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    At what point do you have the right to speak for EVERYONE, let alone dictate that our hard work should be destroyed because you are bored.
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    If you are bored just start over. Get your character killed and click "Create a new survivor" people shouldn't lose years of work because you're bored. Go to unofficial and find interesting mods, there is loads to do.
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    No one should ever transfer their main character. If you have a lvl 135+ character, DO NOT TRANSFER that char. You can't trust this game or the servers on official, it's just how it is. Make new characters on the other servers you play on or hope that the server duplicates your character one day instead of deleting it. Losing uploaded items is nothing compared to a lvl 135+ char. Even making some imprinted dinos like rock drakes or reaper for an Aberration char is nothing compared to the time you spent leveling a char to over 135+ and doing all the bosses. The servers are running on microwaves that they somehow linked together and I personally do not believe that Wildcard/Snail Games will ever be able to make them stable. Even Ubisoft, EA and Blizzard servers have their issues even if they are nothing compared to the ARK servers but if such gigantic gaming companies still struggle with such issues, what can you expect from Wildcard/Snail Games? There are even absolut god gamers who believe that they are dodging the issue of losing their chars because of their superior gaming skills or knowledge. It really made me laugh when I once talked to someone like that. Because you were lucky all those years, doesn't mean the issue isn't there and you were just ''lucky'' nothing else. For everyone else, swallow the pill and make chars for all your servers. Do not expect anything from Wildcard and try to help yourself as best as you can. PS: this doesn't mean we shouldn't speak out about the issue. Keep pestering Wildcard/Snail Games about the problem but play as if they will never fix it.
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    I’d love to hear from a dev why this game doesn’t do a character back up once a day. The sheer loss a missing character represents makes easily a top five issue under meshing duping aimbotting and ini. you literally could contain all a character is in a single string variable.
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    pretty sure it sounds like heil hitler
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    Primitive Plus: What is the next step? On March 29th, 2019 @Cedric created a weigh in discussion of the future of Primitive plus. On April 23rd, 2019 @VaultMan created a suggestion to implement the primitive plus features into the game. (currently with 134 upvotes as of 5/15/2020) Now here we sit a year later with no further communication from Wildcard. The suggested steps forward for the original conversation were as follows (these are taken from the original weigh in discussion) Now I am new to the forum, and I really only joined to see what the plans were form Primitive Plus, and from what I can find... there are none. Which is I am now posting my first ever forum post. Just trying to figure out what is going on. I have read through the two I have listed and have taken note of what had been suggested and have come up with the following option/updates to those listed above; Option One: Convert it to a Mod Positives: Easier maintenance internally, Faster updates, no recurring bugs, faster loading Negatives: Wipe would most likely be needed, potential functionality loss Additional Negative: Can not be used by Console and Crossplay servers. Option Two: Seek Free (It's what XBOX uses for loading) Positives: Faster loading Negatives: Susceptible to issues with total conversions (listed above) Additional Negative: May not be used by Console and Crossplay servers. Option Three: Integrate it into the main game Positives: It's no longer a separate DLC and enhances the existing primitive content Additional Positives: As they would all be a part of the same version of the game, updates would effect all and any fixes needed would need to be applied to only one version as opposed to two. Additional Positives: Primitive Plus players would be able to use items from other maps that have not been updated into the Primitive Plus mode. Additional Positives: Primitive Plus players would be able to experience events along side other players. Additional Positives: Adds to the progression of the early game experience. Additional Positives: Adds to the cooking and farming of the game. Additional Positives: Adds to the building of the game (additional styles) Additional Positives: Adds to the decorations available in the game. Additional Positives: Adds new weapons and tools the game Additional Positives: No more broken kibble system. Fixes to vegetarian eaters with other options for taming beyond berries. Negatives: It loses the specific mode Negative Adjustment: Add a customization option to remove tek items from the game. This would allow players to continue to play without tek so the can still experience the primitive side of the game. Negative Adjustment: Would require a wipe of all current primitive items from the game. May be coordinated that anything that is a game standard may remain (standard building, creatures, saddles) and rebuilding would be necessary. Option Four: Let the community maintain it Positives: The community can deem where it should go Negatives: I'm sure there will be a lot of logistics to figure out the right way to get this done Quandary: Not sure how this one would work. It sounds like a mod set up, but that was described above and would have the same issues. Option Five: Leave it alone. Positives: It remains a completely separate game mode Negatives: Updates may further break the mode, updates to in game items are non-existent, minimal working events, broken items in the mode not getting fixed, inability to saddle and use new creatures and items for newer maps My preference would be to have the items added to the game (Option Three). And of what I have read, it seemed to be the most feasible options. And the crux of this suggestion is the following; (this is directed at Wildcard, but I would love to see where the discussion may go) Put out a poll. Advertise it like mad and see what the players think. I think it would be interesting to see what the players would like. And then use that data to plan for the future of the mode. Or Announce the next step in the process (assuming you have one). Please let us know where you plan to take Primitive Plus so that those of us who play it will know where it is going. Please and Thank you.
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    Tek water purifier Will produce water without the need of intake or pipes. Could require a tekgram or be a high level unlock
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    Try this method again on a new character using explorer note + broth of enlightenment + Extinction Chronicles and I went up to level 93 in a single race cleaning the entire cave, this method is crazy, this was tested on an official server.
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    You should call the idea tek water condenser. Able to pull the humidity out of the air.
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    The wiki is unofficial and managed by the community, not the devs.
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    well, think dude, everyone makes mistakes my k key is stuck, so its sort of hard to type with k
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    Hahaha also they confirmed what creature they’re adding in the Wiki.... So WC kinda messed up the secret...
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    you have an error too, but I'ma not criticize. also, this was on page 5, and i just noticed that NOW, out of all times
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    chibi rockwell? that ought to be interesting. though, the chibi dinos are all tamable dinos, so idk about that within my second thought...
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    To you. Still a blast for me. Feel free to move on to something else. I got some missions to run and new stat dino's to raise.
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    I got 2 tek bridges that had one end on a cliff platform, even though its says can demolish in 12h it has never autodecayed for weeks. Those i placed on normal ground however did.
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    On legacy servers people use to deliberately upload items and then cause a server crash via multiple methods. When the server crash happened a 15 minute rollback would occur, so the item that was uploaded would still be uploaded but the item in their inventory would also remain due to the 15 minute server rollback. So that's how duping was done. So rather than actually fixing the core problem, Wild Card just added a 15 minute timer and made all the servers 'legacy' so the duped content couldn't be transferred to new servers.. Regarding character losses. up-vote this if u agree:
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    You need to set those via the launch commands.
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    I wouldn't of minded seeing rockdrakes in the Aberrant Cave on Val actually there's a nice spot in there you would of thought to of expected them, but alas it wasn't to be. Though speaking of Rockwell. . . that's not a bad idea for a Chibi ^.^ just saying
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    Perhaps you should try the Arpokalypse cluster.
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    Personally I think transferring characters is very risky, if server crashes and rolls back u can say goodbye to all that work u put in. This is why I have always made a new character on the servers I play on and transfer items dinos that way.
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    server crashing everyday around same time. I play on the server valguero 557, usually around 8-9 pm EST it crashes and usually stays down for 20 minutes. its been very hard to play on the server...ruining bossfights...losing progress..making people frustrated. This really needs to be fixed
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    Yey another map with servers that mass kick everyone, every 5 to 30 min just like the current servers have been doing for the last 4 weeks.
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    you think all of you have it hard, try playing mobile I agree with Magmasaur103 and BabygirlCupcake
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    Screenshot is of UTC -1, it's like clockwork. Bit suspicious.
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    The GM that helped us would only restore her tek enegrams if WE HAD A COPY OF HER IMPLANT, or a SCREENSHOT of it. "How about saving character data properly?" Is what I thought, but held back. Thinking about it now ... it seems really absurd.
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    I think most people who complain about no land, don't spend the time to get to know the people on the server. People will give up land to other players who show they aren't just there for a week until they get bored and move on. If you really want to play, you will find a spot to start, and then you would use communication and hard work to prove you are worth the land you will need to use. You don't always need a GM to solve an issue, pillars can be removed by the tribes who have them down, dialog is key.
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    I think its good time to find another game that dont waste our time and not spoil our blood.
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    It's gotta be the Dimorphodon. The hitbox is tiny, their movements are annoying and they go for the throat. Absolutely adorable, and if you're a lousy primitive they chill on the shoulder and help with damage.
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    I agree with BVKnight, you don't need to do ALL the quests if you are not directly going for the Alpha-Boss. Yes, some missions are really hard, but that is what keeps us going and going to breed some other Dinos, try stuff out and find a solution to beat some of the missions.
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    My theory is quite a bit out there and a bit long. Also I’m not that good at This so forgive the for any beginner mistakes. First here’s what I know. 1. Rockwell hacked into the Genesis simulation to turn the “sleepers” into his own personal army of slaves. 2. We are in a space colony/station 3. The Sim and the Station were both made by the Terran Federation 4. The tek we see here is different from the tech seen in any URE based dlc. 5. Nobody knows where Helena or the other Homo Deus are. Why Rockwell is at the Station: I believe that when Rockwell landed on earth he must have landed in Terran territory and had access to all the old Terran tek. One of these would be Arat prime where he could upload himself into the simulation and access all of the simulation. He also would have known about the station after going to Arat Prime and entering the simulation. Then the question is how did he get on the station. I believe the station must have some sort of tek similar to the obelisks allowing for the creation of a Rockwell in the station. The thing is that we have no clue what it would be. The Stations Purpose: There are only vague references to the “sleepers” and the station in both the 3 URE DLCs and Genesis. We know because of the Genesis countdown that Arat Prime has some direct correlation to the station. We also know because of extinction that Arat prime is on the opposite side of the earth to Sanctuary. I believe this is because Arat Prime is controlled by the Federation and Sanctuary is controlled by the URE. This is where we have to look at what happened with the Feds and URE during the war that we believed happened. I believe that the war got so bad, so extreme to the point where when the feds noticed elements effect on earth they wanted to just leave earth and find a pure and habitable planet. The parts I don’t know much about: 1. How corruption spreads Inside the sim. 2. Why the sim and not just the station? 3. Where the homo Deus went. So that’s it for now! This is my first theory so please forgive me for any big or blatant mistake. I want feedback be it good or bad so please help! Thanks!
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    my first thought was actually dodoAstrocetus because of that turret there then I remembered its not halloween yet
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    Is that a Tropeognathus? Cool! Anyway, funny story: it was destiny that I fell in love with this game. Same Birthday day! Yes,4th June is my Bday lol so this is going to be an amazing gift! Thanks Wildcard
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    best advice is to build structures, find explorer notes, and to attack low level stuff. You might even try your hand at fishing and see if you can get a couple of good items or maybe if your lucky enough to find the ingredients for it, the rhino horn and black pearls, for the broth of enlightenment...….if you are so lucky to get those ingredients, try to locate a couple explorer notes, but do not pop em open till you get 2 or 3 of em spotted up, then get some stuff together to do some heavy duty crafting. Black berries and meat for narco, stone and flint for spark powder. Stone, thatch, and wood for stone building parts, and then prepare for a home run.....hit the broth, smack the explorer notes, throw down some narco and spark powder, then build whatever you can. If you can manage a run in with a very low level alpha raptor, might even pursue that too..... At that point in time, you should be near lvl 50
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    How the hell do you get mods on ps4
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    That's exactly it. Mods should be left as mod in the hands of their mod authors. When a mod becomes part of official Ark, it's bad and basically the end. Just look at primitive plus. And all the nerfs to Valguero.
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    I think fishing should be better... By that I mean that the loot you get from it is so trash no one fishes anymore. The bait should be ranked differently so the better the bait is the bigger the fish is or the easier it is to catch fish. I think sap should be the worst then leech blood then honey. Lmk if anyone agrees that fishing should be better.
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    In most games fishing is a big part but in ark nobody does it in ark it definitely needs a “rework”
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    The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
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    Hi, It would be nice if tek transmitters could be used to summon bosses (like they did in the beginning). Obelisks would be less crowded by parked dinos (mostly rexes). Sincerely, Alf
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    Wipe OFFICIAL Wipe the servers everyone is bored and need a fresh start
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    Gigas disappearing under map when teleporting using HLNA Lost 3 gigas while using HLNA to teleport in genesis. Gigas were able to be seen under map at first now they have disappeared altogether, but have not appeared on tribe log as being killed for being in mesh. 2 went under map when teleporting to arctic SE and 1 went under map when teleporting to Volcano E.
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    you could give arguments instead of making bad jokes like every other adult does (or at least should). Oh, and for u: my post was sarcasm
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    there's artists who 'speak from their belly' and they're called ventriloquists. when someone speaks out of his ass he's called 'analoquist'. we might have witnessed Eronsyla starting out on a new career
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    I’d recommend farming ingots or obsidian for polymer. Then buy a giga, and go kill any alpha you can find. You’ll level up real fast especially on 2x.
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