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  1. Last I heard getting all notes on all maps is literally impossible, as some notes are glitched and you can never get to them.
  2. Straight from google: The Engram is unlocked by defeating the Dragon (Beta) on The Island, the Manticore (Beta) on Scorched Earth, Rockwell (Beta) on Aberration, the Desert Titan on Extinction, the Corrupted Master Controller (Gamma) on Genesis and the Crystal Wyvern Queen (Beta) on Crystal Isles.
  3. I also tested my stryder on this, on official PC, unlinked it gathered only fiber from bushes, linked it gathered like 8 berries from a dozen bushes lol.
  4. Yes I also believe lightning wyverns do way too much damage, although I'm talking about the wild ones not tamed as I don't know what kind of damage tamed ones do. I had one wild lightning wyvern do 1,000 damage to my pteranodon in one attack, and my ptera had a 124 armor saddle on it, complete bs. I did hear of some rumor that lightning wyvern attacks ingore the majority of armor.
  5. You'll need to be more specific as the image is hard to make out, are those turret towers near the terminal and is it pve or pvp?
  6. The final answer to everything Omega: Wildcard doesn't care and will never change the things you're wanting them to change. Also, your poor grammar makes my eyes burn and makes it hard to understand what you're saying.
  7. Firstly, not all missions are done on the genesis ship, some are done in the simulation so you could easily do those missions. If someone is actually blocking the mission terminal itself and you can't access it, then that would be a CoC breach and you should report it as it's against the game rules to block off terminals and make them inaccessible. Secondly while I have noticed on some occasions where a person's base does get in the way of following tracks in hunt missions, I have still been able to do all missions, sometimes you might just have to cancel the mission and start it again s
  8. Ugh wildcard has almost completely ruined dedi boxes, those withdraw 1, 5, and 10 options don't withdraw stacks they just withdraw 1, 5 and 10. As in if I click withdraw 10 on a dedi box with metal in it, it only withdraws 10 metal, how stupid is that! Those withdraw buttons NEED to withdraw entire stacks of 1, 5, and 10 otherwise they're useless. Now I can't withdraw even 2 stacks of metal at a time as it bases it on my character's weight, which is at 400. You broke the dedi boxes Wildcard, now fix them! Sure there's the transfer all button, but many of us don't want to transfer the massive a
  9. Ugh lame ass Wildcard, they really hate us transferring element.
  10. Well brenon before Gen 2 came out, how did people transfer element without extinction?
  11. I've been converting element into dust at a mission terminal on Gen 2 but it's slow going, I thought that increasing crafting speed would speed up the conversion process but nope it doesn't look like it. Sure, crafting speed will speed up converting dust into unstable element, but I mindwiped on the idea that it would speed up dust making as well, thanks wildcard for screwing us over on element conversion/transferring!
  12. I'm wanting to transfer element from my gen 2 server to a ragnarok server and I know you can't transfer pure element between servers and something about only being able to transfer dust, so can someone tell me what the best way to do this is? To add more info I have a lot of element shards and element but no dust, I do not play extinction so don't list an extinction method, and this is on official servers.
  13. Just wondering if every other Gen 2 server is crashing every 30 mins to an hour as mine is on 1010. I know it's because of the opening of transfers but I'm just curious if all of you are experiencing just as many crashes as we are lol.
  14. Firstly lets talk about the fed exo suit (the free tek suit everybody gets on gen 2), it's great and all but one of it's flaws is that it doesn't work while your character is offline. The suit provides unlimited oxygen while wearing it underwater but for some dumb reason that aspect doesn't work while you're offline. My character has drowned to death several times now in the underground ocean on gen 2 because of server crashes. When I log back in after a server crash my character is dead and it sends me to the spawn screen, except there's never a marker on the map as to where I died and so far
  15. Well I would still have to spam o to mass drop them and that will take a lot of time, but I suppose I'll have to do that since there's no other way.
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