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  1. I can barely download Minecraft mods and get them working on my pc, so I know that I'll definitely be able to hack a stryder
  2. its not their choice. When the game wants an evo event, he game will give itself an evo event. The devs can only look on as the game thinks and acts for itself.
  3. You go to the tickets page and slowly wither away into nothingness. then bingo bango bongo, you've successfully created a ticket
  4. I would imagine it just be like the manticore though but not being as OP. It is also a tek looking creature so idk how a scorpion tail would work with that unless its just some pain syringe that f*cks people up
  5. I don't think that the Voidwyrm will have a scorpion tail, also it is most likely to have a "cool ability" seeing as its a DLC creature from a paid for DLC, think of 1 creature that from a paid for DLC that doesn't have a cool ability (or perk, example being the mantis being able to hold weapons/tools) that sets it apart from the rest of arks animals. Even some non paid for DLC animals have cool abilities (Deino, Trope, Griff). Maybe every DLC exclusive aminal has a cool ability?
  6. listen to the word of the all mighty, child.. Your answer to the first question. Wildcard didn't enable flyers on Gen because Gen didn't need flyers, however they have them on there for the x variant's (which have some very cool colours). If people don't want to go through the effort of breeding but also want some cool coloured animals, they would opt for x variants, i know i would (even though they have the damage resistance and cost more tranqs). I have no clue what you meant by the third one, do you mean that its a glitch where you lose saddles from tamed creatures when
  7. i have a suggestion. would it be possible to add a missile silo sort of thing to the game where you could build a whole silo and it could fire off an ballistic missile that can go any where on the map. either a pre-target system or guided system could be used when it fires. do not make it a thing that you can just build in the heat of battle to try and turn the tide. make it so that it has to have a timer before it can be set off and don't make it cheap. something to make the game fun, not like a greifing tool. make it do as much damage to structures as a normal rocket, but make it do somethin
  8. cause that'd be too OP, they've already basically doubled the normal rates on officials due to public demand
  9. ima need that pistol right now or ima just die, gimme the summon command so i can try to spawn it in the game even tho it isnt in the actual game files yet
  10. ima go back in time real quick and comment on the first Community Crunch
  11. I really like the animals in ark, they play a big part for me. Ark has a lot of animals so far (something like 200 or more I think), however some sort of disperse from the mind once you know what their weaknesses are and how useless some can be. For example; the leaches, diplo's, the other diplo's, pleso's, manta's, the small flying dinosaur bird that starts with d, terrorist birds, etc. So to replace the ones that are only really used for meat and hide, some more cool creatures. If they still release non story dlc's for the original ark then more creatures would be good (maybe even just base
  12. ah, see i thought you meant as a raiding tool, seeing as the canon is a raiding tool
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