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  1. It’s the new anti meshing measures. Happens when climbing downwards. It’s completely broken the beginner experience on aberration. Try stealing a drake egg without a drake and climbing picks...
  2. It’s not hard to reproduce. Just find an old island server that lags for a good solid minute every server save, you can time it to the transfer cool down timer. you could try it on server island46. The lag spike is sizeable and would be easy to try to lose the animal there.
  3. I’m pretty sure there already is a mod for more variety of diseases.
  4. Takes 2 days of posting the max amount of comments to get access.
  5. there is a fraction that you multiply the food by to get it, but it's pretty much the beast will drop about 400 food an hour on the baby phase, it slows down as time progresses, but go w/ 400 food an hour and u know when to feed them or pod them until you get it.
  6. For example, if you tame a lvl 150 anky and it's showing 357 melee after tame. You could breed with that, and the babies will start showing 369 melee. Now right off the bat, most people think they caught a mutation. The amount difference looks exactly like 2 points more in melee. But the reality is, they tamed 369 melee, but didn't really see it since the taming effectiveness wasn't 100%. No tame ever is, which is why the melee % could actually be higher once bred. When you claim a baby, that's the same mechanic as taming an animal and it's an automatic 100% effectiveness. That will be why you would see the melee % go up a little bit in the babies. * you are correct, you would lose levels when the effectiveness goes down but there's also a multiplier boost to the melee that also depends on the effectiveness, you could get 40 points and it looks like 38 points because the effectiveness was lower, tame the exact same point on another and have slightly higher effectiveness and the melee % would look a tiny bit higher but when bred out, you would see the actual value on the babies with the multiplier at full value. and in both cases even if you saw 357 after tame or 363, if they had the same point value the baby should have like 369. That's a % i remember taming and breeding, so that's why i'm using it, i don't remember the exact point value but i can look that up...lol, it was 40 points exactly. When tamed it could look like 358.2 or right around it. But bred it would hit 369. Set up ab anky on stat testing, put in 40 points in damage in asb and set tame effectiveness to say 50%, make sure you selected tamed. now you'll see 341.6 is the melee that should show up w/ that effectiveness and that actual point value. beside that you will see the bred value at 369.3. now change the effectiveness to 90%, now the current tamed value would have been 363.7 . But still, the bred value comes out at 369.3 . I guess if you are remembering to track the effectiveness you are last seeing, you will be pretty spot on if you put that in when setting up the points. I think when I first started using that, I kept forgetting to remember that or my tribemates tamed them and didn't track it either. BUt just because you get a low effectiveness, now I'm realizing I may have tossed stuff that in reality was better than i thought because I didn't really track the effectiveness on anything for a long time.
  7. no way to tell for sure w/ your info here. If you are on official servers, maybe if you can document what's lost they can sometimes replace w/ stuff w/ random stats. If it's on a private server, it's between you and the server admin to square that away. If you are on single player, you are pretty much hosed, aside from spawning in the animals yourself and force taming them to replace them. Or you'd have to take a backup copy of your game everytime you play so that if something goes wrong you can go back to your backup (only work if you are on PC)
  8. You can also use metal billboards to funnel the mobs if they are coming in from everywhere, you can set up little minor walls of them to push the mobs into spaces where you can more easily clear out more corrupted in a single spot.
  9. it's aberration. not your ears.
  10. Oh i'm not saying they can't hover, just that maybe the larger they are(wyverns really, not quetzls since they fly so slow to begin w/) , they don't suddenly stop and more of a drift as the animal adjusts it's flight animation, and if they adjusted the wyvern landing mechanic to be a bit more of a controlled crash and less of a search for a perfect landing spot...then that could translate to manticore landing a little more easily. To be honest, for me, they could make the wyverns a little smaller, their movement animation could be sped up a little and/or articulate a little bit more, and add in a change to their flight to be just a bit more wild like the gasbags, they can still fly where gasbags can't, but if they drifted a little in flight and changed the landing to be a bit more of a here u go, that's where it's gonna happen, good luck. it's not like you can't control where that happens if you are aiming it. We usually are and the wyvern decides it doesn't like where we chose, so this would cut down on the wasted time waiting for it to find a perfect spot.
  11. I kind of would like the mechanics to be blended a little with the gasbags flying a goodyear blimp feel. A wyvern would feel interesting i think if it landed more w/ a crash into whatever instead of looking for a beautiful place to land.
  12. you are exactly right in that's how it would normally work. Something else is at play recently as far as I can tell because there is this extra padding you noticed here w/ the 20%. But you don't see any extra padding on animals like a spino which we saw 25% imprints as expected. I think they kick up the imprint value a tiny bit that only gets noticed on 4day raises and up. Since a rex is a 4 day raise normally that's a possible 12 imprints in that amount of time. on 2x, it's 6. If they left it at the 18%, 5x18= 90, so it would need all 6 imprints to make it and there'd be very little room for error. By adjusting to 20% an imprint, they get it finished in 5 and gives us that extra room we had if there wasnt an event.
  13. Yes, I have alot more errors putting in stats manually. Sometimes, It can help to change stats by .1 up and down. Just try one stat different all the way down like that until it catches it. Sometimes the rounded # we see listed gets rounded differently in ASB and you can sometimes work around it this way. The other way would be to use the stat testing feature and build up the animal that way. Then it's not relying on the hard #s you can see, and it will instead use the correct values. Works best w/ no imprint or 100% imprint. make sure to set it as bred or tamed depending on the animal in question, it makes a huge difference in calculations. Then just pump up the stat #s until you see the %s that match what you see in game. *note that melee % you see is often different from it's bred value. A wild tame put in via stat testing may get a wrong result if you don't know what to look for, bred animals will be more consistent. It comes from the taming effectiveness, you might get 45 points in a stat but when you are looking at the percent, it's not the same number ASB says it should be. A bred animal will get 100% taming effectiveness so it gets the full correct melee, a tame w/ 90% effectiveness will see a drop in the full possible value but will still breed out w/ the higher % since the baby will have 100% taming effectiveness.
  14. In a mate boosted female roo pouch u get 2x an imprint value as long as the animal fits in the pouch at that imprint time. They tweeked the imprint values a little bit so that odd #'ed imprinted animals would finish cleanly, the problem arises if you can't complete them by the end of the event, that little bit they averaged in needs like more than half the imprints or all of them, not positive w/out doin the math, or it basically fails over a tiny amount of time. Even when we see 100% imprints on our animals, if you put them in ASB, you would see that their imprint is 99.9534663....
  15. The % we see pop up is a rounded #, they dont' show us the .xxx that is defining the # we are shown. Usually with 2x, it's straight up double the imprint values you would expect. When it goes higher, they usually tweek the imprint value a little bit more to make up for the speed and loss of possible imprints. The problems arise then after the events end, people have left their stuff out and are now in the middle of having grown at an increased rate, but will experience a smaller imprint on the cycle hitting after the event ends. The only way to avoid it is to pod right after the last imprint you can make the night before or up to about 9am PST/PDT .
  16. The only workaround to this right now is to set a timer for the transfer cooldown. Set it so your timer goes off 20-30seconds before it hits, then stop jumping on the mana, wait for cd to finish, then restart your timer. This will protect against losing the manas for now. Also, if you set up an appointment for a gm, ask them if they can force raise replacement babies you have podded. I think they can help you to replace them that way.
  17. Purlovas in the rad zone on ab always scare me, but mostly because of the 10 other beasts that will come down upon me the moment right after I'm knocked off.
  18. yea, someone forgot some of the basic lessons of adding flying to games when they came up with the mana. There's reasons other than balance of game play that come into focus when designing a player experience for a flying mount. They completely forgot about them w/ the mana. That's partly why they keep disappearing.
  19. Sometimes the egg comes down on top of a poop. Then the poop blanks, that leaves the egg up above. But regardless of that, when you have trouble picking up an egg because you can't see the pick up message and you move all around the egg, you try jumping above it to look down at it, if none of that works...whip it like you did.
  20. It happens often with odd #s of total imprints on longer raises. This happens every breed event. Best thing to do it before event ends to pod after an imprint , then finish after the event. I had to do that with a few animals that were gonna finish 1 imprint off if I didn't.
  21. Happens a lot. Usually you just have to keep refreshing the list until it comes back.
  22. We don’t really know enough about what network you are on. Most servers don’t have transfers disabled. A few right now are locked down. It would help if we knew more than just 119. Is it official? PS4? Pvp? We need more than it’s disabled. If it’s disabled, then there’s some reason behind it.
  23. Nope, they gone. If you had used stone structures and had all the animals podded in cryofridges you could have had an easy 2 weeks to show back up. But without that , you have about 7 days to make it back or every animal out in the open will blank.
  24. Flyers get nerfed in every game. The simple act of flying in game is pretty taxing. Many times flying gets nerfed not just because of balance, but also game stability and user experience. When game developers break their own speed limits... you get manas that disappear and usually a slightly crappier experience. Have one or two people zipping around d on sped up wyvern no big deal. Now get 30 players on with really fast wyverns . Then see what happens. You all should notice the game begin to choke on all of you.
  25. What level was it? Are you on official servers? Could it have wandered off on aggressive? If the walls weren’t rendered , it could go outside the base under the right conditions? sometimes creatures end up at location 50 50 on the map. If it’s on official , and it was over level 450 , then it blanked because that is over the limit.
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