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  1. Stonepick engram gone So ive been spending two days trying to play crystal isles on Xbox. But when i spawn in my stonepick engram is gone. Ive read dollies quick fix that you should Jill yourself, but it doesnt work. Ive even tried transfering servers but still doesnt work...pretty annoying! I cant progress without it.
  2. I have killed myself 10 times now and still cant make the stonepick, pretty annoying when you start fresh on crystal isles
  3. Sometimes when i cryo and uncryo them they pop out a fertilized egg as soon as i uncryo them even tho mating gets turned off when cryo lol
  4. Yes this is a bug, for some reason some of the fems wont breed and the gestation just stops. If you cryo and uncryo it helps sometimes
  5. I had the same happen with my tuso eggs. I threw out three eggs and two disappeared. And breed the tusos 5min earlier, so might be something with the mating bugs thats going around now?
  6. I like the idea with Genesis but for us console players (maybe pc too?) the game crashed or u got kicked out atleast 7 out of 10 times u teleported, and the racing mission are to laggy to even try. In fact the whole of Genesis is laggy. So i think i would prefer a big open map just to avoid the constant crashing.
  7. Deino eggs spoil like wyverns eggs. So that means they have very long spoil timer. I have just 1 male and 2 fems thats on breeding all the time and get a few hundreds egg, but once i pick them up half of them spoil. But i only use the eggs for kibble because you can use fert deinoeggs to make the highest tier of kibble.
  8. Yes, ive been down in the scars by the big crystals in the underwatercave and still not deep enough.
  9. Megachalon breeding on valguero? So ive been trying to find a spot on val to breed these guys, i cant find any spot where it is deep enough. So have anyone been able to breed them on valguero? and if so can you please give the coords for the spot.
  10. There is an option for enable transfers maybe its been deactivated so try check the settings?
  11. They breed with u lol. To get a reaper u mist let the Queen impregnate you and then u give birth to the baby.. its messed up i know.
  12. Yeah i did, i had also sent a screenshot of my implant that showed all Bosses and ascensions i had done but still only got to 105, and already had all the tekengrams at the time of the appointment.
  13. I lost my Lvl 122 char 3 months ago and i had to create a new char and all i got was lvls up to 105 and the imprints back on my dinos. And it took 2 months to get an appoitment with a gm so i was already lvl 103 on my new char and had raised new dinos so was a bit pointless for me.
  14. Yeah it took me awhile to get a decent bp on val aswell, its just pure luck but i got a 77mc from a red drop in the redwoods so just keep grinding it. if u play on extinction and are able to do purple osd thats your best bet for bps tho imo.
  15. Ive been doing alpha with 50k hp 1700m rexes 124 saddles, 18 rexes, 1 yuty and 1 velo. I only use the velo at the end for the manticore. I dont like to do it solo tho if the manticore doesnt land its hard to kill her in time if solo. I found most Rex bp on orbital drops on extinction. If you only play on val just hit up all red drops and the lootcave and u will find one eventually.
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