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  1. Disable public transport, no one can teleport unless its you or your tribe.
  2. Ragnarok near desert has a spot with a massive amount of metal for example, I get about 20k there in one go, not as much as abb but close.
  3. Just to add that I would be more than happy to pay a monthly subscription for a premium account that would be on premium stable official servers.
  4. That is exactly what the Karkino is for, best metal farming companion on any map, better than quetz or argy.
  5. When sleeping players disappear, parasaurs will still detect them indefinitely. Hi Guys, So I would like to report a bug with sleeping bodies which have disappeared, When sleeping players disappear, parasaurs will still detect them indefinitely, this is a huge problem for me as I can no longer pick up the bodies and drag them out of the way as they are invisible, my parasaur is detecting an invisible spot indefinitely and consuming large quantities of food in the process, nevermind the mass spam of notifications that I get. Now as a QA tester myself, I can say that the QA process did not consider testing around this "Feature" or this bug would have been found, you should always see what systems the fix/feature interacts with as a standard testing process. But enough about that, a fix would be nice. Cheers
  6. Yes, please keep these changes seperate from PVE, there are a lot of changes that were made to ark that have an undesired effect on PVE, it's time to create a tailored system for the two modes.
  7. I would assume thay its to stop people using the snow owl exploit
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