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  1. i cannot comprehend why, after all these years, wc has done such a horrible job on ark (and atlas) , that people think they will do a better job on ark 2.
  2. oh yes of course. after all they did such a great job polishing ark 1 i am sure ark 2 will be superb. NOT.
  3. sadly wc will never fix this game. it has been their policy from beta to focus on new content instead of fixing existing content that is broken. So we the players suffer from this, constantly losing characters, bases, and tames to bugs, glitches, and exploits. wc has no regard for its paying customers money and time.
  4. of course things can change. the problem is WC has had 5 (actually more) years to change their policies and have not. in fact, some facets of the company have gotten worse, such as customer service/ game stability. Going all the way back to beta, prior to scorched earth, WC has shown a strong bias to continually release new content, instead of fixing existing issues with the game. In addition the new content is so poorly done, that it introduces all kinds of new problems, resulting in an increasingly broken game. WC has shown no interest in delivering a polished, quality product in any way. sa
  5. it will just be another desperate cash grab - I cant believe the number of people that are interested in an ark 2. what possible reasoning is there that WC would do any better job on a new title? look at the job they have done with ark and atlas. ark has gotten worse over the years in terms of stability, exploits, bugs, etc. why on earth would someone want a new game from this company? its like getting ripped off at a car lot, getting a complete lemon, and wanting to go back and buy another car there.
  6. another garbage job by WC - mass disconnects on official servers. MAYBE TRY SPENDING AN HOUR TESTING THE GARBAGE YOU PUT INTO THE GAME BEFORE YOU RELEASE IT WC???
  7. tribe and base many of us have worked on for months was meshed last night. getting more reports from other tribes of increased meshing and videos on how to do it are once again all over youtube. how wc can be so completely incompetent and not resolve this issue is beyond me. complete game breaking exploit that has been in the game for YEARS yet this joke of studio continues to disrespect its paying customers by not resolving the issue.
  8. WC doesnt care. they arent capable of fixing the game, let alone having concern for their players/paying customers. worst game studio i know of. period.
  9. WC YOUR ANTI MESH IS A DISASTER FIX YOUR POS GAME Now I lost an item cache to your wonderful anti mesh system - DILO? HOW ABOUT YOU CLOWNS MAKE SOME EFFORT TO ACTUALLY FIX THIS BROKEN GAME? My tribe has lost tames, a skiff, and now at least 1 item cache to your failed anti mesh garbage. And if someone dares to file a ticked on this here is the response you get: Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I am GM Fury and I’ll be addressing your issue today. I first and foremost want to express my deepest apologizes. I would then like to thank you f
  10. OK, but what on earth would indicate that ark 2 would be any better? Same company, studio, ownership, management will simply lead to the same issues. If it ever comes out it will be the same cesspit of bugs, exploits, terrible customer service, low quality servers etc, etc.
  11. Sad but true. WC has done a completely disgraceful job with the game. piling bugs on top of bugs - fixing next to nothing. As Ive said before, this game could have been game of the decade, instead it will barely be remembered by very few gamers. You are correct in saying the WC doesnt care - about the game experience or their paying customers at least. They are a disgrace to the gaming industry and community.
  12. a poorly developed game, run on bad servers, with bad customer support is a pretty toxic combination.
  13. he plays on xbox genius. overclocking and mods have nothing to do with it. Many have no issues you say? Forums are full of posts that say otherwise. I cant recall last time I had a conversation with an ark player who didnt have issues w the game. some bugs still remain???? this game is full of bugs. drastic, critical, game breaking bugs. I understand your fanboy zeal to protect WC at all costs, but it is grossly misguided.
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