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  1. We definitely have something going on on officials and it doesn’t seem to be related to putting in fast or slow. But it’s usually just one or 2 things don’t show up , not everything out in. whst I’ve found can save the single item is stop putting stuff in the moment it happens and close the trans and open again usually will bring the item back up. But if I put another item in right after I see it not properly refresh then it will be lost.
  2. Not sure if that will work since the people setting them down are not setting them down from in the area. If it does a check to the area they are standing in, it will see no problems since they are setting it down from half an ocean away. It would be probably better if they cut the range with which you have to use to set it down.
  3. you can whistle them to all be passive and set your guard dogs to ignore whistles and stay on neutral or aggressive, you can also use leashes to keep them confined to a space even if they flee or go for an attack you can keep them from wanderng too far off w/ those.
  4. So this means we cannot place our own platforms down to reach the platform limit around our buildings and prevent others from placing them nearby? Correct, anyone can ignore the limits and place as many as they want right on top of u if they chosez
  5. There is a problem with ramps and doorways. The ramps always cut down on the doorway gaps for me. I think using the stairs that switch to ramps instead fixes this problem for me for the most part.
  6. What's happening is, players can set down the platforms from a super far off distance and override any protections from proximity of other platforms or other types of structures. I tried setting down another platform in my area and i couldn't, and yet 2x now - other tribes have set ones down right next to or overlapping onto my platform. This prevented me from building on my platforms the first time they did it. ANd now someone else, or the same people have returned w/ another one. I"m getting tired of filing reports over this problem.
  7. You could see just about anything with a skiff, a tek helmet, and parasaur tracktor beamed
  8. It’s on official so the lag u see is the server saves we all love so much . Mainly dragon wants to get the rider more so he’s using the megas as a shield, I'm not sure if it's because they are too small or the dragon prefers live players over tames. Carnos would need a serious amount of breeding, these megas had 708 melee base and megas damage rating is higher At night than a Rex any time of day. ANd yes the megas are inconsistent with what attack they use, but they are smaller and more of them can get close to the dragon than a bunch of rexes and as u can see the dragon is solely focused on the zino rider so they have a dual use, barrier and attack in one.
  9. Mine would be Purloptodon, you could pounce on flying riders or tackle someone who's half a mountaintop away.
  10. On primitive, this is the only option. I started on primitive, and I never went back after I learned I was hatching and raising stuff on hard mode.
  11. It would depend on your location a little if you go for bare minimum. 8-10 should be good in most warmer environments, but if you are in a snow area you want more. YOu can set down 8, then put egg down and see. if it's not enough then there would be times during the day where they won't be working, so you add more until that stops happening. You can periodically check and watch the egg stat bars to make sure only the timer one has been moving. if the other slips you will see that and you add more a/c's. Giga eggs don't require the most a/c units, rock drakes and wyverns require more. 25 is my minimum for smallish room to hatch anything. You will need ample room to raise the giga, walks will become problematic in a small space. On public servers, it's best to make your hatch room w/ a barrier all around it. A room inside a room is needed to help thwart people who glitch into your base. You want all 6 sides w/ an air gap room of some measure so that if they get in, they don't get all the way to it. Also keep eggs far from the walls so that they can't try and grab all next to the wall and get your egg w/ whatever they dropped right by it.
  12. Exactly what should be said. Giga raising is demanding, doing it w/out the necessary hardware just means you aren't ready. The thought of farming the mats to make 25 air conditioners should be a, 'how can I do this in less than an hour' - Not, I can't do that. That's where you should be when you start raising gigas. You will literally be baby sitting an egg for 24 hrs to make sure it's still there come hatch time. Otherwise, you are going to go to sleep at some point and wake up to find no egg. In that 24hrs , you have the time needed to go out on an argent and farm all the necessary materials to make enough air conditioners to baby sit that egg for you.
  13. You better be careful though, giga eggs on official take 24hrs to incubate right now, normally 2 days. During that time, the temperature where you are at can vary over the in game day. Make sure to watch it carefully since you aren't investing in air conditioning. The egg could be good at one time of day, but too hot or cold at other points as the temperature varies. You will possibly have to turn on extra torches around evenings and turn off extra torches midday.
  14. If u don’t see it, it’s gone. I only saved a few things by paying attention to each item transferring watching both sides of the window. If I see it not properly refresh, I stop and check. learned my lesson transferring a high level ferox and lost it. If it blanks your only chance is to not put something else in behind it and do the close and open to check. no guarantee , of course, but I did have success last night 2x doing that
  15. He can wait for them to get around to that, or he can solve his own problem and move on with life.
  16. It’s gone, welcome to the club. the only thing I’ve seen help is when I upload and don’t see the item appear in data - I stop uploading and close window and pull it back up. Item usually appears. if I continue uploading without doing that, and ignore what happened, then it’s gone after that.
  17. If you lose everything, I would suggest making a second account, use that to create a tribe and have an ally who's in a larger tribe join you for a second to invite your main account into the tribe at which point they can leave it. THen if you ever lose your main accounts character - your ownership isn't lost and u can get on your other account and feed your dinos. Steam allows for account sharing between family, so you can create a second steam account and link it to yours as a family account and then you don't have to have a second copy of the game to do this. Should that not be an issue, one thing you can do - is level up to 100 real fast do bosses like rockwell and the tek cave. You'll most likely have enough time to do all that by the time they get around to restoring your stuff. When they level you up, it's max xp - so if you have the extra bonus levels unlocked, you will level up all the way.
  18. or obtain a blueprint or saddle from doing missions or crates. I've already gotten 2 saddles from missions on genesis.
  19. I believe the answer is yes.
  20. Sounds like a bug, I'd take pictures of the inventory and ancestry w/ your phone when it happens again. That's not how it should work, so if that's what's happening, somethings wrong. Is this in a single player session or on an official, or private server?
  21. I just watched someone's base breakdown last sunday. As I was going through the base looking for stuff after I had identified most of the stuff. I saw walls just starting to break. I assumed someone else was there, but then i went to look and noone was there. I could just hear breaking sounds all over the place as different pieces started to break one by one. I couldn't leave fast enough, the game just crashed. I log back in and think, hmm maybe a fluke and waited it out a bit, and bam, crashed, ... left the area for a minute, came back it was still breaking down and crash... Granted this base was pretty darn big, so it's possible that the smaller simpler buildings will break mostly all at once, but if it's large enough, it's not fun to be around.
  22. Not neccessarily. If someone is in range of the structures, they will start to bank on their own in about 15-30min somewhere in there. I wouldnt recommend being in range when that's happening on a large base.
  23. My comment would be it's also easier to aim headed towards the pole from behind, for the top of the pole where the arm out begins. You have to fly slow, but it keeps you up in the air and you get attacked less often.
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