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  1. thats what i normally do but you said in your post was a "single" stack of berries hence my reply to it
  2. hehe more like 2 as you need another to move a single berry in front of the full stack each time you make seeds so the iguanadon makes 101 berries but only takes the single berry... it works but too bothersome to keep repeating over and over just to bypass the system
  3. haha just gathering with it while its flying and dont need to even bring escort giga as it just hovers over danger... too bad it doesnt have a bag hehe
  4. i was getting ready to leave space and auto save happened when i was on the teleport pad, minutes later the server crashed after server came back i proceeded to return home again and when i got to base it was floating on the pad got on it and tried to fly around and it worked, could even gather resources
  5. getting killed by wild creatures is normal but if you dont want to be dealing with getting killed by players i suggest switching to a pve server
  6. you're probably mistaking it for wild creatures, you could pick up your own tame since the very beginning but WC disabled picking up the wild cause of that notion people were picking up titanboas and dropping them in other bases and any other wild aggressive creatures
  7. now that evo ended, bed isnt giving exp again
  8. good for when you live far away from any body of water like up on the mountains which fills up when it rains and requires to be expose to the sky
  9. weird... exp working again now that evo event is active but none when last week's evo ended maybe when fjordur released it broke it but cause evo was active for a whole week it wasnt noticed
  10. is anyone else not getting exp when using the bed? I havent really been paying attention till a couple days ago when i noticed the exp icon to the right wasnt flashing I've noticed it in gen2 and also asked other players to check and same issue from extinction map
  11. i remember the island even before SE dlc came out... i live by the beach above a cliff near a spawn point but only had pillars around to keep the beach and spawn point open as hand picking stones used to be the best method for gathering as it spawned faster than rocks and anky sucked (doed didnt exist yet) had a small box with a ramp to drag them in to as collection
  12. single player also has built in boosted stats on tames even if you dont change any settings so its hard to compare to official
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