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  1. Omg the bison is so cool!! I love the idea of a universal milk too. And it's a new meat source since some maps are really hard to do meat runs (Crystal Isle). Also having the fiber thing is super cool. I voted for Bison. We don't need another shoulder pet... Or another monkey... Or another therapod... I did like the gorgon thing too but we already have so many cave runners... Idk. I just think a new pack mule that doubles as resource for meat, fiber, fur, and milk is amazing !!!
  2. I just want to get in and see the map... Can't even do that. Xbox official all full for days now.
  3. Is that an X-THYLA?!?!?!?!?! I will raptoring die. I'm dead. I'm dead. I died. I'm dead. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!
  4. Ooooooh I didn't realize the maewing was gonna be so big!!! Super stoked for those and the shadowmane. Also the egg incubator. Please please test test test before you release this Ark... I legit don't mind waiting longer if its perfect when it comes out... But... Still... I am excited !!!
  5. Just gonna leave this right here :) posted 4h ago by @complexminded on Twitter !
  6. So... What was the 17gb update then ?? No news about that ???
  7. Squeee! I am so excited!! This is my first Ark Christmas!! My gen server is hella small so super excited that there won't be huge fights over presents. Also... For those saying no 2x taming... I'm fairly certain that's a misprint. Every event has always been 2x all pretty much. I don't see this one being any different... But even so... I am totally stoked for light pet chibis !!! And dark violet dinos?! Hell yes!! Cannot wait for this event!!! Thanks Ark Team!
  8. I completely agree with everyone saying Ark 2 is a no go at this point. The biggest and best announcement that could make would be that they are upgrading all of the hardware and servers AND going through the game line by line to eliminate excess files and code that have been layered and layered and layered over the last 5 years. Clean up the code and re-present Ark. Also, backing up the character to your Xbox/PlayStation/PC account so that when it's time to uninstall and reinstall the newly fixed game there arent any issues. If they come up and say Ark 2... I will probably quit playing. I've
  9. They are not going to make Ark 2.... For all of those saying that. If they ever do, it's a long long long way off. The devs have said this themselves. Honestly, it probably has something to do with Gen2. That seems like the most plausible... Though it would be nice if they would just pause the game for like a week to a month and go through the code line by line and fix the poop instead of just layering code on code on code.... IJS. I would gladly not play for that amount of time for it to be truly fixed. I love love love Ark and I really would love to see it become a well-rounded and truly imm
  10. "The increased 2x rates will be implemented directly in the game build itself. This means that Non-Dedicated Servers, Single Player Sessions and of course Unofficial Servers will also feel the increased rates" all servers will get the change.
  11. Really excited about a lot of these QoL changes!!! Especially baby wander and auto-fly upon mounting... Also some awesome maturation reductions. I haven't paid for Genesis yet... But I know I will eventually. Super duper excited about Crystal Isles on console just after my birthday ? Keep up the work guys. I know it must be hard to do what you do in a remote setting... And i know we give you guys a lot of poop... But you all are obviously trying to make the game better for us. And because I have to mention for all of my friends out there... Lag... Please please please try your hard
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