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  1. There was also an issue of loading the considered stats correctly, so probably you have to set the stats again to the ones you are interested in (usually HP, St, We, Dm). For that settings see in the library at the bottom left, choose the tab called `Stats` (you might have to click on the small arrow to the right), select the desired stats and click on `Apply` at the bottom.
  2. Max Tamed Levelups can be changed by stating the needed xp for each level with `ExperiencePointsForLevel`-commands (see https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/10/530646715633129364/ ). Set Max Graph level to what value you think looks best in your library, it has only visual effects on some colors. Usually a value of 1/3 of the max wild level is a good start. Max Total level ist the DestroyTamesOverLevelClamp. Set it to 0 to disable the highlighting of creatures that exceed this level.
  3. The ARK-id is only saved in ASB if you don't change anything in the input fields (the id needs to be unique and assigned to only the correct creature). If you import values and then click `Extract` again, it will assume the creature is not the one you imported. When you add a creature to the library you should see at the top an info-text like "Creature of the exported file <path of the export-file>". If that is not there, the id will not be saved. Let me know if the issue persists, but I think that's the cause.
  4. We're currently working on some core-mechanics of ASB to better support the game. Not sure when a new release will be ready. For now someone created a values-file that supports the Deinonychus, it's uploaded on the discord-channel of ASB in the news-channel.
  5. In the library, see the tabs at the bottom left. One of the tabs is labeled "Stats" (you may have to click on the small arrow-heads at the right of the tab-names to see it). There you have a list of stats that you can check and that will be used for the calculation of the top-stats and will be visualized in full color.
  6. In the Breeding-planner look at the bottom-left, there's a numeric input that filters out all creatures with more mutations than its value. Set it to -1 to display creatures with any mutation-count.
  7. Do you play on an official server? If not, you need to set the multipliers in Smart Breeding to the ones of your server. You can also check the discord, it's mostly faster to solve issues there.
  8. Hi, maybe it's related to imprinting, the game doesn't update the values immediately, sometimes it needs time. It's advised to extract babies before starting the imprinting as a work-around. Another reason could be that you play on an unofficial server with modified stat-multipliers, they all need to be setup correctly in Smart Breeding. For faster support you can try the discord server ( https://discord.gg/qCYYbQK ), if someone is online there, you might get help faster. Also have a look at the manual-channel there.
  9. Maybe you had selected a species that has no oxygen stat ingame? For example, if you choose Ichthyosaurus in the species selector, the oxygen input will be disabled, because the ichthy ingame has no value for oxygen. On a side-note: If you upload a species without oxygen into a transmitter, you can see the oxygen value and also can use this for the extraction. For enable oxygen for all species, go to the settings and check "Enable Oxygen for all species".
  10. What do you mean with "it's always 0"? Did you enter a stat-value in the oxygen input and the resulting level after the extraction is 0?
  11. You can just enter the stat-values manually in the extractor, it doesn't matter if you are on pc, xbox or ps4, only mobile doesn't work all the times. The tester tab is for testing, e.g. enter some stat-levels and see the resulting stat-value.
  12. Then you probably are in the Stat-Testing-tab and entered the value in the field for the stat-level (which can't be greater than 255 ingame). For extracting the level, the stat-value (which can reach numbers greater than 100k) needs to be entered in the Extractor-tab. I recommend watching the video I posted earlier, at 10:58 ( https://youtu.be/zOYvKhLAHL4?t=658 ) this part is explained in more detail.
  13. Hi @IanHighlander, is the issue you posted here resolved in the meantime? I got no similar issue-reports and couldn't reproduce it, but what I found so far, it could be caused by a memory overflow or infinite loop
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