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  1. I'm slightly confused. Your mission complete list shows they are found, but what shows them unfound still? Visually you still see them in the world but can't collect them? or I dunno, maybe I'm too dense to figure this out.. Do you see them in your mission complete list, but there's a lock over them? IF that is what you see, that means you found those glitches between different characters, but they show like that because one of your characters have found them - just not the character you are on. This shouldn't prevent you from picking it up again with this character. If you don't see the glitches, do you have a mission location selected on follow? If you are following a mission location , you will not be able to see any glitches or interact with them - I forget exactly which it is but it definitely happens when you have a mission selected.
  2. How many stacks do you require for your blueprints? It is possible for some blueprints to work out like that, if it needs 700 stacks of materials it is impossible. If polymer is required, the most expensive ones require hard poly, organic will eat up too many slots. As long as a blueprint requires 600 stacks or less, you should be able to make it work. I don't know if this will work for you, but maybe?
  3. I also used to raise them on The Island , no problem , with tek troughs on top of metal ceilings over the water, they would eat that no problem. Also, on crystal Isles we had tek troughs over the water on our ocean platform and definitely raised some Tusos that way. I don't remember if we raised any basilos at that point.
  4. Its a starter mount. It wasn't intended to be an end all be all flyer. After you move on to higher level stuff, you shed them quite fast. They are still really handy to use when a new map opens up, you are back to starting fresh and therefore they become useful again for a week. 2 weeks tops.
  5. maybe give a screenshot of your settings before you launch? Maybe there's something someone can spot.
  6. . I'll look around, I could have sworn there was a webpage where you could calculate the rates before plugging them into your game settings.
  7. Oh no, it could definitely be a thing. I've had problems with just trying to spawn them on crystal isles, but then no problem at all on The island.... are you using the "original" crystal isles mod or ones that came from the official map>? Have you tried making sure there's no corruption in your install? You could verify files to make sure nothing got messed up. If it says more than 2 files corrected, then something was wrong. 2 files means it just replaced the .ini files that customize your settings after install.
  8. Having items disappear out of inventory is kind of super rare. The only time I can think of that happening is when we move too many light items into inventory at once. Its possible to have things disappear from view that way, though they generally are still there if you do a drop bag at that moment and look. It is possible to move too many items into inventory, transfer servers and lose whatever # of items you were over the limit with. I think its rare to have items just disappear from inventory midgame, there is a bird that can disarm you , but that would be items in your hot bar I think. If you saw the green name, but not the animal - I would imagine it is right where you see the name. Did you try using K to move camera out and around to look under the floor where you were? If you did all that and just saw a name with no dino attached, I wouldn't know what to do but I would try podding, using a wyvern or gasbag to blow it forwards away from the spot, maybe force it to show itself. We have reapers do that after finishing raising, u can't get them but a quick little puff and they pop up out of the ground. Karkinos to grab at it, maybe it could grab it, or a megalosaurus. I've had gigas just up and disappear from under my feet in the swamp east of green on The Island, babies in procoptodons disappear from leaving render and coming back, swinging at a baby with a sword before it lands on ground from unpodding, unpodding an animal too large right into a cliff that was too close, landed on my first griffin to get a note and it flew off to where I was 30min before that, have had countless crystal wyverns just up and walk around and some just fly off in a straight line for no apparent reason..... There's many many instances and ways for tames to just disappear. Anti-mesh is just 1 more to add to that list.... my first post was really just the usual, it was in no way inclusive of everything Ark might toss your way. One thing to do is look for the center(for lack of a better word) point on a map to see if your tame went there. This is 50 50 on 'The Island' , 'Crystal Isles' ....i dont' know all just those 2. Also on genone I think it's 80 80 . Basically it's not 50 50 on every map, but there is a point like this on every map where disappeared dinos do like to go to sometimes.
  9. On official servers we have been able to use them on SE without problems as far as I know. I used them to beat manticore last year.
  10. I'm pretty sure that is spelled out in the CoC. You are not allowed to take over the built in teleportation locations and not allowed to setup defenses to automatically kill anyone who teleports to those locations. I'm pretty sure I read that in there somewhere. Since you already know its a spawn point, this applies and you sort of ruined any chance of claiming you were unaware. Spawn Blocking Spawn Blocking occurs when tribes intentionally block spawn points for the purpose of not allowing any new players to play on the server. In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally resides on a spawn point you will not be penalized. Here are some examples of what spawn blocking can consist of, but is not limited to: Using structures that players spawn into and can not get out of Using spikes/spike walls at player spawn locations Turrets located on or near spawn points Dino gates, or any type of structure/cage that is meant to trap or instantly kill a player and prevent them from spawning on the map Aggressive dinos placed near spawn points in order to instantly kill players that spawn in. Teleportation zones (on Genesis, Fjordur) are treated as spawn zones and as such they should not be blocked nor have any turrets in them in either pvp or pve game mode .
  11. Is this a translation problem? I don't quite understand who deleted what? If a GM removed something, they might actually leave a message in your tribe log about it. Maybe you could include pictures of tribe log, and include details like; xbox, private server or official server , server # ... details like that help . I'm pretty sure on GenOne there was a rule about putting defenses by spawn points. Spawn point killing was a nono at least on that map. If its the same rule on gen2, then there is definitely a reason that could happen if that is what you did. Its difficult for anyone to say what happened when you provide no context with a statement like this.
  12. Your statement here is confusing, its saying 2 different things. Was it's name in the log, or was it not in the log? Are you playing on an official server? If you see your sinos name in a log, I doubt it would be alive. logs only show death messages as far as i know, not just for injury. The sino killing something would flash up above on screen, not show up in log. So if the sinos name was in the log, I don't' see why you would be able to find it afterwards. With out knowing your full experience time with ark, there's several possible things going on here. The highest probable reality is, you don't know where to look for them, or left them on attack so they went flying off on their own little missions. There's also a general issue that happens, though rarely, where fliers will just up and fly off on their own to some seemingly random part of the map. Sometimes this is because we clicked go here some time back while flying on them without realizing it. Soon as we dismount - they fly to that spot, even if its on the other side of the map....fun stuff. Though I doubt it's this, another fun possible occurrence is if you used a teleporter in your base area to go somewhere. You never thought about the leash you have turned on inside your base area that actually surrounds your teleporter. This leaves any tame you leave with, thinking its still under the rules of the leash, begins to blink in and out of existence right in front of you - heading back in the direction of that leashed area.
  13. You learn something new every day with this game. *my experience is solely based on PC-steam build of the game , there have to be many differences between our experiences... I was going to say , animals starving during a 3x event is quite common. 'If i'm not mistaken' , they did some changes to how the system tracks the food consumption to alleviate that. But it doesn't eliminate the chance of it occurring. You can notice this in action if you hatch multiple babies simultaneously. The fact it happened on the map that is most likely the most populated with breeding at the moment falls in line with this occurrence. In the past you could tell a baby stopped eating by looking at their % maturity. If one was way lower than the rest on %, when they were all hatched and put out at roughly the same time, that one stopped eating. You could verify by feeding it until it's food was completely full, it would not reset and correct to the maximum it should have based on it's % maturity. Once the system caught up with the dino, this food value would correct itself and you would catch the moment it went back to eating properly. Today, you can notice the % on maturity still vary from time to time. One dino could slip 5% from all the rest, but it should still eat regardless of this fact. The % on maturity should still fix itself over time and catch back up to the rest. That's how I think its supposed to play out now. But, like you noticed, it doesn't always work. Of course I did not scientifically make my observations, I could be completely wrong on this, I'm sure someone here can correct me.
  14. Its hard to say from that video what occured. I don't understand Arabic. But what has happened to us is those striders can end up bottoming out on the floor of the area. I didn't really see the video maker look in the right spots to find the strider. I'd say it was possibly still there. Striders seem to like to fall through the floor. This is the one area where you still have a shot at getting them back.
  15. One website I found that seems to work for me https://arkids.net/command/spawnexactdino You can build a command to make the exact dino in case you lose one, you can rebuild it exactly if you know the stats and colors already. There's also Ark Smart Breeder. Since you are an xbox user, you can take pictures of your dino inventories or simply input the info manually. It can rebuild those animals with this same command the website is allowing you to tailor. For us PC steam users, its super super easy since all the info from our dinos can be exported directly from the game. SpawnExactDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis/Dinos/Shapeshifter/Shapeshifter_Small/Shapeshifter_Small_Character_BP.Shapeshifter_Small_Character_BP'" "" 1 420 0 "59,59,62,62,62,58,57,0" "0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0" "7-11 slushy mix" 0 0 "" "" "" 0 0 "81,74,19,7,91,83" 94859099090837202 0 0 20 20
  16. Exactly, the shorter you go, the more you squeeze the time frame you have for all sorts of animals. What works well for one, will work horribly if you raise Ravagers or Anklyosaurus.
  17. LOL, you beat me to the punch. If it had truely rolled back, your stuff wouldn't have been there. Smart of you to leave and come back, that is the solution usually in your case.
  18. I think you would do better to reach out to @cad on their discord channel. You will get a quicker response from someone in there with the answer you need. This link will be good for 7 days - https://discord.gg/aK8yj3vp
  19. what they just said ^. nobody probably has bothered to answer this question because we just port them to a remote spot, leave and come back. Bam full. so I'd say if u have a Daedon with 1,000,000% Food and 300 stacks of cooked meat at 25 food per unit of cooked meat, that's 300x50x25 is the answer to how much you can heal in 5 seconds. So it would take 15 seconds to heal this pig to full if you had 900 stacks of cooked meat ready to go.
  20. Quote from someone who answered this same question 3 years ago, Try changing your steam name. Ark probably doesn't support that name format. I'm not 100% sure this will fix it, but it did for the person who had the same problem in 2019. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1741104717706315894/
  21. Its a recommended tactic from the past in stealing wyvern nest eggs. That's usually done with bred pteras with stamina pumped really high. One thing you learn early on is how much points matter with low level tames. If there's one great way to learn that, its play on a beginner server. Try to get a level 1 Ptera back to base after taming one there. BUt no, a level 35 ptera is only for searching for a level 150. It should not be used to barrel roll across the divide to herbivore island. I'd suggest , pump up your character's oxygen to 300 and you probably can outswim any predators.
  22. So then it is also possibe there are mods being run, as well, that could be in the way? I guess it would be better to now ask @ECHOOH, what kind of rejections are you getting from the servers when you can't connect to them?
  23. So much better than the shop that made plastic silverware for Taco Bell back in 2007. They only had a hole in the ground, no sink or mirror. You would make a good factory manager!
  24. Pretty clear on this forum - client (means the copy on your machine) is set to v348.3 , while the server (the machine you are connecting to) is set to v348.7. As long as the client version # is lower than the server #, it should connect. Most of the time.... If its an official server that is the wrong version # - you report it to https://ark.gg/outage If it is a private server that is not updated, you have to wait until the owner of that server updates it. Its rare that an official server does not update with the entire network, but it is possible. It happens when a server crashes before the network is pulled down to patch an update. That server then misses the update if it's not controllable by the script running to patch all the servers. I just looked through the list of official servers and found none to be build v348.4. But looking at the unofficial network, many of the servers will be unusable for you until they patch. That is up to the host or owner of that server, Wildcard has no control over third party run servers.
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