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  1. if a normal one killed my argentavis it will kill like 5
  2. look in the bottom left corner you can tame shadow manes didnt know if anyone saw or knew this. ps. it in ultimate survivor cover photo
  3. pretty sure they spawn on lunar
  4. just so you know 1) i'm on xbox 2) for some reason i have to craft minimum of 5
  5. ok why would any one craft five gloves then want to craft boots but the five dang gloves took away all the resources
  6. ok thanks, and i have a raft and lots of other bases i've built one near the red tower thing too
  7. update: tried to tame one twce rapter killed one gigantopithicus killd seconnd
  8. i want more resouces but evean with flack i need a base to retreat to seince all argentavis murder me if i getto a mountian should i houl the stone base parts over there or not? is stone strong enough? any other good resource locations?
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