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  1. Can you even break canteens? Do you mean that they are empty when you craft them? You just need to fill them up in a watertap or lake
  2. Biggest issue for me is the ocean biome, its unplayable, game just Crashes every 2mins, playing on official.
  3. You cant get it back, but you can get your lvls (only up to 105) and imprints back on a new character. You need to submit a ticket through the support meny on this webside.
  4. Download the Xbox app on your phone, then sync it with your console and you can wtite on your phone, makes it much easier
  5. Its getting ridiculous, its been happening too many times when im writing just regular sentences about ark or anything really and it just keep censoring me and i dont even understand which Word i cant use
  6. Its not only the ocean! Its every biome! Im getting so frustrated!!! I thought extinction was bad with sv and dashboarding but Genesis is much worse! As soon as i get close to the snowmountain i get dadhboarded, inside vulcano i get dashboarded! In the ocean i get dashboarded!!!
  7. Tek storage? Just a quick question, is the bug still active where enemy players can acces your tek storage even when its locked? If so what is the best way to protect your storages?
  8. Yes u can transfer your character, gear and dinos between all of the official servers
  9. Ok so im gonna go in singleplayer and see where u can unpod things, i thought it wasnt possible.
  10. So i hatched the eggs i got and the stats were not as good as the seller told me that they would. So what are the basestats u got on ur theri and where can i get some? lol
  11. Ok i actually just got some theri eggs so i might start raising some then. How many of them do you bring? 20? Is it no need to bring all 50 or will it just take to much time getting them through the cave?
  12. Tekcave and overseer So im about to do the alpha tekcave soon on official pve. We will be 2 or maybe 3 tribemates that goes in, we are planning to bring rexes(50k hp 2000m) and a yuty. The thing im wondering about is what gear and soups should we bring? And any other dinos?
  13. Same on pve 994 been looking for drops or veins a couple of hours now, and no corrupted dinos. And also get these freezelags more than ever before
  14. I agree that 15min are way to short of a time, specially if its a client update on a few GB that might take a couple hours for me with the speed of my internet. Then there are to much to do for me to prepare not being on for a few hours.
  15. Have you pressed the scorched earth icon up in the right corner when u have the engrampage up? Thats how you toggle between all engrams from all the dlcs, you still need to be on rag tho.
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