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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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I’ve recently reported a server outage for serv named NA-PVE-PS4Official-crystalisle1385 being down since last maintenance. Today it came back online but my character is restarted? Is there anything I can do to get my stuff back and my character? The map still has my marker on it so something is still there.... Just got to lvl 70 after 2 days of non stop grinding...... would be really frustrating and dissapointing to have to stop playing this game again after coming back from a year long break....

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Hear we go again, im trying to transfer to the centre 472 from Crystal isles 1373 and im in the loading screen.

15min on downloading character screen and error 007 message appears.

I try to login again, but wait it says I'm still logged into the centre when im actually not.

I turn the PS4 off and reboot and have to download character back to crystal isles again.

Rinse repeat and same thing.

What the hell is going on.

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So i have been playing ark for years and this has never happend to me and i feel really demoted to play ark anymore i was playing on small tribes and i had my charator uploaded and whne i when to download it i got an error code and out of quick thinking i just pressed close thinking i would be able to spawn in and it wouldnt mean anything (i normally get an error code while uploading items i press close and it lets me upload them so i didnt take the error seriously) and now my char had been completly delete i have gone to many of my recently playerd servers and it is nowhere to be seen can you please help me find it ir get it back somehow the name is Shawty  i was around level 130 i have done alpha broodmother on island i have done alpha valguero and i have done alpha rockwell on abberation i dont have a photo of my inplant but my recent servers will be ( ext 71 , gen 93 , val 88 , val 89 there are more but these are the most reacent i belive. i will have the most time on 93 but due to not playing for a little while im not sure if they will show i lost my char almost 2 week ago maybe i didnt report it then as i am also playing main offical but i now wall go back to small tribes but without my charator i dont feel there is any point in playing 

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ps4 officiall: on 10/17/2020 i was transferrin to extinction server 995.  I mainly play ragnarok 887.  occasionally i would receive a error message download unsuccessfully ,,that’s freezes my ps4 and i have to restart.  this would make me upload character and i would lose all my equipment.  but whatever.  although yesterday the flailed download error occurred and this time i have no survivor for uploading.  i’ve lost my account this is very upsetting. is there now way to store a character save file for this reason?  can you recover my acct and my imprints , tames are prolly dead.  wth such a waste of time

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Before reading see my case, where I lost my character: 

Now the question is: why did the employee who recovered the backup, got it well before the last autosave of the game?
if you used one of the last 30 to 40 minutes of autosave my char would still be on this server
it seems like long enough for someone to go to another map with items, and come back later and the items are duplicated as if they never left

I'm just imagining


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7 hours ago, maxplanck58 said:

I lost everything - support was so slow that all my bases, over 250 tames, gear & BPs acquired over 3,000 hours of gameplay decayed before I was offered a chance to set an appointment.  And the first available appointment was 2 months after that.

This. Ticket submitted Sept 28th meet up is Dec 4th. Can't get anything back as I have no screenshots or Proof that I had those items, dinos or boss fights. The only thing they are going to do is level a new toon to 105. Something for you folks to look forward too. 

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Dear everyone,
As a lover who has played 11228 hours of Ark games, I want to share my opinion with you. It would be great if every player had their own cloud driver to save the character. You can limit an account to upload only one character.
To prevent the role from disappearing, I will create other roles as backup roles. When the character disappears, it takes a lot of time to complete the Genesis task of Tektronix skill again. I believe that if we have this solution, then most participants will only play a role. This can solve the problem of missing characters and reduce the manpower burden for solving the problem.
What do you think of my proposal?
----------------- --------------------------------- -----------------
This is also because my character is lost, and my friend is also lost. This problem caused many players to worry

best wishes,

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I had lost my character, and because I did not have any photo evidence there was nothing they could do to help. I think it would be a great idea to be able to clone yourself however your character cannot do anything and is purely there as a backup - kind of like putting yourself in a Cryo pod. Then the problem of backing up your character is the responsibility of the player.

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