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  1. mobile needs to get their act together
  2. i like how they are making a gray area between normal saddles and tek saddles
  3. even if the dino gets nerfed to the ground, it will be able to grind stuff, so you don't have to make an expensive grinder.
  4. you think all of you have it hard, try playing mobile I agree with Magmasaur103 and BabygirlCupcake
  5. YES, i'm not asking for a overhaul, but maybe add things like a desert, just things that the DLCs covered in the official game
  6. I think the pachy should gather flint in the same way as the Doedicurus gathers stone the turtle could use some love, maybe a biotoxin gatherer, but keep it weak so it would be hard to collect the biotoxin, that and a model rework the Pelagornis needs better weight and healt
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