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  1. Hi, I loaded the file and tested adding creatures, I don't see any remarkable performance-issues (from clicking "Add to library" to the displayed list of creatures in the library it takes at most 1.0 s). What are the actions that take too long? Do you have autosave / autoload enabled?
  2. Hi, very likely you chose the wrong level for damage for the father while extracting (if a stat in Smart Breeding is yellow, the application offers multiple combinations and you have to choose the correct one). A good help is the wild-level. The following data probably is the correct one and also goes along with the offspring (you can copy the following line in the clipboard and go to `Edit -> Import Values from Clipboard` for faster copying the values over): Manson (Equus, Lvl 242, TE: 80%, Male): HP: 2064.1 (38, 0); St: 1904 (24, 0); Ox: 570 (28, 0); Fo: 4200 (18, 0); We: 1281.3 (38, 27); Dm: 329.4% (31, 6); Sp: 120% (31, 0); To: 5662.1 (208);
  3. Sure, if you can upload the library-file somewhere, not sure if you can send files via pm here. Just another question, do you use the autosave and autoload-feature (for sharing the library with other players via a cloud-service)? This could decrease the performance further. Only creatures that have a top-stat are marked green. If no male is highlighted green, none of your males have a stat that would be worth for breeding, i.e. you can take any male and breed it with a green female and hope that all or at least many stats are passed on only by the female (because the male only has bad ones). If there is a male among the offspring that inherited one top-stat of the female, it will be hightlighted green as well. Even if you kill all creatures that are not green and are left with no males, that would be no loss regarding top-stats. If you take a low-level male and continue breeding with that, that would not lower the probability or quality of the goal to breed a creature with all the top-stats (because there was no male with a worth top-stat anyway). Regarding the weighting, what exactly do you mean? The posted values seem to be good if you focus on the common wanted stats, but others might want different weightings. You can save and load weighting-presets (right-click on the weighting-control) to have different sets for different species.
  4. Hi, I've never tested the app with so many creatures. Theoretically there is no limit (only system-dependant like the filesize or overflow-issues), at some point the performance probably is just too bad to use it. Maybe you can just backup the library-file and remove all unneeded creatures from the working-library. You can always readd creatures from another library with File - Load and Add…. This might result in duplicates though, which cannot be handled well yet.
  5. Hi, it's probably related to an update of the mod classic flyers. The values in Smart Breeding for that are not yet updated. Someone on the smart breeding discord server (in the news channel) created an updated file that should work. A new release with an updated file is planned for tomorrow.
  6. File -> Load additional values… -> select classicFlyers.json
  7. Hi @gcalberto and @invincibleqc, the base HP of a Pegomastax is 120. A long time ago it was 160, and right after taming, the game somehow still assumes the outdated value of 160. After some time, the game recalculates the value (server-restart or putting levels in HP) and the currently valid base-value of 120 will be used. As long as the game has this bug, a pegomastax will always show way too high numbers for HP right after taming and stat extractors won't show the correct numbers.
  8. Hi, the breeding-value is the value that the offspring will have if it inherits the stat of this creature. It can be different to the current stat because of some boni the offspring could get (e.g. damage or food) or if the parent-creature is already leveled (these increases are not inherited). Hi, that means the OCR (the recognition of the numbers) isn't correct. You can try to adjust the labels where it reads the numbers (sometimes the labels overlap with the stat-name, especially in German, where "Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit" is a very long word). See https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/wiki/OCR for more infos.
  9. It's a .NET-application, so if you somehow can install the .NET-framework, it should run. There's also mono that allows to run .NET-applications on other OS like linux, maybe you can install mono on the chromebook (mono-project.com).
  10. Hi, go to the "Experimental OCR'-tab, on the right there is a button "load OCR config…", click on that and choose the file "ocr_2560x1440_100.json", which is the one you need for your resolution.
  11. Hi, there are multiple things you want to do: Automatically put in the values so you don't have to write them manually. This can be done by using the OCR, which will make a screenshot and then tries to read the numbers in the inventory. For this you need to load a specific config-file that was made for the resolution and the UI-scaling you use. The configs are in the folder json/ and start with `ocr_` followed by the resolution and the UI-scaling. If you don't find a file for your resolution, you can create one yourself, but that needs some work. See https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/wiki/OCR for more infos. OCR is not perfect and you might have to correct the values. using the export-function of ARK (look at creature, hold E, choose Options - Export Data) and import that file into Smart Breeding. This has the advantage of having always the correct numbers and it also has the color-infos and the parents (if they were imported in the same way). To configure this importing, see Settings - Import Exported See the creature levels directly ingame with an overlay For this you need a working OCR-config-file that can read the values (see above), and you need to enable Settings - General - Overlay - Automatically extract inventory levels Making the extraction work in general If the extraction does not work even if you put in the values manually, then you probably have not set the stat-multipliers according to the server settings.
  12. Hi @IanHighlander, thanks for the report! This will be fixed in the next release.
  13. Hi, you need to have loaded the correct ocr-config-file. You can also use the export-feature ingame and import the exported files which yields always the correct values and may be easier to use. If the stats are red, you probably have not set the stat-multipliers to the values of the server you're playing on. Consider to join the discord-server where people can probably help you faster than here.
  14. Ah, this issue. As I said, the new release will have this fixed, so it's not necessary to use the "exact"-method and guess the numbers. All you have to do is enter "99%", and ASB will figure out the correct value. It needs this starting value of 99%, without that, there wil be too many possibilities. Sorry for the delayed release of this fix, I'm still working on other things I want to release as well (translations), I hope it's ready in around 24 h.
  15. Taming effectiveness already checks all possible values that are in the given range. If you set the min and max to 0% and 100%, respecitively, all possible levels are shown. Setting a large range gives more results, though, so the best is to narrow this range to have an easier extraction. Regarding the Imprinting bonus, it's more complicated. The total wild levels depend on that which changes all possible levels. The large amount of possibilities the user had to choose from would be very confusing. Even now when the displayed imprinting bonus the game displays is entered, in some rare cases the exact imprinting bonus cannot be determined uniquely and the extraction can fail. The rounded number is given in the game, so it's not a big deal to enter it to massively reduce the possibilities.