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  1. "The increased 2x rates will be implemented directly in the game build itself. This means that Non-Dedicated Servers, Single Player Sessions and of course Unofficial Servers will also feel the increased rates" all servers will get the change.
  2. Really excited about a lot of these QoL changes!!! Especially baby wander and auto-fly upon mounting... Also some awesome maturation reductions. I haven't paid for Genesis yet... But I know I will eventually. Super duper excited about Crystal Isles on console just after my birthday Keep up the work guys. I know it must be hard to do what you do in a remote setting... And i know we give you guys a lot of poop... But you all are obviously trying to make the game better for us. And because I have to mention for all of my friends out there... Lag... Please please please try your hardest to figure out the lag. With the new update... Go through the code. Stop layering code on top of code on top of code. Clean it up so it runs smoothly. This is a game I could play for years and year... And one that many people already have. Please... Try to fix it!! And TEST it before you put it out. Lots of love and support, Brizzyne (Rae)
  3. Summer Bash ended early for most of us.... Xbox official server Ragnarok 161 is on 1x currently even though there are still event colored creatures about.... Ugggh.
  4. Wow. Only 2x breeding?! DILO. Should be 5x everything !! And no event colors ?! I am so disappointed. Please please give us boosted breeding!! I can deal with no event colored dinos... But damn. Also... This was NOT posted 20 hours ago. I checked this page every hours all night last night up until I went to bed 6 hours ago.
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