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  1. it should be 4x permantly but i always pick up one stone from ground so yeh bunch of crap
  2. will we have the map one week before launch? to see the map and location
  3. actually i suspect this have being working on it since aberation dlc, i remember before the launch the interview they were ask if they were working on ark 2 and they laugh but dint comment about it plus, i belive the game might come out on november since they never give a date for the early access just for the anime show, and since its a new game bet will be also a new engine and fresh coding (i hope) so there will be less problems but after so many years dealing whit this company i would't be surprise if they screw up again ( they better get good support staff for this one or poop will hit th
  4. Still working on gen part 2 that should be finish last year, here comes a map that will break on the first 2 weeks after launch
  5. ho ark 2 will be availeble around november as early access
  6. carefull you might get and actualy another trailer insted of new map plus more delay time for realease map
  7. guess gen part 2 is on bad shape cause its suppose to be next month and theres NOTHING about it!!!!
  8. @Jatheish i really hope the DLC is coming at least at the end of this month cause is already being too much delay!!!
  9. This is adding insult to injury first devs make a ban rule for kitting wild dinos so they could take down pillars that are being used to protect resources, paths, hunting grounds, so basically they gonna kill their game in one sausage move even before they have released the last dlc making ppl that bought season pass worthless. Troll gonna have fun now on PVE for the very simple fact both parties have to accept war to have PVP between them, like there is none at the moment trolling already and support of this game is waiting for your complaint to act right away cause last time to fix something
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