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  1. Ive breed feroxes today with no issue. Feed the fem to 100% addiction then wait for it to turn small and breed. I play on offical pve xbox.
  2. Oh I thought that only was the case on x and r creatures? Or did they change that on all dinos?
  3. When you play on offical the level cap on dinos are 450 so minus the 75 lvls u can put in to a dino the max lvl is 375 at hatch if you want to get the most out of the dino. So once you start to mutate and breed several stats together its not that hard to reach. So thats why ppl use lvl1 fems because then you can breed in non important stats like food/oxygen etc and still keep mutating hp and melee without reaching level cap on the dino. Also its much cheaper to clone level 1 dinos and thats what many breeders do to get alot of females.
  4. This was on gen2 offical xbox pve server. And the eggs were hatched through the eggincubator. Might be something sketchy on pc then since i hatched several twins and triplets on xbox since gen2 release.
  5. Ive got 2 sets of twins from giga eggs today and triplet shadowmanes so youve probably just been unlucky
  6. I do agree that they need to look over how to pick up the stryder with the skiff, atm super annoying. I havent lost any dinos yet while using the skiff but im very careful since i lost a few magmas and ankys in valguero before. Heard other ppl complaining about it on the gen2 server tho.
  7. I did alpha dragon on offical with worse rexstats and they melted the dragon in a couple minutes. I had 17 rexes with 124saddles 1 yuty and 2 pigs, didnt even need to use the pigs at all.
  8. You cant, if your on offical submit a ticket and they can give you imprints and lvls on another character but that one is gone forever. And tbh you probably have time to get to that lvl and raise and imprint new dinos before you get any help.
  9. Exactly the same is happening on gen2 1588 xbox one. Been like this since release pretty much. Ive sent in a ticket in hope they will look it up but i doubt it tbh.
  10. Anyone else having issues with not seeing asteroids while on the skiff?
  11. Yeah i know, all the other resources work fine, its just the element one that seems broken. I jump out as soon as the ship jumps and i know that when its purple drops there should be element. There is ni way any other tribe is able to farm all nodes, everyone on the server is complaining about the lack of element.
  12. Im really starving for element, was just able to get the rep going but after that theres only like two nodes in space. They mustve messed up something.
  13. Val 1164 xbox is missing from the list. Hopefully it comes back soon so i dont lose years of work
  14. Use a trap folks just a 2x2 box with 4 walls high. Get in the trap and thwn leave render and go back, if it attacks the walls on the trap just replace them with new ones while its in the trap. Easy tame
  15. I just run up to it with a couple torches and hit it. As long as you are fast and keep hitting it wont grab you.
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