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  1. are you a freeloader complain about little buff from other maps plus skins?
  2. since youre mention about the new wiki page what about a new discord for ark 2? that would be nice
  3. we all play 3dr view when mounted but on foot 1st person view is a must for me even more when comes to build
  4. really, first destroy my gen2 hype by announcing ark 2 before release of gen2 now its the year ark 2 was suppose to come out and gets delay as company police
  5. im talking about summer festival games thats gonna start next week 9 june, get whit the program
  6. guess wildcard aint showing up on summer festival what a shame, can someone already give a ark 2 delay for next year pls
  7. wheres ark 2 news? loading info, warning sistem malfunction ...... ...... ...... crash, players"typical"
  8. no news about ark 2 which most are waiting since ark 1 servers running days are being countdown
  9. i lost interest right the moment they announce ark2 months before gen2 release cause by announce ark 2 that was like putting a clock on ark 1 days to remain online which made me fell like everything after that announce being pointless to push more foward and care for the game and my stuff cause at any giving moments they will shutdown the servers so i beat gen2 before the servers open cause i knew it would break the servers even more (i said before gen2 come on it would be full of problems and servers crash guess i was right again) and give all my stuff to a newbie and left the game, waiting and hoping ark 2 will be build from scratch and not having all the poop show this first one had but as im writing this i remember that snailgames owns wildcard and they are chinese company which they have very little care about the consumes and more focus in making money, look at all games own by snailgames and you will understand
  10. you can bet all your dinos that the servers have their days number, wanna know why, take a look and read when ark went from alpha to official launch and what what happen to the promises that wildcard made for the legacy servers and what they did after the official launch
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