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  1. The haters are the ones that get the flak. The game needs a lot of fixes.
  2. I cant. I keep getting this error no matter what i do. Your Steam Integration account is already associated with another member.
  3. just came back to this. i see it was moved to xbox. i play on pc on steam.
  4. they say quality of life is on the way, they didnt specify anything. now theres no crunch...... seriously?
  5. i made a post about this. i lost all my dinos when i put them into cryopod. pulled them out of the ark and the pods all were dead.
  6. I don't make support tickets anymore. Not even after they claim to be helping people with that newer section. In "early access" I submitted many tickets and only ever got 1 or 2 canned replies. Replying to the tickets are torture too. When I respond to their replies, it's always the same. "we haven't heard from you and we're Closing the ticket"
  7. I cant play the game until i get over this lost work. its absolutely disgusting. 2 months of playing and its gone. I always find it funny when the people come out that have to rant "OHH THEN DONT PLAY". On the xbox i have over 3,000 hours and im starting to push 300 hours on the PC. Now im not calling anyone out here, but this is how game companies lose loyal players... from problems that are foundationally killing the game. My problem is this: there are no other games like this one. This game keeps me sane, until something like this happens... losing all items because of a game glitch. When I say sane, the thing for me about this game is the mental thought process when needing to do anything, it makes me feel like im using brain.
  8. my 2060 RTX turbo uses 4 out of 6 gigs of its memory when i run ark, its insane. 80% usage.
  9. I also made a topic. my raptoring items and dinos are gone too. i cryopodded all my dinos to move. they all died in the pods. i upvoted both of you.
  10. cryopods dead from server xfer in the same map. well it looks like its time to take another hiatus from this horribly designed game. this is the 2nd worst rage quit and ive spent months building and taming and breeding. put my dinos in crypods for easy server transfer. i go to another spot my dinos. theyre all died in the pods. wildcard, pease make your game enjoyable and dont grief your players. _______________________________________________________________________ **added later** I have to add, after looking through the forums, i had no idea other people had this issue. upvote for crypods and items disappearing.
  11. Alright, so that means theres a bug somehow in the game. for some reason i cant do it on any gameplay mode.
  12. can anyone definitively tell us and me what the actual process is for the pods and fridges? It wouldnt make sense that youd need to have to make the fridge in the replicator if the description says it can also be crafted at a supply crate. or is this another bug that wildcard is not going to fix ?
  13. i found it. i had it learned and didnt realize it. either way, i have them both learned and cant make the fridge but can make the pods.
  14. Also just checking the engrams, I don't actually see the engram for the fridge.
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