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  1. Yes Evza I got the last hit on all the dinos I killed. I was riding my andrewsarchus while killing the dinos so I killed one dino with a crossbow just to see if it would make a difference but it didn't, still no taming %.
  2. I went to the valley surrounded by snow where the Fjordur hawks are located and found several of them and then proceeded to kill everything in sight while riding on my andrewsarchus and the hawks began to feed on the corpses but only the first two hawks showed any taming progress. After that other hawks didn't even show any taming %, I walked up to hawks that were feeding on dinos that I killed but it didn't show any taming % on them. This a bug or what? Also the hawks wouldn't feed on an alpha raptor's corpse that I killed, feature or bug?
  3. I tamed a mantis in gen 2 once before, I had to lure it into a 1x1 trap that was a few walls high and it's body was partially sticking out through the walls and I was able to feed it rhino horns. The trap made it so that the mantis can't possibly see you since it's completely surrounded by walls, though after luring it into the trap I heard you need to leave it's render range for a while so that it loses aggro, but it was still a pain in the ass tame, it would be better if you just bought a good mantis off someone rather than going through all that agony of taming one.
  4. Ok I just tested it out on a metal ocean platform on an official server in shallow water, the water was about 3 pillars deep just barely deep enough to hold the ocean platform and it works, it lets you snap dedis together anywhere on the platform even in the center. I'm sure you can place an ocean platform in deeper water than just 3 pillars deep but I have no idea what the limit would be before it gives you the too high above ground error again.
  5. I ran into the same problem when trying to place electrical cables and water pipes on my ocean platform and what I had to do was build those things on the outer edge of the platform and not in the open center area. I just tested that out with the dedicated storage boxes and even when I place them on the outer edge they still won't snap to each other giving that "too high above ground" error message. I looked all over google and youtube for this but I couldn't find a single solution. My only idea is to place your ocean platform in shallow water so that the game doesn't register that you're hundreds of feet in the air, as I know that supposedly works for the electrical cables and water pipes but I've never tested it on dedis.
  6. Arkpocalypse servers supposedly wipe every 30 days, and wildcard sometimes speaks of when those servers wipe in their community crunches, as they posted about the last wipe on April the 22nd, meaning the next wipe will be around May the 22nd.
  7. Well this is one issue wildcard couldn't get right, they couldn't find a "middle ground" option. In gen 1 lots of people were complaining about mission areas being unbuildable which resulted in a lot of prime building land being inaccessible. So apparently they changed their minds with gen 2 and made mission areas buildable, except it often does occur when people's buildings get in the way of missions, during the shadowmane hunt mission I've had shadowmanes literally spawn inside another player's house and had to abort the mission because I couldn't finish it as I couldn't get to the shadowmane. To end this thread, no, wildcard isn't going to do anything about player's buildings in mission areas you just have to try starting the mission at a different mission terminal and abort missions until it doesn't spawn dinos in someone else's base.
  8. Yes, I already knew that the alpha deathworm drops the helmet skin and I've already looked at wiki so your response didn't answer my question at all
  9. I recnetly killed the manticore boss on valguero on alpha difficulty but the fight only gave me the manticore shield and legging skins, despite wiki saying the chestpiece, boots, and gauntlets skins drop from gamma and beta manticore. Now normally when you kill the alpha boss it unlocks everything the lower difficulty version would too, so is this bugged or do I also have to kill the manticore on gamma and beta to get the other skins?
  10. I'm planning on fighting the alpha valguero boss in the near future so I'm wondering what I'm going to do with 500+ element if I can't transfer it off. I know you can't transfer pure element or even element shards between servers and I can't figure out a way to convert the element into dust since valguero doesn't have city terminals and you can't do it at obelisks either. I don't plan on staying on valguero after I do the boss so if I can't find a way to convert all that element into dust I'm just going to have to give it all away on the server to some random person, does anyone have an idea how I transfer element off the server?
  11. From what I've heard melee % doesn't increase harvesting yield at all, it's better to put the points in charge capacity, weight, and movement speed, mainly speed.
  12. I've never played pvp and never will but I believe what you say. It's also somewhat-common knowledge that Wildcard doesn't care about pvp, sort of like the legacy servers, and most content is created for pve. Sure you pvp guys get the occasional update, often because some pvp player finds a way to abuse or exploit some kind of mechanic that only applies to pvp servers but yet wildcard screws over everyone by applying the update to not only pvp servers but pve too. Remember when tuso's could grab wild dinos and hold them, it's because of you pvp guys that wildcard nerfed the tuso and basically made it near worthless and no longer able to grab wild dinos in pve. Remember the pteranodons when you could level up their speed just like any other dino stat, it's because of you pvp guys that wildcard nerfed them too, apparently you guys made them so fast they could dodge turret bullets in pvp, which of course has no effect in pve but being wildcard their belief is what they nerf in pvp they nerf in pve as well, doesn't even matter if it has any relevance. So thanks pvpers, for ruining pve for us, bottom line is stop playing pvp, it has a way more toxic atmosphere than pve servers do and most people will agree with me that pve is better anyway.
  13. It's nothing new, wildcard just never bothered to fix this as there's supply drops on the island map that do exactly this, spawn inside a mountain and impossible to open.
  14. I've always used a longneck rifle to destroy beehives when I want to tame a queen. I place pillars up to the hive then I box the hive in by building a wooden shack around it so the queen can't escape. I have one window placed where I shoot through it so I can hit the hive from long range so the bees don't aggro on me and that usually works. I've never heard of anybody using a magmasaur to destroy a beehive but a direbear is the only dino that can attack a beehive without the bees dismounting you so get a bear. I've also heard a flamethrower works pretty good at destroying hives.
  15. RedNova, I heard a while back wildcard changed the moschops so that melee damage % doesn't matter when gathering anymore, it doesn't make any difference. People are now putting pretty much all points into weight for the moschops as melee doesn't do anything anymore.
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