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  1. Try to increase the "Wait before screencapture" in the general settings, default is 500 ms, try a value like 1000.
  2. Hi, maybe you play in the windowed-mode instead of windowed-fullscreen?
  3. Hi, go to the "Experimental-OCR"-tab, there to the Output-tab and check "Enable Logging and Editing". Then click on Read Values from ARK Window. Maybe you can then see a reason for your issue in the Output-window. Common causes are that your screen has a resolution that is different than the config-file you've loaded for the OCR. Another reason could be that you have two monitors, I haven't figured out why this causes troubles, but some users with multiple monitors have reported issues.
  4. Hi, a creature will not pass imprinted stats, only the stat-values after a creature hatches are considered. Apparently the argentavis with 894 was imprinted 8 times with an imprinting bonus of 59%. Despite the higher stat-value, it still will only pass on 50 levels in weight and can be considered worse regarding breeding than a non-imprinted argentavis with 53 levels in weight and no imprinting. Killing the 894 argentavis did not make you lose your top-weight argentavis. For more infos on how breeding and imprinting works, see and
  5. The extraction works if you uncheck "Consider Wild-level steps" in the settings. Then the tool estimates a wild level of 326. With a max-wild-level of 350, the possible levels in the wild are probably not in steps of 10 either, so this setting if probably of no real help.
  6. Hi, it works if you uncheck "Singleplayer Settings" in the tool's settings, and set the WildLevel-multiplier of Torpor to 1. Are you sure this value is 0.5 and not 1 in your ini-files?
  7. Hi, please post a screenshot of the inventory of a creature that doesn't work, along with a screenshot of your settings.
  8. Hi, thanks for the report, it'll be fixed in the next release. Hi, probably the second pego that needed the old values spawned before the change hit the game. Creatures can keep their stat-values for some time even if they change with an update. After some time they usually get recalculated to the latest values. I guess that's what happened here.
  9. Didn't know this is possible. If you changed the base-values / values per levelup, you can adjust this directly in the classicFlyers.json. For more infos on how to do this see
  10. Yes. Did you change only the values for certain species? I thought this is only possible with a mod. Then you have to adjust the values in the classicFlyers.json or whatever extra-value-file you have loaded.
  11. I guess you just have to adjust the multipliers in the settings, did you try that?
  12. Hi, frankly, I did nothing regarding this, because I couldn't find a reason. The only thing I changed in the last release was adding a new pattern to the name-generator. I guess the anti-virus-algorithms were adjusted and it was a false alarm.
  13. Hi, I've looked into this, but haven't found a solution yet. If I upload earlier versions to, 0.23.15 seems fine, 0.23.16 shows some warning, 0.23.17 some more. If I upload the unzipped file of 0.23.17, there are only two warnings, and none of the engines that had warnings on the zip-file. It seems inconsistent. My virus-scanner (windows defender) doesn't show any warnings. There were no changes that would explain why there is suddenly a warning. Some adjustments to the algorithms, a new method to copy creature-names into the clipboard (there were options to copy things to the clipboard since over a year) and there is a method that downloads a new version of the values-file (which might look suspicious to a virus-scanner), this hasn't been changed for a long time and is in the application for over a year, as well. I frankly have no idea. Of course you shouldn't trust me on this if your virus-scanner warns you. The source-code is freely available, so you could compile it yourself (Visual Studio can be downloaded for free as well), to be extra sure there is only code you trust. I see this is not optimal, of course. If someone has an idea, what could cause these (for me they seem a bit random) warnings, I'd be happy to know what to do about this.
  14. Hi, that's not how it works. With this setting a wild creature will only get half of the usual torpor. After being tamed, no creature gets more level in torpor, so that 2.0 has no effect. With your current setting, all creatures basically have their torpor halfed permanently. The aim you described (half the torpor in the wild and normal torpor once tamed) is not possible afaik.