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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply, somehow didn't get a notification. In the settings you can enable that the generated name is copied to the clipboard, that way you just have to open the name edit option and paste the generated name. Directly changing the data in game is not possible for Smart Breeding. Hi, I'm not sure why the total level of the parents is shown like that. If you add up the levels, it should result in one level less than the total level of the creature, i.e. the female should display `(154)`, the male `(148)`. Then the values for the offspring make sense as well. Maybe something went wrong by importing the parents?
  2. Hi, if I test the anky variants with 254 wild and 88 dom levels, I get 4062.4 % for the Anky, the Aberrant Anky and the X-Anky. The final damage output dealt to targets is the product of the percentage value seen in the inventory of the creature, the damage value of the attack and buffs. If the damage increase of the aberrant and X-/R-variant is a buff like alex says, you cannot see a difference in Smart Breeding or the numbers in the inventory of the creatures. Edit: I get the values you posted if I chose a bred creature with 100 % imprinting. Maybe you selected an imprinting less than 100 % for the X-Anky you tested?
  3. How did you install it? It could be that you use the portable zip version but moved it in a protected folder, e.g. the program files folder. It's recommended to use the installer if you want to have it there, or move it to an unprotected folder.
  4. Hi, select the menu entry `Settings` - `Extra Data…` then enable the checkbox for the `Species Images` and click OK.
  5. It's an application running on windows, so it works best with the Steam and Epic game version where you can use the export function in ARK to easily add creatures to the app. Other versions of ARK, i.e. the versions on Windows store / XBox, Playstation, etc. don't offer the export function but work fine else, you can enter creatures by typing their stats manually.
  6. How did you spawn in the creatures exactly? A list of mods can help finding the issue.
  7. My guess is that the stat multipliers of HP and damage are not the ones used by the game, i.e. the ini files are not the ones of your server.
  8. Hi, an import of a comma separated value (csv) file or tab separated (tsv) file would be not difficult. How do you have your data currently saved? A good way to import it easily would be one column for each stat value (including the decimal place), one column for the species, and one column for each other property, e.g. creature name, tribe, owner, color ids. I'm on vacation for a few weeks, I'll work on this after that.
  9. There was a bug just found that colors are not imported if you use the bulk import. This will be fixed soon. Did you use that?
  10. Hi, you're the first one reporting that. How did you import the creatures, with a savegame import or importing the exported data?
  11. Hi, that error should be resolved in 0.46.3 for most cases. When it still happens for you, probably there are multiple creatures in your library that share the same id, which should not happen. Could you send me your library file (the file extension is .asb) for further checking how that could happen? The easiest way would be via pm in discord (ASB discord server: https://discord.gg/qCYYbQK). How did you add the creatures to your library, import export files or importing a save file?
  12. Hi, the max wild level is not parsed. I'll look into it for the next release.
  13. The file location is where you saved it, it could be anywhere. The file extension of library files of Smart Breeding is `.asb`. If you want to search for a library file, you could use `*.asb`.
  14. After checking the algorithm, the stats that don't contribute to a stat increase are ignored when determining the "only top stats"-creatures (golden background). I'll add some options to fine tune the behaviour of the app here. The bug with the cooldown column will be fixed in the next release.
  15. Hi, that looks like a bug. That feature is implemented for some years now and I never saw that issue. Does this wrong highlighting as a top creature (golden background) also persists after you restarted the application?
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