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  1. Any other ideas? You already answered the question for yourself. The only real solution to your situation: delete ARK from my harddrive
  2. I sympathize with OPs frustrations. WC has done a garbage job for years putting minimal effort into fixing the myriad of issues in the game. There is a great disregard on their part for the money and time spent by the players - customers.
  3. yes and thats the major point I am trying make. A small amount of testing would have quickly identified there were serious issues and the summer crash patch could have delayed for a day or two and fixed. I really dont know any other software company that consistantly releases such untested, broken material.
  4. today - I crashed. and crashed and crashed. yesterday too.
  5. BS. people invest money and a LOT of time in this game. They have a right and good reason to be furious, as well as speak their minds. Game is complete trash and is so because of WCs actions. And some fanboy named zit telling people to calm down isnt going to improve things.
  6. sure are a lot of salty WC fanboys coming out of the weeds. could the ever increasingly broken condition of the game have anything to do with this?
  7. pretty sure everyone knows it was server rollback. IDK what you are gibbering about here. and blaming microsoft for this complete disaster - well thats just pure fanboy genius.
  8. no what is unbelievable is your stupidity fanboy. FIRST nobody should have to go to twitter to dig up information on the broken status of this game. SECOND a rollback does not address the issue of the game crashing every 5 minutes on console. now please go back to taming your pretty colored raptors on your pve server and enjoy the constant blackscreens.
  9. a day later and these conditions persist. unbelievable. I am on official pvp and main server has been getting hit - impact of this incompetence is pretty severe.
  10. GREAT JOB WC, YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Disclaimer: I play this pile of cheese game on xbox 1. Your experience may be different. Post summer bash patch the game has become almost entirely unplayable. Game blackscreen crashes randomly every 5-10 minutes. Losing tames, gear, cryos etc. How on earth do you release content in this kind of garbage condition??? You could have paid 2 teenagers minimum wage to playtest, that would have identified a serious issue within 1 hour. YOUR PRODUCT AND COMPANY CONTINUES TO BE A DISGRACE IN THE GAMING WORLD.
  11. WC is beyond incompetent. Its mind boggling. Im crashing every ten minutes.
  12. xbox official pvp - aberration restart, adults only restarting on ab adult only tribe. message me w your gt, age, exp, etc.
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