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  1. title says it all. on top of the disconnecting still happening, im now getting non stop crashes with win 10 play anywhere. i cant even play the game. i get into the game with my character and it imemdiately freezez and locks up. @Cedric
  2. im still disconnecting every 45 minutes after the update. also a new problem to go with thatt, a lot of random game crashing @Cedric
  3. who else is still disconnecting every 45 minutes after the "update" ? im still disconnecting. im on the windows 10 play anywhere at the moment. i cant be the only one
  4. its the same thing on xbox play anywhere when on the pc
  5. i brought this up this morning as well. can we get these combined into one ?
  6. im not playing steam. thats why i said windows 10 play anywhere. they are not the same version or platform.
  7. title says it all. im using the xbox play anywhere in windows 10. there are NO servers on the service list. no officials, no un-officials, no nothing. the server list is totally empty. it was just working last night.
  8. because the complaint is that PVE = watching paint dry the immediate proceeding is talking about how to PVP. if you dont want to PVP....then PVE. dont complain about PVE if you want to PVP, and then say PVP is awful. its a double standard.
  9. im probably getting roasted for saying the obvious thing. but basically everyone is trying to give you tips the nice way. they could just say "dont play pvp and play pve." dont be a squeaky wheel if youre gonna play pvp. literally anything that doesnt break the rules "goes" in pvp.
  10. This happens frequently. the server im on does this as well. its a gamewide problem. the best thing you can do is go to battlemetrics. look for a server that has "relatively" good uptime and less crashing per the timeline of dates. Im always moving to a more stable server to avoid the problem. youd also need to consider the resources the map has and what risks you want to take.
  11. 71 rag official down for at least 13 hours. was crashing nonstop yesterday. didnt get to play the event
  12. if you actually look at the main page, or follow twitter, or go to the pc update section, you will see current updates. #research is hard (not)
  13. i think someone mentioned it might be a bad idea to transfer right before and after an update.
  14. yeah this is typical ark. "claim to fix issues", followed by current game issues + the "new fix" = worse condition than the game was in before the update. generally its pretty safe to follow this. i had the same problem with getting stuck in the xfer window. i had the same scare. in short, dont transfer right before or after updates to be safe.
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