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  1. the desync lag drives me nuts. its also dangerous. you could be in a dangerous spot like escaping from a dino.... but still take damage yeah... cuz you never technically moved. several times ive logged into my base, and cant use or access anything. when i log back in, im still in the bed. One time when i was on the PC on rag....... i never walked near my door to exit the building. I was raising rexes....i suddenly begin drowning. SOMEHOW the game thinks i walked out of my building and ran ALL THE WAY to the water. my friends and i have began calling it the "not
  2. happens on xbox series x official as well. i was wondering if my stryder was broken
  3. i think the title says it all. 1 stack of 100 achatina paste is nothing. it takes like what, 90 minutes to get a stack of 100 in a single snail? The big turtle has tons of flowers and mushrooms. The snails have small stacks organic poly, but only 1 stack of paste per snail. the amount of work for the cake that is needed, it would be nice to have multiple stacks of paste in a snail, and not have to have 100 snails.
  4. is definitely an optimizing issue. i just hope the game runs better on the new engine when ark 2 comes out. after the last update im also getting microstutters with my 2060. it was highly noticable last night.
  5. im getting a video error for D3D.
  6. title says it all. @Cedric @Dollie I cant play the game. I cant get a screenshot any longer because the game now just crashes. The error i was getting was a D3D error. Ive already checked validation of files twice, removed and redownloaded the game. I have also updated my video card drivers. still cant play. When the game launches, it literally cuts off my HDMI on my tv and screen goes blank. I have to do a series of alt +ctrl+ del and pressing windows key \ alt + f4ing' to get windows to respond. who else ?
  7. looks like you are on a private server. official doesnt have these.
  8. at work right now so unable to confirm
  9. i tried that. it doesnt work. it happened on a different official server as well
  10. so since nobody respondedto this, heres the proof. @Cedric @Jatheish
  11. 900+ day mating timer? Whats going on here? Is anyone else affected by this but not talking about it ? this is happening on all of my dinos.
  12. NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok71 This server is constantly crashing. Everyone on this server also knows its old. Im just here to give info on this server. Currently its nearing unplayble. For some reason this server is ranked high enough of battlemetrics to attract a flood of new people. If you are one of these people, i recommend not staying. Now i dont know about any of of the other rags, but 71 has been crashing like absolute madness. The other day it crashed like 10 times in one day. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/449624 Even today, can see clea
  13. right, i get it. just stating it so i know its not speed. im ccent certified.
  14. i have gigabit internet so i know its not a speed problem anyway. i have a router capable of handling gig speeds as well.
  15. yeah i know the title doesnt make sense. i have this weird thing going on and ive already verified my files. So heres an example: ill be going to crypod a dino, and i cant do it. i have to log back in, come to find out i was never anywhere near said dino. its goes beyond the normal lag and rubber banding. its like i lose sync with the server or something. only logging out and back in fixes it. ive been dealing with this issue for like a week now. one time i actually died inside my building because i SOMEHOW left my base and SOMEHOW walked all the way to the water, even thoug
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