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  1. The file location is where you saved it, it could be anywhere. The file extension of library files of Smart Breeding is `.asb`. If you want to search for a library file, you could use `*.asb`.
  2. After checking the algorithm, the stats that don't contribute to a stat increase are ignored when determining the "only top stats"-creatures (golden background). I'll add some options to fine tune the behaviour of the app here. The bug with the cooldown column will be fixed in the next release.
  3. Hi, that looks like a bug. That feature is implemented for some years now and I never saw that issue. Does this wrong highlighting as a top creature (golden background) also persists after you restarted the application?
  4. No, that doesn't matter. If you installed ASB, e.g. in the program files folder, the images are saved in the `%localAppData%\ARK Smart Breeding\img`, if you use the portable / zip version, the images are saved in the application folder. If you cannot see the images and then download the images via the menu, they should be placed correctly in either of these locations.
  5. @Ramron to get the colored species images go to the menu `?` - `Download species images`, it should have asked that as well when the app was started the first time. After it has downloaded them, you may need to restart the app once to see the images.
  6. These values depend on the settings BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier and BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier, probably you need to adjust these values to the ones on the server.
  7. That's already implemented. Just enter the ftp adress as the file location in Settings - Import Savegame - ARK save-game files.
  8. Afaik the mobile version uses stat values of an old ARK version, probably the ones before the flyer nerf some years ago. Of course it's possible the values got adjusted since then. That said, it's possible to add custom species values to Smart Breeding via a custom mod value file, see https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/wiki/Mod-Values for more details. To get the old stat values, you can check the values.json file of old releases (https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/releases), but as said, I'm not sure if these values are still valid.
  9. You should be able to just drag&drop a screenshot on the tool to use it with the OCR function. You can also configure an application in the settings to take the screenshots from. The OCR is not perfect, so it might need some adjustments after the import.
  10. That happens sometimes after an update. If not many people have the latest version installed, some heuristic anti virus apps flag it because it's not often used and based on application patterns. Usually after some time it is accepted. Of course, make sure you downloaded it from a trusted source. You can upload a file to virustotal.com which will check it with multiple virus scanners and give you a result with how many of them found the file suspicious. Smart Breeding is open source, so everyone can check all of the code that's included.
  11. That sounds like you download the file, which means you have an own, independent copy on your computer. You need to install the google-drive app (or dropbox etc) and synchronize the file on a folder on your computer.
  12. There should be a red info box at the top about the mutation filter you set. Only creatures with at most 0 mutations are considered for the currently displayed plan. If you want to also include the creatures with the mutations, either increase the number, or set it to -1 to include all mutations. If the red box is not shown, it would be a bug.
  13. Save the library file in a shared folder (e.g. DropBox, GoogleDrive, or similar), share it with your tribe mates, and make sure all users have enabled Autosave and Autoload in the settings in Smart Breeding.
  14. Unfortunately the used framework makes skins hard to implement, so it will not happen soon, if at all. sorry.
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