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  1. xbox official pvp - aberration restart, adults only restarting on ab adult only tribe. message me w your gt, age, exp, etc.
  2. game is completely broken for pvp due to WCs incompetence and unwillingness to fix the meshing issue. disgraced company for allowing the game to fall into the state that it is.
  3. should wildcard work on optimization and bug fixes in 2020? they should have worked on them in 2016 they should have worked on them in 2017 they should have worked on them in 2018 they should have worked on them in 2019 so yes they should work on them in 2020, however we all know they will continue the pattern and put absolute minimal effort into repairing this sadly broken mess of a game.
  4. dont. The meshing and duping continues to be out of control and wildcard refuses to put in the effort to fix these issues.
  5. there is no excuse for wild cards complete incompetence handling the meshing issue (and duping for that matter). Both should have been resolved long ago. I for one wont be giving them another penny for any DLC unless these issues are addressed (extremely unlikely they will be considering WCs track record).
  6. we got meshed 2 weeks ago - let me tell you wc is 100% responsible. Their incompetence and unwillingness to put sufficient effort into fixing this exploit and the duping is inexcusable. not to mention the infinite amount of bugs in the game. this is nothing but blatant disrespect for the legitimate players.
  7. ok so my question would be do you use duping and meshing techniques? because sadly the "game permits" these to occur.
  8. 1000+ man hour base meshed and wiped - WILDCARD YOU ARE REPSONSIBLE FOR THIS As the title states. A few days ago my tribes base, on official pvp, built up over 2.5 months was meshed and wiped by a group of incompetents who attempted 4 times to raid it legitimately. The 5th time, they got someone into the mesh with a velo, hundreds of rockets, and a railgun. Over the next 2 hours they proceeded to demolish the entire base. The amount of work put into this base was huge - with the majority of the work being defenses at the entrances. 2.5 months of work, well over 1000 man hours, not counting all the time raising tames. I am holding wildcard responsible for this, as they continue to put absolute minimal effort into fixing the meshing issue. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED AND FIXED LONG AGO. How this company can be so incompetent and disrespectful toward its customers who are attempting to play the game competitively and legitimately is beyond me. Due to this incredible disrespect on wildcards part, I will be boycotting genisis. I strongly urge you to consider doing the same.
  9. I for one, have developed a great deal of disrespect for wildcard over the years I have played ark. The current state of the game is a complete mess, full of game breaking bugs and tribe wiping exploits. wildcards unwillingness to fully address these issues is simply unacceptable. While the OPs post is basically a list of features and improvements requested, I feel by far the most important issues are the bugs and exploits. This is what needs to be addressed, although I doubt wildcard will. In the past when the community reaches a boiling point over a particular issue (such as the recent duping on official servers) wildcard appears to put absolute minimal effort into fixing the issue. Similar to applying a dirty used bandaid to a sucking chest wound. Due to the current state of the game I will be boycotting genesis, and any future dlc. I suggest you consider doing the same.
  10. why would you thank wild card? they have put the absolute MINIMUM of effort into fixing meshing issues. And after great delay. Same for duping.
  11. The entire game needs to be laid to rest and given a memorial service.
  12. I am going to assume you are referring to climbing with the climbing picks. Climbing picks are broken and have been for some time (at least a month). Several times while using them I have been instantly killed, losing all gear, light pets, cryoed dinos, etc. I made it a rule after the last time to just not use the picks - suggest everyone else do the same.
  13. oh I doubt I will ever buy another DLC or WC product for that matter. While the transfer issue is bad, I am more concerned about the masses of duped items/dinos that have saturated the xbox servers. And the lack of information from WC on what they are doing about it.
  14. Thats great WC. Why bother fixing the game when u can add a tek companion and a morphing werewolf with 4 arms?
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