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  1. I did sort this out once in the past. It had something to do with the query ports that Steam will recognize. (This assumes of course that your firewall and port forwarding are all correctly configured.)
  2. There are many factors with a monitor. At 27" you'll want something with 1440p resolution. If your video card will handle high frame rates (90 fps or so) at 1440p, then get a monitor that'll handle refresh rates of 90Hz or better. You'll also want to consider the brightness and the screen type (IPS, TN etc.), which depend largely on how bright your space is and your personal tastes (not to mention cost).
  3. The green ob? It's been a while since I've been on SE, but isn't that the one farthest away from the trench, lol?
  4. There are many ways to steal the eggs. The sane approaches require many hours of preparation (although 100 sounds excessive to me). There are crazier ways to steal them though, such as trying to nab one with a pteranodon.
  5. Damn, that's too bad. It sounds pretty cool in concept.
  6. I've thought about trying Primitive Plus a few times. Unfortunately I've also read that it's pretty glitchy -- so much so that even the wiki says so. Is this still the case, or is it more or less playable?
  7. Do we need to have wandering dinos go into mating mode anymore? I haven't bred dinos that way since the devs added the Enable Mating option.
  8. Same here. Nothing but fiber on Gen2 PC unofficial.
  9. I came to post about the same thing. Is it possible make them produce paste and poly while stationary? We're long past the days when it was a chore to build a pen for them.
  10. Argh. I updated half of my cluster without bothering to read the messages the update process returned before I realized it wasn't doing anything. EDIT: Looks to be working now, but it reports version 338.24.
  11. Anybody know a reliable place to hit for Magmasaur saddle BPs? We have handful of saddles from our time on Gen1 (ranging from 30 to 279 armor) but no BPs at all. Or is there a mission that specifically drops them? That loot spreadsheet that's going around mentions Moeder (which we'll do on repeat if we have to), but nothing else.
  12. Yup, that is one of my least favourite things about OSDs. That one you can at least see, although you can't do much about it being solo. Maybe a railgun or sniper would take it out. There are times when we used that feature to our benefit though. If our dinos were getting low on HP, we'd throw out a pig or owl and do some healing between waves. Then, once everything was healed, we'd go find the straggler. It wouldn't help much in that video, but usually the straggler is in render range.
  13. Since nobody else has answered, I'll make an attempt. From reading the specs, that CPU is pretty wimpy for gaming in general, and Ark tends to be a tough customer. If you're at 1080p it'll probably be fine on low or maybe medium settings. The GPU and RAM are fine. One of my kids plays with an RTX2060 and 16GB (with a Ryzen 2700). With medium settings on 1080p, it stays pretty close to 60fps.
  14. zero064

    meteor shower

    I've never been hit in the city, but as mentioned, if you fly really high you're at risk.
  15. Yea, I'd vote for this one. It's pretty rare I wanna withdraw 10 of an item, and if I do it's easy to take out a whole stack and put the rest back. I'd also prefer the option to withdraw X number of stacks, ignoring the weight limit as well, instead of the transfer all thing.
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