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  1. juego desde 2019 en servidores oficales xbox, con un proveedor de internet de mi zona siempre da ese error y no puedo jugar.
  2. It's very annoying. the server even kicks you and when trying to reconnect you that hateful message comes out.in my case playing on official XBOX, I restart the console and it works again, but you die or lose tell us if you are in battle ...
  3. Same, my stryder (xbox oficial) no farm berries, ever happen in event... when end event stryder farm again berris
  4. im play in xbox oficial 1712, play is impossible!!! crash every time, lagggg, server kickme everytime!!! please fix it!!!
  5. ¡¡¡hola!!! ¡¡WC!! ¿A qué hora comienza el evento? HI WC TEAM!!! What time start the event?
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