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  1. Sounds like a server crash happened and a rollback. Good thing is now you wont lose your character but you will lose all your inventory when this happens.
  2. I would say that the maewing and incubator is two big qol things thats been added if you enjoy breeding, really helps with mutations. Stryders on gen2 is the new farm gods aswell. A bunch of cool new dinos and some useless lol.
  3. Ok so I play on offical genesis 2 on xbox and we have been getting alot of server crashes and rollback lately. I was just wondering if we have any offical statemant on what is causing this? Some say dupers others pillarspam and too many tames. I just wanna know so if I am doing something that contributes to it happening I can change the way Im playing.
  4. I actually dont remeber but i smoked alpha brood with them, think i had 70 ameor saddles and 50k hp and probably around 1500md imprinted and leveled
  5. This x-spino is probably my all time favourite, i did it on singlepayer and think i went for 20 muts in hp and 20 muts in melee. But its the colours i love the most, but unfortunatly i lost it all in the big singleplayer purge from wc a while back lol.
  6. Its still an issue to this day, still only get fiber on offical xbox. Anyone now if this is intended or not?
  7. I got 3 rex bps, all of them from red drops in the jungle around green ob. Best is only an apprentice with 48 armor but still better than nothing.
  8. Thank you! I thought i lost a whole metal base with forges/chem bench and bunch of cryod dinos, but this worked for me too!
  9. I was thinking of using a megalosaurus army for the dinopithicus boss, never really used them before and so far i got better hp on them then the rexes i tamed. Just wondering how viable they are on bissfights? Saw something a whila back that they use their secondary attack and try to grab the boss? Anyone have any infos about this aand if its just gonna be a waste of time trying then out?
  10. You cant, if your on offical submit a ticket and they can give you imprints and lvls on another character but that one is gone forever. And tbh you probably have time to get to that lvl and raise and imprint new dinos before you get any help.
  11. Exactly the same is happening on gen2 1588 xbox one. Been like this since release pretty much. Ive sent in a ticket in hope they will look it up but i doubt it tbh.
  12. Val 1164 xbox is missing from the list. Hopefully it comes back soon so i dont lose years of work 🙄
  13. Xbox one 1588 genesis 2 servers ping is out the roof. Its pretty much unplayable atm.
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