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  1. I wonder if they'll time it to be well ahead of the Christmas event. My group will be starting Lost Island naked and with new characters, and we might not be very well equipped to chase Raptor Claus drops all over the map by Christmas.
  2. Yea, I'd vote for this one. It's pretty rare I wanna withdraw 10 of an item, and if I do it's easy to take out a whole stack and put the rest back. I'd also prefer the option to withdraw X number of stacks, ignoring the weight limit as well, instead of the transfer all thing.
  3. Yea, some parts of it do work well. The problem I have is when I want to withdraw say 20 stacks from three different boxes (like you would to craft a few stone foundations, for example). Hitting transfer all on a stone dedi fills your inventory, so you end up having to transfer a bunch of items back into the box to make room for wood and thatch. I've figured out workarounds to do everything (and I've worked out a system to craft huge quantities of stone building parts), but I'd still really like a simple way to withdraw 10 or 20 stacks at a time.
  4. They need it for feeding and imprinting. Build a cage and be ready to knock out a few wyverns. The stuff lasts a few hours if you store it in a Crystal Wyvern.
  5. Meh, I'll trust WC when they say there was a good reason in the back end to do it. My only request is to have T still withdraw a stack at a time, or have a way to specify the number of stacks I'm withdrawing. I don't find the transfer all button to be of much help, as it makes for a lot of clicking if I just need 10 or 20 stacks of something.
  6. Yea, I feel your pain. I needed element on Ragnarok a while back too. The only way to get it there was a lot of dust. This was before Gen 2 so I had to do a bunch of element nodes on Extinction to gather it. Now I'd gather it on Gen 2.
  7. On official you're SOL, but for those on unofficial this fix worked for me:
  8. You play Ark and have time for friends? How does that work?
  9. Usually developers don't want to reveal details of exploits. There are many people who don't know about the exploit (whatever it was), but if they did they could potentially use it on private servers that run older versions.
  10. Lol, get used to it. I'm sure they've been the better part of 100GB in the past. I bought a 2TB NVMe drive long ago to make sure I always had room for Ark's massive updates along with the other stuff I keep.
  11. A shotgun with at least a stack of ammo (for the bats) and med brew (for the mega-rabies) are mandatory for that cave. Breeding a good raptor will help plenty as well. There are a couple spots that you need to grapple across too. If you're using flak armour, bring lots of water. And spare weapons and armour of course. I'd spend the time to get those things before going back.
  12. Yea, the mission requirements turned me (and my tribe) off of Gen 2 as well. It really should have been something like Gen 1, where you could leave the ones that started bogging you down. The big killer for my tribe was the requirement that everybody do all of the missions. I'm the one in the tribe who does the missions, as the others don't have much interest in them. Since we would never have been able to do the boss fight together, we simply stopped playing Gen 2 after a few weeks. We'll be back when Lost Island comes out, but until then we're taking an Ark break. EDIT:
  13. In theory it should work, but in reality I don't think anybody runs Ark from an external drive. You want to have the game on the fastest storage hardware possible, ideally an NVMe drive or an internal SSD.
  14. I have one map in my cluster (no mods at all) that does this too. Leaving render and coming back fixes it, but the problem will be back again the next time I log in. If I went to that base more often I'd break all the troughs and place them again to see if that solves it.
  15. It usually means Windows thinks something else is the active window. Try clicking a few times on the Ark window. Even though you can't see the cursor, if you're in fullscreen mode it should register that you've clicked on Ark and Windows will make it the active window.
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