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  1. I've rented servers off and on last year. There's several factors that causes major lag and crashes: Large Structures, too many Plant Species, several Painted Canvases in a single area, several signs/flags/rugs, and high level dinos especially anything above 700 and too many dinos in a single location or over spawns. Tek has more special effects than the other structures, it's normal for some lag when a lot of tek structures are placed. Not only that but renting servers you are paying for quality. I pay for the highest quality with limited players, I found lower and cheapest servers have more in game lags. -Can confirm this because my Island Save crashed because some of these issues. 1 time, my nephews summon (3) million+ level Dodos. I had to delete the save and restart.
  2. Nearly two years ago you could place metal structures. After an update the Metal Structures can be placed. Tek structures aren't buggy in Primitive+. But cannot be learned unless the individual has access to the Admin Commands.
  3. * The Teepees and Hammocks works fine on PS4. * Primitive+ Ramps do not have Stair Option. * Water Well and Bucket doesn't work. (I have no idea how it's suppose to?) * Yurt is instant Pickup. This is a problem because it breaks everything inside if the player hits 'The Wrong Button'. Also it would be great if we have the Option to Attach a Door to it. * There's unused Resources and Structures: - Fabric, and the Spinning Mule It would be really Awesome if we could have special textures crafted from the Spinning Mule like: Carpet (scaling from 1 foundation to 10x10 foundation floor, Bed Cover Skins (place on Bed before placing), Clothing Skins (so we can enjoy looking good in the game) also it helps for RP servers. Sleep On Bed Option is Disabled.. - Sink does not work. It would be nice if there were a 'Stopper/Plug Option' for the Water Taps. * The WinterWonderland Event was Disabled on Primitive+. * Wooden Table is disabled in Primitive. * It also would be great to have a skin to switch between: (Standard) Large Storage Box and Primitive. (Standard) Bed and Primitive.
  4. The PS4 update 1.91 did not fix the forge issues: *Players cannot craft: Glass nor Steel Ingots. As for Engrams, the Lumber Glass structure set does not include Glass as a resource. *Big issue with Lumber Glass Structures do not have the Greenhouse effect. Currently as well, * APS Mailbox doesn't work. Solution: The Delivery Crate (Extinction) works. Why not have it where the Player's or Tribe's Ownership of the Mailbox and their Coordinates is registered. If there is several Mailboxes, the letter will go into (1) randomly selected mailbox owned by 'that tribe' in the area of the Coordinates. ---------------------------- Personal note: I'm still annoyed from an old update that destroy my Metal Base on my own Nitrado rented server. And the lie about the ARK: Winter Wonderland event. The event did not work in Primitive + on the PS4. Why did you guys even disable it? I want the event to stay active on my Single Player mode.
  5. Lower your dino count settings in single player, and when you load your game do a dino wipe: Cheat destroywilddinos I play single player a lot. Painted canvases, flags, rugs, and summoned very high level dinos cause lag when too many is placed in a single area. My nephews corrupted my Single Player file for The Center by summoning Negative level dinos (which makes them pretty much almost infinite levels high).
  6. Are you on Primitive Plus? It's disabled on Primitive Plus. Oh do you have LootDrops disabled?
  7. It works on Normal Singleplayer mode on Island map. But does not work on Primitive Plus. Also Santa Claus Raptor is hard to spot high up in the sky. Its not bugged on standard mode, it's sometimes hard to see him though.
  8. It also doesn't work on PS4 Primitive Mode (Singleplayer or Official servers).
  9. No, atleast not PS4. I tried Singleplayer mode and the Official Servers. No Winter Wonderland on Primitive+ PS4.
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