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  1. Looking at the Metal Ocean Platform and the Wood Ocean Platform, I'm noticing there's no mention of the build height for them. Could we get that put in?
  2. THe height limit is something like 10 or 12 or something. I forgot exactly, and oddly enough that limit should be in the wiki. I'll post a request on the thread for the wiki to have that added.
  3. It would be a violation of the rules on Small Tribes. Possibly not on a traditional PVP server, unless you were trying to evade tame limits. Thank you for testing the idea, I'm sorry to hear the devs already thought of that. The only other speedy way to give free xp to your tames is to ride on the selected tame and have someone else in tribe start up grinders. THat' the only efficient way I know of to get passive xp on mounts that can't hurt other tribe tames.
  4. Lots of servers I've been on in the past have seen this similar phenomena. We always chalk it up to whichever group of people are starting their day around that time. Whoever they may be, we know in the last couple years WC hasn't been able to fix the issue.
  5. unfortunately in PVE official, you can't kill unclaimed babies. even if you claim them first. Whenever they are unclaimed, they are in a different tribe, the tribe of the unclaimed. Now, what if..... what if you went onto gen2. Set up a pen that holds a bunch of babies ready to kill, and trap a wild noglin inside. Let the noglin take control of the tame you want to level up. Would it gain xp from killing the babies under the noglin's control?
  6. If you took some screenshots of the parents stats and the baby stats, upload to your steam screenshots, then attach links to the pictures here. We could try on our own to see if we see something missed or get some idea why its not working correctly for you. Without seeing exactly your breeding setup and the stats, we are just tossing out guesses based on our own experiences. Is there any possibility you have other males nearby that are turning on to mate? I've had times where I accidentally left a male or 2 in the pile of females and got all the wrong results because all the wrong males were getting used. Its always possible ASB is hiccuping for some reason as well. There have been tames that I have that ASB couldn't figure out. If you post screens of the animals stats from their inventory, we can input the numbers ourselves and double check and make sure they check out.
  7. I've noticed the servers pause when certain players join a server i'm on. It also will have that pause on the timer reset, it varies in length of time based on how old and built up a server is. Younger, less popular servers will save much faster than say gen2 map which could take a minute plus to finish saving, or a map that has been around for 5 years and has been covered with tons of buildings and tames out in the open.
  8. Another thought, if this is single player or a personal server, could you have altered the way stats look on tames in the start up options? Any adjustment to those settings would need to be mirrored into ASB for ASB to see them correctly.
  9. Looking at the area you boxed in the picture, that is a giga spawn area. People who build in that area end up killing giga and carchar spawn points. Existing players are smart to block that area off to base building if they value collecting giga hearts to run the boss battle. if they let new players come in and block those spawn points, no one can run the boss battle. as others have said, there are often good reasons to pillar some areas for the benefit of everyone on the server. New players don’t know the reasons why because they are new. A smarter move to find a workable space is to talk with other players on the server. Get to know people, usually there’s space they have seen and can help you find a space. also, you are looking at fjordur which was the latest free map released. That makes it the single most popular map of the moment. also, you are too focused on land space. The waters are usually very open, ocean platforms are a great way to setup a space that doesn’t get blocked by pillars. We setup 4 in a square and make mega bases all the time with very little effort on finding open water to setup at.
  10. I guess the question for you is, how do you know for sure there is 0 points in speed? WHat program are you using to figure out the points to begin with. If both parents have 0 points in speed, the baby will always have zero points , unless it gets a mutation or 3 in that stat, then it would be 2,4, or 6. If you are using dododex to figure out the points, that only works for pretame stats. It doesn't figure out post tame stats. Also, if the tame had zero points in speed when you had it knocked out, it gains levels on taming if you don't make sure that when it finishes taming it gets 0 added levels. To verify what the parents stats are to begin with, we export the files and then read them with a program called ark smart breeding. That program is pretty good about figuring out point distribution.
  11. If you don't , someone else will. Just look at the area around your base, and decide how close you want neighbors. They will definitely move in without notice. You put in the work taming an area where nobody but raptors and rexes attack nonstop. Then you find other people use the calmer area you created because they are too lazy to tame an area of the forest or whatever biome on their own. Now your area is completely devoid of all wildlife and you have to travel to a new area to hunt for food for your babies.
  12. If pillars are there, they were there first... You should look harder? I get people complain, but I've been flying around several maps today and I saw lots of open space.
  13. For myself, when I turn dust to element, it forces me to leave at least 1 slot open or it won't craft. At least, that's how I remember it. It has been awhile.
  14. Prince's Birthday DynamicColorset= Cream,DinoDarkPurple,DinoLightPurple,WyvernPurple0,WyvernPurple1,DarkLavender,MediumLavender,Lavender
  15. wrong section for this. You should go down the list in the forums here and find your platform.
  16. gestation means the period of time the baby is growing inside the mommy. Some animals lay eggs, some give live birth. Live birth animals gestate, while egg baby incubate.
  17. babies don't move anymore after birth. If your unclaimed babies are running away, it would sound like a mod or some other issue. If you are unable to claim them when looking at them, check to make sure you don't have the maximum amount of dinos out. If you have 500/500 out, it won't let you claim new babies.
  18. I just tried it and it worked fine. Maybe give us more context, what system, what type of instance(single player/dedicated server), mods....
  19. Vaults decay rate is 15days , dinos can decay in 8. With that said, I store the light stuff on little pets around the base, and the heavy stuff is mostly on exo meks. I don't waste a vault on fertilizer, i just put it on a lystro or something laying around the base.
  20. It’s a super rare circumstance, there isn’t much need to have a rule. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard it happening in the last 5 years. unfortunately, OP had plenty of time to exfiltrate all their tames and gear and chose to stay. It’s crappy, but the owner of the tribe rules all. If your owner goes missing, take everything you have worked on and start a new tribe. we had different tribe mates start our tribe on different servers and left over the years. We always had each other’s steam info so we could communicate and ask them to shift ownership to another one of us. If you don’t have at least that level of communication, you should not get that comfortable.
  21. my entire favorites list went offline 17min ago.... that's nuts. STEAM.
  22. Once a doed is curled up, tranqs barely work on them. The only way to tame is wait for it to stop hiding in its shell. I would try eating a rare flower by it to see if that entices it to come out.
  23. On official they can be used at the very end of the cave. Before the doorway that transitions to the teleporter room, there is a ramp that leads down to that floor level. Up above the ramp, from the run down the cave to the drop, where you turn right, then hit the ramp going back down to below the cliff - you can unpod up there above the road before that cliff. I'm told on single player there isn't this restriction? Or maybe I read that wrong. The ground below before the cliff is the last spot to unpod dinos.
  24. Yea, if you turn off give default survivor items or some setting like that, it goes away. Turning on the setting to get all the skins and costumes again will restore it.
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