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  1. Update: This isn't exclusive to aberration. Lost one transferring from genesis to scorched earth.
  2. Log a support ticket and provide the evidence to backup your claims. Complaining about it here may help you vent and relieve your frustration but it wont help them fix the problem, you need to complain about it using the correct medium.
  3. On legacy servers people use to deliberately upload items and then cause a server crash via multiple methods. When the server crash happened a 15 minute rollback would occur, so the item that was uploaded would still be uploaded but the item in their inventory would also remain due to the 15 minute server rollback. So that's how duping was done. So rather than actually fixing the core problem, Wild Card just added a 15 minute timer and made all the servers 'legacy' so the duped content couldn't be transferred to new servers.. Regarding character losses. up-vote this if u agree:
  4. Up-vote this or comment if you have a better idea:
  5. Up-vote this or comment if you have a better idea:
  6. Losing tek rifles when transferring to ab when in hot bar. I've lost two in as little as a week, an ascendant one and a JM one, they're quite expensive to make, this needs to be fixed. Not sure if its intermittent or happens every time, don't want to test.
  7. Yeah that's great, this topic is asking for official policy to be created (which doesn't currently exist.) For more information on current policies please visit: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/220278968-Code-of-Conduct Please up-vote and/or add suggestions/ideas if you have some better ideas. Thanks @invincibleqc The core idea here is to change player behavior via policy.
  8. Up-vote if you agree, or comment if you have ideas.
  9. Problem: Players claiming land and not building on it. The devs have tried to and failed to previously solve this by reducing timers on single item structures. This very old mentality has continued from old servers to the latest servers. Because its not punishable and there is a easy work-around to bypass previous dev efforts (ladders now added to pillars), the abuse is flourishing. Solution: Change player behavior by introducing enforceable policy. This will become a deterrent and will end the wide spread abuse once and for all. Example policy:
  10. IMO there should be some wording changes in the official policy clearly outlining this, official policy would be the best deterrent! All they have done to fix the problem over the years is making it so u need 2 structures, so the abusers now have ladders on their pillars and continue the abuse with no real repercussions if caught. if they decide to update the policy, a small ban wave to set an example would be fine with me, but it should be official policy first! A ban wave might be considered a bit too drastic by others. It's really gone on too long and is continuing onto new servers. These people are taking this mentality over to genesis and every new map they play, there needs to be a change in behavior/policy, not a fix in the games code.
  11. Maybe stop pillar spamming, this is not monopoly the board game.
  12. The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
  13. Happened for me on official when I turned blur off in settings. Turned blur back on and restarted game and it was normal again.
  14. How about : admincheat DestroyAll Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice Or: admincheat DestroyAll Wyvern_Character_BP_Base_C Or: admincheat DestroyWildDinos
  15. MostSpy

    Along Came Pollen

    When you get to that checkpoint it should then load the next checkpoint. Definitely sounds like somethings not right... Whatever is happening for you is not happening for everyone. I done gamma/beta/alpha on official with no issue.
  16. MostSpy


    This is the issue^
  17. MostSpy

    Skiff bug list

    Skiff bug list 1/ When the skiff is not completely full of element but contains some element and you transfer element from the player inventory to fill it up, any excess element in your inventory is wiped/lost forever. For example: Skiff inventory has 98 Player Inventory has 300 When you transfer all from player it will top up the skiff with 2 and the remaining 298 is lost/gone forever. 2/ Skiff/Player desync, driver and person being carried can be in different locations, and sometimes neither location is correct. 3/ Skiff randomly dropping dinos (could be desync related, which may result in a collision) 4/ Skiff killing dinos when hitting trees 5/ Massive up/down spikes when trying to do small bumps in either direction 6/ Sometimes the skiff will wobble up/down when u get out of the driver seat and stand on the skiff. For no apparent reason. 7/ When picking up a desynced dino, it will teleport the dino to another location (where the game thinks it is), work around is to repod it, Disclaimer: This list may not be complete, it's just the bugs I've personally experienced / found on NA Official 585. There are SO many skiff bugs and some are really significant, it should really be worked on with priority.
  18. happening with basilo's too. really bad bug.
  19. MostSpy

    Fishing mission

    I have same problem, there is only 15 fish spawn, when there is meant to be 16.
  20. MostSpy

    Bees cannot be tamed

    People are taming them. However I experienced the same problem, using ghillie and bug repellent. Never lets u feed it, when trapped or not trapped.
  21. Happened for me on official when I turned blur off in settings. Turned blur back on and restarted game and it was normal again.
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