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  1. The only good thing about a Giga needing all those imprints is that if you do miss one, you are still pretty close to 100%.
  2. A pillar/ceiling combo provides foundation support. Are you sure there isn't some other problem? A picture might help show the issue.
  3. Why not do the gamma (which should be fine with those Rexes, even without good saddles) and see how it goes? Then you can make adjustments accordingly. You'll also get a sense of what to expect in a boss fight.
  4. As mentioned above, the Fertile Lake area is your friend. There are quite a few drops around, but be prepared to die getting to them. Those giant crabs (Karkinos) are plentiful, as are Spinos and mushroom spores. If you have a tribemate who can come over with a Mana he might be able to rescue you as well (although he could just as easily end up in your predicament if he isn't familiar with Aberration). I don't know how attached you are to your gear, but you could die and keep respawning around Fertile Lake until you find a drop. Avoid the blue zone (to the south).
  5. A good chainsaw. Probably some variation of Theri level-ups will do it too.
  6. It can add up pretty quick on Extinction (especially since it converts to ingots on a 1:1 basis), but for the most you'll want to hit the regular metal runs.
  7. I'm not sure about the Epic version, but with the Steam version this only happens when Windows thinks that Ark isn't the active window. Clicking anywhere in Ark fixes it, even if you can't see the cursor. When I had this problem, it had something to do with an overlay Discord was trying to display. Shutting Discord down completely fixed the problem for me.
  8. 320.57 is a server-only patch. The latest client patch is 320.31. Assuming you have that, you're fine.
  9. I've died horribly in the red/radiation areas many times, but I don't ever recall a Purlovia dismounting me from a Rock Drake. As far as I know, they ignore you when you're on a Drake.
  10. It looks normal to me. Ark has never been the prettiest game, even on the higher settings. Perhaps you need a higher res screenshot to show the problem (or maybe it has to do with your monitor, which we can't see). I do find Crystal Isles to be a bright map, and you might find it helps to turn down the brightness on your monitor.
  11. Very rare would be my guess. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but in three years of playing I have one mastercraft BP.
  12. If you're new to the game, you should spend a few hundred hours in single player before heading to a PVP server. You could also try PVE servers while you learn the game.
  13. Based on the specs, I suspect it'd run Ark, but not very well. Since you have the card, why not try it and see what happens?
  14. It sounds like you've already tried all the standard Ark troubleshooting steps. There are a few other steps you could try. Do you have the latest drivers for everything? (I see your video card drivers are up to date.) Do you have other resource-intensive games that run fine? It could be an overall PC problem and not just an Ark problem. You could try reinstalling Windows, but there's no guarantee that'll fix it. From looking at your system specs, I'd say it's time to build a new rig. Ark isn't the most stable of games, and running it on hardware that'll barely keep it going isn'
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