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  1. Lol i bought it 2 years ago maybe 3, also Walmart doesn't do refund on opened games, only exchanges
  2. Unfortunately i bought the hard copy from Walmart
  3. I'll respond to this topic because the devs won't any time soon, i just lost my character I've worked on for over a year, i just transferred and it was gone,i put in tickets,i put a post here and put a message on Twitter. No responses. I had a friend who went through this and never even got a reply and never got his character back, he just restarted. I had another that was a tribe leader who never got his back and we had no leader of our tribe creating all kinds of problems. They even scheduled a meeting 3 months out with him and they never showed. I just created a brand new tech base tha
  4. On Friday night September 25th, 2020 at around 23:00 (11:00 pm) my friend was tearing down my island base for me because I'm in the middle of a major move and i was out all day until then. I got onto the game and loaded into Genesis and my friend tells me that he accidentally demolished the tek transmitter so he'll need help with getting the rest of the stuff from the island because it had to be brought to an obelisk. I go and grab my quetzal in a cryopod and then head to my in-base transmitter. I clicked "transfer to another server", I clicked "the island" and then the load screen came up ind
  5. I wish they'd fix this, i don't last 5 mins at night in the Arctic with full fur and the soup buff. I find myself leaving my base to farm less and less in Genesis due to extreme temperatures that my zero fortitude character can't handle.
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