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  1. can you fix the particle effect from fertilized egg which stresses our video cards?
  2. Im tempted to move back to Legacy. Since playing official I've seen a giant amount of PR disasters from WC over enforcement. I've also seen the community whine about every little iteration. The guys I still talk to on Legacy seems quite happy because of the lack of support from WC.
  3. So your saying because decay hasnt been active people havent been playing and refreshing their bases? I play so I know I dont have to worry about my stuff disappearing.
  4. Thanks, we get to wait another week for some of the spam to disappear.
  5. I breed another melee mutation on a moschops.
  6. It sounds good but I foresee this being another flavor of the month map mode. small tribes has a 24? hour timer before you can recruit someone else. conquest every big tribe had log out rooms and no penalty so they could fill slots and maintain mega tribes. There needs to be that small tribes penalty. no cliff platforms. Thats the one Item I would include to open up building in different locations. caves need to be blocked from being built inside, or increase the damage in caves even more. disable 'Note Runs" I was lvl 70 twice in a matter of minutes on ARKpocalypse last night. Force people to work the early levels. ban streamers using .ini on twitch and rhinos will be the ground meta, especially if weapon damage is reduced.
  7. Tonight I spent more time trying to mix colors into my line of chops to make breeding them a bit more interesting.
  8. Not much because the official server I play on has been down.
  9. Today in Ark I found out a guild mate didnt remove a player on their server and player stole a bunch of items. I told them just let me know and Ill go to those servers and make sure everyone knows that that person/guild is a group of thieves. Raised some nice moschops, direbears, abr direbears, helped guild mates with wyverns, rex's, gigas. Old tribe mate from when the devs wiped us for unknown reasons decided to log on and within 10 minutes had him taming a basilo but he had quite a bit of ring rust from being gone for 10 months that he died like 12x. I laughed, he laughed, I laughed at him. It was nice. Now im spending the rest of the night jumping servers feeding everyone's dinos.
  10. Did I miss a update and they changed movement speed on dinos again? I breed some Thylacoleos and before when I checked to see the breeding plan some of the thylas showed speed at 40 and some showed speed at 1 with ark smart breeding. I hatched one and it came out 282 the top stat should of been 285 and this pairing had the 40 speed and the baby received the speed. I hatched two more from parents that has the 1 speed and they came out level 246 but they received all the stats that would of made them level 285 but they received the 1 speed. So idk are some of these pre nerf?
  11. I linked the wrong post to the review. sorry

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