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  1. most flattest is the water, just put pillars underwater and you got yourself a floating base but wont look like it from a distance as the water is blocking whats below
  2. to add to the last reply if you got access to a mek even better, you can salvage everything before you leave the tribe
  3. lol as this rate over 40 players lost everything... characters, tames, items, everything from our server 971 with corrupted save over 2 weeks now since turkey event and we cant even get screenshot proof as its down
  4. only the tek cave in the volcano you can keep using the same tribute items to open the door
  5. probably tame cap, test by dropping one on the floor if it says cold/hot or the message thats you hit limit
  6. @Joebl0w13 yip we're still waiting for some kind of confirmation if server is ever coming back, over 40 people in our discord from the server are left in the dark wondering. And if does stay down permanently how are we even suppose to report lost character if we cant get screenshot
  7. my character and over 40 other players are stuck in server 971 thats nearly been down for 2 weeks and still waiting for any kind of confirmation to at least let us know if the server is ever coming back or not
  8. ya but transfer was disabled before the 2 hrs announcement
  9. those items are back to the person who gave them to you
  10. first breed line? its a good start the top stat on official (at least in pve)
  11. all i see is from Dec 14th to Jan 6th. I dont see anywhere mentioning 4th
  12. its right there on that screenshot lol the button: travel to another server
  13. After having a chat with dev, problem with 971 is corrupted file that started during turkey event and we lost 10 days cause of it and had to rollback to Nov 25th to try to fix it but the problem happened again during the current v340.12 patch to end the event and server was the only one that couldnt auto restart after. Had to be manually restarted few hours later but had to be rolled back an hour to a working save. It stayed on for few hours before crashing and stayed down till today as they're trying to debug whats causing the rare corrupted save problem
  14. dont forget single player has boosted stats on tames too and volcano boss has much higher resistance so takes less damage on official also the cliff before the gigas is an area where you can uncryo tames you plan to bring to the boss fight
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