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  1. You will probably do better to reach out to the mod author. If you are noticing the problem with specific mods or types of mods, you would probably get better info if you look for the modders contact info.
  2. You could try running the game and remove 1 mod at a time until it stops...
  3. It might help us if you told us what map you were playing on, and what service you are connecting to the game with. xbox/microsoft? Epic? Steam? If you are using steam, there is a way to look up your steam id and find the servers you have been on. If the server you were playing on is genesis 2, its entirely possible the server is crashed and offline when you are looking. That would result your favorite server not showing up in the in-game search tool. I've had my genesis 2 server be totally offline every time I tried to connect over a period of a couple days. It would come back up, but just not when I was trying to get on. Also, many gen2 servers crash and go offline for 1 hour at a time - the odds its down when you are checking could be really really good.
  4. You can take your routers model and serial # and look up how to interact with it online. Most have a webpage you can log into from a browser from any device connected to it. The address you connect to it is usually printed on the back label with all the other info.
  5. As far as I know, yes, its the only dino that has that particular issue. Ways to negate that problem is to run a timer on your phone or hit the H key in game to see if the extrended info includes the upload timer. Some maps show this when hitting H, some dont. I dont' know how to make all maps show that info when typing H or if its possible to turn that on for all maps.
  6. Yes, this is a very very very common occurrence w/ that animal. The only work around is to pay attention to the time until server save and then stop using its speed boost function until after the save has finished.
  7. I have no idea what happens past 30 days. But they can definitely go 30days w/out being powered, power up and then open fridge and they will be at full charge. I think the way someone would have to test is leave some trash babys in a cryo and disconnect it from power for 30 days then see if msg comes up before u open on 31st day.
  8. The initial question makes very little sense. If you are talking about tributes, only the artifacts can transfer between servers. All of the trophies from killing wild animals on the server are trapped on that server. I believe all trophies from defeating the bosses are also trapped on the server they were won on. I might be wrong , maybe someone else can confirm that.
  9. THe fact that wyverns can kill your own tames is also a blessing. Got 100 unwanted babies you want to get rid of? Lightning to the face, done. Also, they have been able to collect mutations for over a year now.
  10. I have lost over 20 from several different raising moments. Its a real thing. There can be lots of reasons why it doesnt' work for some and works well for others. For example, one p0erson breeds in a very remote spot w/ few players moving through the area, that makes that area go dormant until it's loaded into memory. If noone shows up for over and hour, this can be problematic for some animals being raised. Raise these same animals in a well populated area on the server, you are more likely to have players flying by loading the area into memory and hence the animals eat regularly. You could raise only 1 bat at a time and never notice a problem. That would probably work because the cooldown timer after a bag is consumed woudln't stop any other bats from eating. As soon as you have more than 1 bat being raised, soon as one eats, the others have to wait for 30 seconds. You go out of the area, and lets assume nobody is anywhere near that area for 3 hours. Come back, and the game will then do a food check and try and fill up the food to match what would have been consumed. The problem with blood packs is this check will only let 1 bag be consumed. If the other animals food had run out and then gets checked against the blood bags that can't be consumed for 30 seconds, the game then decides they died because at that exact moment there's no food available to wipe out the calculated hunger from the time they waited to be rendered. One time, I had blood bags on each of 10 bats, bags on 3 maewings, bags in my tek troughs. I went hunting, never left the map - while out, 9 of them died and left bags behind w/ next to nothing ever being consumed by any of the dead bats.
  11. THis happens with passive tames sometimes. The usual solution for me is to tranq the animal and reset everything.
  12. I would say they wouldn't call the problem isolated on beginner servers as game breaking. Granted cheaters show up all over, I'm just saying that they wouldn't call this game breaking. They have stated repeatedly , repeatedly, repeatedly, that the official servers were just an added bonus not to be confused as a singular feature. We were given full control to setup our own servers, essentially that will be the argument. Now, if players were to actually report it to the proper channels, write up reports that included information and videos or pictures or all of the above, write reports that are intelligible, I would bet the reporting party would see things improve. If it is this rampant, then a GM could watch the servers more closely for the repeating behavior. If people have dozens of burner accounts, they most likely don't bother to do other obfuscation techniques. This would make it easier for a good detective to block large quantities of steam accounts w/ little effort. If the GMs don't have any idea that there is a problem, I don't think they will look for the problem. Report it to the right place. THEN come back here and vent. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
  13. It shows up after you spawn upon dying. My assumption would be it was deleted along with the character. Since it spawns back when you do, I can't see it not being attached to your character like a podded animal w/ a few automatic operations added to make it behave how we see it.
  14. Why was the router swapped out? Did they give you a different model altogether or just a new one of the same type? The 2 problems I have with my cable is, my splitter under the house used to get wet until they moved it and swapped it out. And the other thing that gave me intermittent problems like this fixed once they increased the cable size that runs from the box a couple poles away all the way to my house. My house was too far from the box for the cable diameter they were using. I doubt many people would have this be the solution to their problem.
  15. Links speak more than your 8 post count. I did a search and can't find a thing posted within the last week on the topic. Every mutation has a color change, every color change has a mutation. THey are linked together like a pair of pants, its one thing. I think I can solidly state, If you post a picture of the ancestry and stats of the 2 parents that created a baby with a color change and no mutations. Include the same pictures of the resulting baby, I can show you what mutated with extreme confidence. Anyone here on the forums would be able to see what you are seeing and point to what you aren't seeing. Its a lot of information for anyone, it helps to have a BS in math w/ most games - but this game takes the cake. I single handedly burned over 2000 dino id #s a week on official for 2 years solid all by myself. I know a thing or two about figuring out whats what on breeding.
  16. One trick I use to make it go a little smother, I use a cactus broth a few minutes before launching. That way it wears off shortly after going in, but initially the dragon doesn't see me and won't fire off a volley right at me as I get in. But I just use 1 deino , the risk I take is far smaller.
  17. Its been a little while since I did the math here, but I think its something like 1 - (1 - P)^n for the probability that it will happen after n number of independent events. So w/ some ball park #s @ 1egg , 1 - (0.997)^1 = 0.3% chance. This falls in line with my initial est. , going further; @100 eggs , 1 - (0.997)^100 ≈ 1 - 0.740 or roughly a 26% chance of the desired outcome occuring. I think this formula works. It won't ever end up with an answer over 1, so it seems to fit the situation. I also had to correct the final % i came up w/ was wrong , i moved the decimal 2 places when I shouldn't have. The # I should have come up with was 0.295%, not 0.00295%.
  18. How are you spotting these mutations? Breeding mechanics shouldn't be effected by any map they are on. I've never heard of that happening in 5 years. Most the problems we see, recur in some fashion or another. I've never heard of them breaking mutation mechanics* , * - I can't say breeding because there are some issues with some animals sometimes (ex. aberrant dimorphodons lay regular fertilized dimorphodon eggs still to this day). I can’t say what you are inferring from your experience is impossible , but after 5 years here, a post like this usually resolves once the OP learns more or notices what they were missing, be it a mod or replacing bad advice with more solid info, or realizing the wrong male was in the mix mucking things up... Let's focus on your process, I don’t want to assume , because I am not here to dismiss your experience. It might help to know how you are spotting mutations; Are all breeders matching? Are they all level 1 breeders or just random ones left over from breeding to mix stats? how do you spot the mutations, hatch and look for color? Incubator? some Pictures of a sample ancestry , stat/inventory could possibly help spot something missed. Extra maybe relevant detail - the new animal had issues with eggs recently that has already been addressed by a patch. Could be there’s still something broken with them…Also, I bred my maewings a day before the thanksgiving event began and got a mutation. So I did get one less than a week ago , when I last bred something. I also bred ferox last week and caught an unwanted mutation when I was trying to identify stat values. ***Just some extra established facts on mutations that might help give context; Every mutation comes with a color change. Not every animal has all 6 color zones, sometimes that color change goes to a zone that doesn't exist. Some color changes go from dog brown, to ugly brown - not every color change is noticeable even if it happens in a zone you can see. Run speed can be mutated, you will see absolutely no change to the animals inventory with the listed stats and values. the incubator can lie. I have had eggs hatch with mutations that the incubator did not register. IF one animal has 1710 stamina and the other has 1785, the baby could inherit the 1710, mutate it to 1785 - and you would have no idea what stat mutated unless you had a strict control over the stats going into a mating. [I've cleaned up this post because my brain kept editing it in my head and it was too messy, I hope its coherent now] The 3 biggest tools I had for breeding was strict control over stats on breeding I liked zero points in all stats except food on breeders. And my stud would be matching with the exception of the target stat. I would use about 250 breeders until 20 mutations. To go past that, rolling the counter above 1 billion was the only way to keep the breeding setup the same. This process has to be started while making the stat mix on the breeders to be ready to take over after the 20 mutations limit is hit. This timeframe for all of this depends on the growth rate of the target animal, and your level of commitment.
  19. Each roll is independent. Every roll would be ~16.66% , no matter how many times you roll it. *I was wrong on the final %, I was shifting the decimal 2 places too far. My answer looked rediculous, that's my mistake. I think my logic on the breakdown was pretty solid. I wasn't robust on the including 2 mutation w/ a desired outcome of 1 melee mutation, and the 3mutation scenarios, but I think it should have been clear that doing so would only clarify the difference of 7.31% and 7.5% - not a huge improvement. We could just assume this 7.5% is the actual, since its a bigger # than our actual #. From there its pretty simple (1 out of 7 stats is the one I want) x (55% chance that stat came from the correct parent) x (50% chance the parent who is successful can actually supply a mutation) (7.5% chance of a mutation as defined by WC *ark.wiki.gg , and our assumed upper limit). so that comes out to (1/7) x (0.55) x (0.5) x (0.075) = all the gas you have at making "the ONE desired" mutation happen. Each egg would have only this chance. Stacking 330 of them would not give you 100% chance of the mutation you want happening. It would improve the chances, but not guarantee anything. Speaking as someone who has hatched over 1000 eggs for that 21st mutation on blood wyvern melee, I have some idea of the efforts needed to get the results. But my math here isn't meant to pass a math class, its just to get a rough idea of what we are working with.
  20. * the math below has been fixed * It might help to re-read https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Mutations Lets just look at 1 stat. Melee. This is 1/7 of all stats on a rex. The stat you want has a 55% chance of being inherited. The parent that can supply a mutation is the female, not the male. So now, you have a 50% chance of the roll working from the prefered parent. This parent has a 2.5% chance x3. This 7.5% is broken up into 3 parts, "The probability for at least one mutation in an offspring whose parents both have less than 20 matrilineal and patrilineal mutations is 7.31%, for at least two mutations it is 0.184%, and for three mutations the probability is 0.00156%" [from ark.wiki.gg] Its 2am for me here, hopefully someone can correct whatever I miss here. But the way this works to me is (1/7) x (55%) x (50%) x (7.31%) = probability of success. I'm getting a grand total of 0.2872% chance of success on each egg. You would need well over 300 eggs per breeding to even approach a probability of success. If you want to talk guaranteed success, you probably need to double or triple that. * that 50% could also be incorrect. Part of me wants to think that should be 45% . Since you are way past 20 mutations, double and triple mutations could be included. So i'd probably bump the 7.31% back to 7.5%, keep the 50% because I"m probably wrong on the 45%. That's still only 0.295% chance of success per egg. Each egg's roll is independent , therefore you don't get to just take 100 / 0.00295 and calculate the # of eggs you need. You would need to increase your sample size to start to improve your odds at being successful. This means going way beyond just 300 eggs.
  21. Because, you have half the chance of getting a mutation back when your count was under 20 on the male. Now that the male is over 20, he has no chance of supplying a mutation. You have to get it from the females. If you want to have a consistent chance of mutations, you need to increase the harem size. or.... you break the mutation counter by increasing it to a value that is beyond the capacity of the variable the game has setup for the counter. THis takes about 42 generations of incest between brother and sister rexes from a count of 1, 1+1=2...2+2=4......n+n ~1.1billion ~ -1billion , counter broken. -1b < 20 hence , mutations begin again.
  22. I don't have a specific idea , but I would imagine, w/ a controller there's a limited # of button combinations. Riding the maewing could maybe trigger menus or something else undesirable while in multiplayer or vice versa.
  23. You don't have to , you can also check the main page on this site.
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