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A Recap on the TwitchGaming Weekly Show


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On 5/28/2021 at 12:40 AM, Alysson said:



No, but really, they used to research things a lot and that was sooo nice, that it just seems weird by now. Like the Cherufe thing, that was so cool, but it should be an evil humanoid so they called it Magmasaur instead.

It's like putting wings on a crocodile and calling it a Water Phoenix 🤔 they don't do that. They are careful with their lore.

I love love the new content, but still gonna call it a Tek Wyvern. I will be taming Tek Wyverns. I will sell Tek Wyverns. I will have a Tek base full of Tek Wyverns at roof!!!

I totally get that. word associations are important for communication, hell i am fairly certain most people will call them tek wyverns, that's what i called them when i pointed them out to my wife.

me: hey babe they adding tek wyverns that look like they gonna breathe lasers

her: don't lightning wyverns already breathe lasers?

me: well technically yeah, but these probably won't be tameable

her: *starts to do inventory to make sure we can build them when they are released*

me: *let's her remain optimistic*

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On 5/27/2021 at 7:21 PM, Alysson said:

Amazing, but that is a VoidWyvern, Wyrms don't have legs WC 🤨 (and when they do, they don't have wings)

Here, many sources for you:



Some explanations... | Dragon drawing, Creature drawings, Types of dragons


You got it right in all these years with Dragon, Drake, Wyverns... just call it VoidWyvern...

someone be going in the literal stance....... I LOVE IT!!! 😂

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