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  1. Predators flee after taking enough damage, and if they flee near an easy meal, well they are happy to eat something that wont fight back, the mindset that after an animal is down to tame that it should be a guaranteed safe tame is pretty simplistic and unrealistic.
  2. If I want bad enough, yeah, I'll wait, it wouldnt be the first time.
  3. Agreed, sadly some people never take responsibility for their own mistakes, but happy to place blame on someone else.
  4. 2X taming was made permanent a few months back, let the breeders get a perk for a change without whining
  5. It was set to every 24 hours many months ago, levels dont play into it anymore
  6. If it stayed with his old tribe and he was the only member, its a dead dino, he screwed up, so you both may as well move on
  7. There are servers that wipe on a regular basis, you could check those out instead of dictating who is allowed to maintain a base longer than it suits you
  8. It hit a number of people, me included, I understand unintended side effects happen, I also understand all to well that when the devs break it, they tend to ignore it. Anymore I take the "Positive vibes' to mean tough s**t!
  9. Had similar issues with AC units, tore out the wiring and made it with fewer connections to fix the problem, seems ark hates to many outlets to choose from, hope this helps
  10. It's happening almost everytime anyone from our tribe transfers into Crystal Isles, and many other tribes are complaining about it as well in chat and its not duping the toon, I have had that happen enough to know when its happened. I have bases on 4 servers, the Island, Extinction, Genesis and Crystal Isles, and it only happens when transferring into Crystal Isles, so it seems isolated.
  11. Not always posted, but most people look for patch notes under patch notes.
  12. Good thing they aren't all eating Tide Pods
  13. You are talking premeditation, and if you participate in a riot, well...,but keep jumping around, your gymnastics amuse me.
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