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  1. Bump. Now it's happening to me.
  2. i have to buy the game on a 2nd pc with a different credit card to do this
  3. Solo players. Add functionality to add alt characters Title says it all. I play this game alone. I have no friends that play this game. I'n order to avoid losing a character from server transfer and crashing server before that server saves and your character is gone.... Please add a functionality where we can create Tribes under our account with our email to create an alt character. I have to manage ragnarok and the center. I try to only go back to ragnarok to reset my building. The server it's on crashes all the time. It's getting too risky to even transfer even one time. I would like to have this functionality to add a secondary account without needing to have someone invite me to my own tribe (none of my friends play)
  4. Like i said.... Those of us who play on our own. I'm not just gonna invite some random to my tribe to take everything. I play alone. Im the only person in my tiny close social circle that plays this game. so re-iterate , they should add a function for solo players on multiplayer to be able to create other characters under your account and add them to the tribe.
  5. Im afraid enough of losing my character that I'm going to literally take my other credit card and make a new email. On my 2nd pc I'm going to load ark and invite a secondary character into the tribe incase I ever lose one. The fact we have to do this to make sure we don't lose anything just because wildcard doesn't fix anything should be enough to say in and of itself. The fact that they haven't added a function for multiple Characters is a total joke, or a function for us single players that play multi-player to add a secondary character as a backup. Ive been playing since pre release.
  6. im gald to see people are finally saying how raptor WC has gotten and people are finally seeing it. the even sadder part is that theyve done this to us always. its always been like this. ALWAYS. Remember during "pre-release" they told us if we bought the game the 1 time that we never had to pay for it again?
  7. if the game goes 5x, they better get better servers. during the 4x my server was not playable. crashes during the day.
  8. 71 rag USA PVE official is also crashing a lot. ive been reporting this one too. people on discord are also reporting it.
  9. RAG-PVE-71-NA TOTALY NOT EXSISTENT title says it all. i submitted a server outage as well. ragnarok USA PVE 71 is totally missing from the list of servers. its not even picked up by battlebmetrics. i power cycled my router and cable modem. its totally absolutely missing from the server list.
  10. it would be good to be able to add our backups as another owner\admin, so if we lose admin or owner, we can sign into it and re-add.
  11. the whole idea is to give people the pods so they can put the tames away. you are totally missing the point. i mean making them a free craftable or make the fridge infinite or something.
  12. keeping your built base over time is the reason I DONT PLAY that one.
  13. this is circumventing the whole point. its to reduce the lag and rubber banding and tame caps.
  14. Free craftable crypods and cryofridge Reducing issues on servers with dinos being out and tame caps, this would be monumental. The fridge to keep them alive being free would also be helpful. This would also help new players to cryo their dinos if they cant keep them from starving yet. would be a good QOL for everyone in general.
  15. Id like to suggest with tame caps and dino cap and such, please, can we just have the engram for free so we can make the cryofridge and the pods for free? the level REQ i think is a little redonk. this way even new players and new characters can pod their new dinos immediately to cut down on this whole issue.
  16. Never whistled. I literally DO NOTHING. It just walks away.
  17. Glad to know its not just me. I got huge reticule for asking about it on the PC server im on. Came right here to ask hoping i wouldnt get reticule here. much appreciated.
  18. ARGYS RANDOMLY WALK AWAY(WHO ELSE?) This title says it all. I dont know whats happening here or if somehow its just me. Wandering IS DISABLED first off. Ill just land somewhere......argy just starts walking off for NO REASON. Anyone else experiencing this ????
  19. Some of us, and others like me are introverts. Yes the only thing I do is play Ark other than go to work and work out.
  20. I also have random whistles going off. I use the elite controller but it happens with keyboard too. I also have a problem with lag dismounting me on any dino. It also happens randomly. Died many times from this over the weekend.
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