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Please be a bit more specific, what platform/map are you on?
Can confirm that on PS4 official map CI the stryder linked to fiber dedi still is harvesting berries as always. Have not tested it unlinked.

Edit: v695.10/26 (And not v695.17 as the patchnote header wants us to believe)

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Added actual version
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3 hours ago, Mai said:

official gen2 same problem, others on the server getting the same thing

looks like the QoL and balancing update yesterday broke it

Sounds exactly like what happened with the new taming tracker....when it first started working, you could look at the creature you started tracking and it would give you the taming bar. Even if you was 1000 meters away, all you had to do was look right at the icon and the taming bar would pop up.

Now when you look at the creature tag, it just disappears. No taming bar, no creature icon.

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