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  1. right, i get it. just stating it so i know its not speed. im ccent certified.
  2. i have gigabit internet so i know its not a speed problem anyway. i have a router capable of handling gig speeds as well.
  3. yeah i know the title doesnt make sense. i have this weird thing going on and ive already verified my files. So heres an example: ill be going to crypod a dino, and i cant do it. i have to log back in, come to find out i was never anywhere near said dino. its goes beyond the normal lag and rubber banding. its like i lose sync with the server or something. only logging out and back in fixes it. ive been dealing with this issue for like a week now. one time i actually died inside my building because i SOMEHOW left my base and SOMEHOW walked all the way to the water, even thoug
  4. would be good to have it back on official again. or just make a max setting that we cant go beyond.
  5. xbox play anywhere on windows 10 pc isnt even active. DILO??
  6. yes, i am. i do not see any servers on win 10 xbox play anywhere
  7. i said the same thing. xbox play anywhere on windows 10 isnt working. i replied in several topics to other people having the same problem. wildcard needs to get it together.
  8. the play anywhere version you can play with console, but only crossark servers are available. i play with my friends on deskop and they are on xbox. the cross ark is the bridge between the two.
  9. i have the same problem on steam. there doesnt seems to be an event on windows 10 play anywhere.
  10. i came here to see if there was an xbox problem. im on the play anywhere cross ark on win 10. there is no event. what gives? the console STILL can join crossark, so it doesnt add up.
  11. where is the xbox play anywhere event? im on win 10 playing the xbox play anywhere crossark. theres no event?
  12. yeah this. creates unfair advantage. Imagine just slamming down a single behemoth gate to cover the only entrance.
  13. yeah so i just randomly an argy disappear out of nowhere. i coudlnt access it and then i log back in and its gone. its not showing up on the taming list or on the death messages. has anyone else had this problem?
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