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  1. It's a great place to make one, but you can't take it across maps. It does have some use there, but it's far better used in other places, such as pairing it with with a Magmasaur in spots where you can gather lots of metal. The desert on Ragnarok (where it's far more work to make one) comes to mind.
  2. There are no Deathworms on the map, so I don't see how we can tame a Mantis.
  3. What is the resource cycle on these things? I go in there and grab whatever the resource of the day is, but I'm never sure what I'm gonna get until I'm in there.
  4. Yea, a high-damage Mantis with the best pick you can find. It helps to have a high-weight dino nearby (or even on follow) to take the dust. Most of the time we plan to lug a bunch of stuff back anyway, because we can almost always find a use for the gobs of nodule we inevitably end up with.
  5. We ended up importing a bunch of snails. Before that, we hit the ice fishing lake for organic poly. There are some penguins around there, although I never found there to be large numbers of them.
  6. Yea, you're correct -- for some reason I was thinking of behemoth gates. Regular dino gates are fine.
  7. The game has always been glitchy or jittery on rafts for me. Walking usually makes it better. If somebody has a fix I'd be curious to know what it is as well.
  8. With Genesis it's a one-time purchase, and I don't see why it'd be any different with Extinction. I don't recall what they labelled it when I bought Extinction. Mine has worked since Day 1.
  9. Weird. Mine is still all over the place. After the latest update it was at 12GB, and now down to 6GB. Oddly, a CI map in the same cluster now comes in at 6GB as well, up from the 3 or 4GB it was at before. At this rate, the 32GB I have in that machine isn't going to be enough to run my cluster soon.
  10. Wow. For about $30 you can get the base game and all maps except Genesis. There's a few thousand hours worth of gaming if you're new to Ark.
  11. Is your RAM usage still consistent? Mine was 12GB at one point, went down to 3GB, and now is back up to 12GB. I can't figure out what makes it go up and down. We're a five-member tribe, and we haven't built much yet, so I can't see any reason for the big change.
  12. Easy fix: 1) Uninstall Ark. 2) Install Assassin's Creed. In all seriousness though, there's nothing wrong with your rig. It's an old game and it isn't gonna look that pretty next to recent titles.
  13. It might be cause to complain, but it's hardly fraud.
  14. I just updated my cluster and it's fine. I had a forced mindwipe, but it let me level back up to my normal level (117 I think).
  15. Others have already mentioned my favourite spots. The Iceworm Queen on Ragnarok is pretty easy. A bred/imprinted Thyla with high damage and some fur armor will let you do it on repeat until you have all the good stuff in the loot table. On Crystal Isles, the underwater cave isn't that tough. A good Megalodon, some scuba gear and (most important) some navigation skills are all you need. The loot table is so large that even after hitting it at least 50 times I still get new stuff. Doing red OSDs on Extinction has the potential for lots of high-end loot, but they're a bit more work, esp
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