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  1. we got wiped also when offline pve server logged to bags on floor with 10secs on them xd
  2. Please roll back servers all base gone and never got chance to get all loot bags on ground all kibbles and eggs saved gone....
  3. So the newest unknown exploit box tribes are using is to take a server is by mass overcapping and im talking 100 dinos over the tame cap .When will wildcard stop this is hard enough With server dino tame caps but to let someone have the ability to mass overcap freely shouldn't ever happen anyone else who knows of this, now im not talking mammal breeding because me and other people on my server which i wont say have checked all bases no mammals or babies any where so one has to ask how are they doing it and why are they getting away with it.
  4. Can't wait for this new dlc will bring new content to old players
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