4 it. plus the alphas gunna wipe u if u go around p'ing people off. and the alpha doesnt need to pillar land, thats why theyre alpha
  21. @invincibleqc Look at these screenshots from "Official Scorched 98" where I am right now, this is what a typical official server looks like. Extreme excessive land claiming. - Blue ob completely pillared, EVEN THE UNBUILDABLE AREA IN THE MOUNTAIN WASNT SPARED BY THIS GRIEFER!!!!! - The person who owns the pillars, his base is on the other side of the map.................. Screenshot from the roof of his small base Of course, this is only a small sample of the total devastation this one player is having on the server... I obviously dont have all day to take screenshots of the abuse hes causing. Not to mention all of the other tribes who done similar.
  22. I've personally reported such over the years, and im sure thousands of others have too. reports end up with nothing happening.
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