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  1. We get 3 or 4 events a year to raise dinos on 2X, so I kinda look forward to those rare chances, I take special perks when I can and still manage to tame some nice colors on events like this, would 2x taming right now be nice, of course it would. I just dont cry foul when I dont get what I want.
  2. You only get 2X taming 50 weeks out of a year, how do you find the strength to go on?
  3. WHAAAAAAAAAA! Crying douche-tankers upset about people celebrating a holiday.
  4. Some did, as for most, i'm sure you have hard numbers to prove that, i'll not wait on em though. My point is simple, I am not moving to new servers to make you or anyone else happy, People complaining about low populations on new servers somehow think I if if they trash the old servers that we will be forced onto new servers. WRONG, Wildcard has the right to run their business as they see fit, I am free to walk away.
  5. Exactly, anyone who thinks I am gonna walk away from all my time and effort and join low populated new servers has a serious flaw in their logic.
  6. Eliminate a few thousand players to make your selfish whims reality, good plan....not
  7. I see you have a habit of missing the point, people who have hundreds of dinos most likely have beaten a boss or 2, companies sell products to support their business so DLC makes sense. And if you are so worried about cap issues, kill some pets. And you're right, they should make the cryo-fridge need a tek gen to run, will that make you happy?
  8. Goals, some people seem to believe they should have end game items from the start, and it makes me wonder why they bother playing a game at all.
  9. People who block the obilisks deserve to lose the animals
  10. This is starting to read like 1984. Good news boys and girls, your chocolate portions have been raised from half a pound a month to one third a pound a month, all hail big brother.
  11. I tried to stay logged in for more than 30 seconds.
  12. So I hit some old dudes wyvern!
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