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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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I had lost my character, and because I did not have any photo evidence there was nothing they could do to help. I think it would be a great idea to be able to clone yourself however your character can

this one i have to argue, sorry, there are people who would just submit a support ticket saying 'my lvl 135 got wiped!' just to get a high level character.  Without any proof that you did level your c

Here's my problem with that: Fundamentally, at NO time should a company put it on their playerbase to do things that the company by all rights should be doing.  It's the point behind this that I'

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I'm pretty sure almost all ARK players have tried unofficial at some point, then resorted back to official, finding a half decent server is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.  Not everyone wants mega boosted servers, some hosts want u to pay too :/ But then again the host usually gives up after a couple of months, at least that's how we found it on multiple different servers


Unofficial server admin don't guarantee your toon to be replaced if it was lost in the cloud during transfers


Half the unofficial servers don't even show up unless u know the IP of a specific server which usually comes from invites. Or mentioned in discord. 

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7 hours ago, reddotjellytot said:

I always screenshot my implant when completing a major events such as ascension or other bosses, the problem is it feels pointless because the GM will not give back a lvl135 character with the tek engrams u have unlocked on the way even with the proof.  They will give u levels to 105

The appointment times are so long its already too late to reset building timers etc if ur solo.  I can understand why people would give up ARK after putting in so many hours for it all to go poof in less than 1 min.


This is incorrect. They will give you levels all the way to 150+ if you post them a proof on implant. And no, character id is not enough. You need screenshot of implants showing what bosses and ascensions you have done. Otherwise you will get the max lvl 105.

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2 hours ago, reddotjellytot said:

players have tried unofficial at some point, then resorted back to official

Indeed, I have tried several, and I continue to play Official PvE.
I had my own private server for three years, until an update made it unplayable (Homestead update). Since 2015, I've tried several other unofficials, which all get taken offline in a few months, and I want my stuff to last for years. I do like singleplayer, but when my D drive corrupts... RIP saves (thankfully I have backed up alot of them).

I've never lost a character before, but I also havent done very many bosses, and I make a new character for every server I play on because of the frequency of lost characters I read about on the forums.

I didnt know I needed to take a screenshot of my implant (or keep a copy of one from my dead character), so here I am, a player who hasnt yet screenshot my implant (I didnt know to keep a record of it). I'll be sure to keep a screenshot and implant from my corpse from now on.

I strongly desire for this game to have less bugs, and a more consistent transfer system, but it's been years, and I've lost alot of hope.
One of the best games and DINOS! for me... but the dev team ... Some maybe great people but idk what the heck is going on, something is lost. Lots of stuff getting lost and some of them seem to not care? I'm sure some do care but are powerless (not their department?)

I feel lost characters need a better remedy imo than the current method of insufficient replacements.

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I decided to come back to the game after a 6 month break and start fresh on small tribes. I have had 3 characters vanish without a trace in 8 days. 


The latest just happened just now  when I lost connection to host, when I tried to rejoin the server  my character was no longer on it. 

Not bothered about the levels or  tames/items I've lost because it's all early game  stuff that's easy to get. 

I just don't understand why my characters keep vanishing and I am more concerned at not being able to progress when  having to create new a survivor every few days 

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Lost character while transferring between servers

I was transferring my lvl 88 character between crystal isles servers when it appears an error and when i see, my character is nowhere, not in downloads and not in the 2 crystal isles servers. What can i do? The error was: 007-failed while downloading transferred character with code: 200 and msg: RefCode:1-0

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lost a giga because of roll back, i am glad it was only a level 20 tamed , i transferred it from genesis to CI 849 and right after i removed it from beacon on CI  we had a roll back to before the giga was in my inventory, result no more giga on me or in beacon,

i would really be mad if one day it happen when i transfer my 19 rex and yuti to do boss

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Hello i play on pc

i lost my character during the transfer (CRYSTAL ISLANDS 862) ----< (RAGNAROK 397)

I'm spawned on the ragnarok server, but after a few seconds th, when the server went up I had to create a new character on all 3 of my servers



I await news ty


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My character disappeared?

I was doing a trade and I was on my server extinction1028 and went to valguero1108 and while transferring my screen showed me creat new character I was confused bc I know I’ve been there bc I place a sleeping bag in that server for a trade now I checked download character and it’s not here either what the issue here did I lose my character bc I didn’t get no error message 

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14 minutes ago, Manny1997 said:

Sights” I told wildcard but it’s showed me to check 1028 like wow how does that helped I already checked there i just need it back I don’t care if I don’t have my engrams I just need it back only thing I have proof is my imprint number I don’t have a pic of my character 

the charcter # is on the animals you have imprinted.  In future keep a copy of your implant after dying. but if you are a solo player, getting these details might be impossible for you.

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