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  1. I reported a person selling in game items and dinos for real money, enforcement team just laughed at me and closed the ticket. Not sure how you expect people to have faith in a dev team that cant even employ a respectable enforcement team.
  2. @Jen Whats the point of making land claiming more difficult? you already have mega tribes that banded together with governance set to player owned and they build mega bases in sections so that everything is snapped and looks clean. then they disband and form solo tribes and ally with same tribe names so they can exceed the tribe dino cap to where their "alliance" owns half the dino server cap and potentially the whole sever eventually. meanwhile since tribe names are similar, no one suspects a thing to report?
  3. You must not understand what a floating base is, most player pillar the perimeter to prevent dinos from coming under the base and use snap points with pillars to float the middle to save on resources. It is not some magical floating base like in previous bugs. It is literally using the pillars as foundations. Another assumption is that you think the game is supposed to be played a certain way, I prefer raising 100 rex, 60 gigas, 100 theris, 40 tuso's/mosa in mass. It may not be your play style but to apply your opinion to others and their play style is ignorant. These rules are meant to prevent pvp players from fortifying their base walls, but what good does that logic do on PVE? You play your way and i will play mine. not everyone enjoys the breeding aspect like i do.
  4. @Jen The only thing this will do is make the players with 6k+ ark hours quit if their floating base's (that are connected to the ground with a grid pattern below it) get destroyed as a byproduct of the flawed coding that wildcard deploys. There are plenty of other games on the market with smoother graphics and better coding, don't lose your veteran base due to knee jerk solutions. As far as the breeding and baby meshing goes, how do you suggest breeders that raise 100+ dinos on 66 tek troughs on one tek gen to maximize efficiency in a 16x16 grid? Can i message you a serious question about PVE breeding/raising?
  5. Meh, it could always be worse. I am still looking forward to it.
  6. Please bring back 2x maturation, this change has greatly impacted the way i play ark now with breeding as some dinos take almost an entire day at hand feeding. Thanks!
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