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  1. Xbox controls need to be reworked

    those wheels in almost all UI situations are TERRIBLE.
  2. it would be nice to see more response from WC on this issue. As well as action. This has reached a crisis point. Mega tribes have duped tek items than they know what to do with and it is handed out like candy on halloween. How this game has been allowed to reach this point is beyond me. Whatever WCs plans are (or lack thereof) the existing players should be notified.
  3. wont learn when searching for engram

    yes I have noticed this bug as well. should have been fixed by now, but then again so should hundreds of other bugs.
  4. grinder bugged

    playing on xbox one official pvp server. Currently grinder will not at times grind up certain items. For example recently I have been unable to grind up a water jar (but was able to a couple days ago), also cannot grind a ramshackle chitin chest piece from a drop. I demolished grinder and moved it (for unrelated reasons) and problems persist.
  5. Smithy messed up after update

    not just the smithy, almost any storage container including feeding trough, vaults, storage boxes, etc.
  6. Character lost via transfer

    this occured to me, maybe 2 months ago. I filed a ticket and followed up about every day or so with another email. It took a few days but i did finally get a response from a live WC employee (gm I believe). he then set up an appointment a week out on my server. I was not willing to sit there doing nothing so in the interim I created a new character and leveled him. gm showed up exactly on time for appointment and added a few levels to my new character as opposed to restoring my old one - at this point that was fine with me. anyway, make sure u file a ticket, and follow up on it. you should hear from someone and eventually get your survivor back.
  7. Item stack splitting in inventory

    BUG - top left item stack in inventory splitting off. If I open inventory screen with X (while on a tame for example) IF top left item in my inventory is a stack (say 20 meat) 1 item will be split off (so I now have 19 meat and 1 meat).
  8. BUG - cant access container inventory through trapdoor. This bug was introduced several patches ago. If I am attempting to access a containers inventory through a hatchframe that has an trapdoor on it (open of course) I cannot. Delete the trapdoor and inventory becomes accessable. This is actually an important bug for us pvpers as it effects the armored psx stands, enclosed vaults, admin access vaults, etc.
  9. Character disappeared while transferring

    check on a random server to see if you can download him. select server, then instead of creating a new character select the download character option. Character may show there.
  10. Dung beetles don't make fertilizer.

    mine are working fine atm.
  11. Old UI, new UI - both are terrible. So many issues could be brought up about the new UI. One that I havent read so far is the terrible ingram icons and colors. Especially when you have the materials to create a certain item - the ingram turns white on a white background. Are you kidding me? Other points made by previous posters are very valid. Size of font and color (blue font on blue background???) are awful. Quantity display on a stack of something is damn near illegible (at least I cant read it on my big screen tv). For example today I couldnt tell if I was looking at a stack of 58 or 68 metal walls. I could go on and on but no point - maybe in another year we will get another minor improvement like we just did.
  12. Ark freezing causes Xbox to hard reset

    good grief - this has really gotten bad... should have been fixed by now this is a very serious bug in the game.
  13. it appears to me that (majority?) of xbox officials are offline. I know i cannot pull up 2 official pvps that I play on. Cant find anything in announcements or in xbox section about this.
  14. Ark freezing causes Xbox to hard reset

    has nothing to do w any equus. can occur at almost anytime doing almost anything in the game. and to be honest WC you would have caught this if u had 1 tester play this game for 4 hrs or more prior to release of patch. simply inexcusable. do you have zero play testers on staff? or for that matter never use a focus group (like to review this horrific UI) or never use developer panels? its mindboggling.

    yes on xbone. Im just speaking in general about the UI - I feel its really poorly done overall.