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  1. Character deleted Plz help My character got deleted I just transfered maps I'm on CI ps4 single player. Plz help if u know how to fix this
  2. Got ARKed and lost my best single player servers
  3. Today i tried taming a Quetz with a thyla. I knocked it out over trees and he fell in it. When I found him he already woke up them my gun broke
  4. I also deleted my character on my single player arks. Was transferring to Ragnorok and couldn't get the stuff to transfer. Did it several times then deleted ragnorok and tried agian but I realized I deleted my character in ragnorok ?
  5. I didn't play too much today but I recently started a new the island and I tamed a doedicuris and put a beaver in a taming pen to tame.
  6. Yes Yes Yes ALL of that is true I play PC and PS4 the PC have WAY better graphics settings which NEEDS to come to consoles. The light is HORRIBLE on the console since we dont have light shafts or bloom settings to turn off. Whenever I'm flying home on my argy I cant see ANYTHING AT ALL if I'm flying into the sun or looking at a glare. Also the lag when I harvest bodies with my argy also sucks that's on both. And the dino movement is also annoying, the tails of the bigger ones mainly. I absolutely love playing ark or is my favorite game but some simple changes would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED it will make playing SO much better for the console. Thanks for your time
  7. Well I'm yet to play today but yesterday I flew with my argy to the snow planning to get a yuty or 2, on the way I found a thyla in a perfect place to set up a trap so I did. I got it in the trap and was taming it when a compy army came over, and my argy killed them and also hit the thyla ( my argy does well over 1000 damage so it died right away luckily it was a low level ) so I tamed a lvl 92 Rex instead. then I went to the snow and got myself a lv 108 yuty ( idk what it was after tame and I was using cryopods to hold the already tamed dinos ) I came across a female yuty the 108 was a Male so I tried to tame it but I KOed in the water and drowned when I was killing a bary that was in the way. One the way home I tamed a Male rex to breed with the 92 female. Today imma take them out of their cryopods and maybe do some rex breeding. Then go on a rampage with my spinos to get them leveled up for the broodmother.
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