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Community Crunch 171: ARK Stream & Homestead Update Tomorrow!

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Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Homestead Update Tomorrow! It's finally arrived! We're beyond thrilled to be releasing Structure Pl

Amateurs. Never fails.  How about a list, or even just mention that there is a new imprinting list as well? Or the meat & vegetables etc required to make the new kibble? Instead of searc

Roll the servers back to before the Homestead update. This update has made the game unplayable!!

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Just tried to feed a 150 Onyc Simple kibble (leftover Raptor kibble) and it was at 44.4% effectiveness after the first feed. You sure they prefer Simple?


EDIT: Went back with newly-made kibble of the first five types (white through yellow) and every one started taming an onyc at 44.4% effectiveness. DId you typo that it should have a preferred kibble now, or just forget to implement it?

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
3 hours ago, Bearbrat said:

I too do not understand them not fixing the issues.. more and more people are going to get this GPU and will have the same issues.. it is sad my 560 plays better than this RTX, lol..

RTX is new, stick in there. If you can, go into the GeForce control panel and set up a per-application profile covering ARK (Disabling feature by feature until it works better) until it's actually fixed.

Like, I'd swap you my 1070 lol xD 

Just keep up to date on those driver updates, and every so often, when changes do happen, clear out those config files. Chances are any fix may need cleared graphics settings.

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
2 hours ago, Mercurymon said:

Why the hell is mantis kibble only superior, and rock elements require extraordinary. That makes no sense. 

I actually thought they were going to allow the old kibbles still to work after they implemented these changes...What the hell...


Are my fridges needing to be emptied now that they've made it easier for those who complained about not being able to tame stuff, because they couldn't actually prepare or coordinate with others??

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So how is imprinting with kibble going to work now? Is that sorted out or should i wait to breed?

Can't imprint my juvi Thyla now because it wants dimetrodon kibble and no one has any and can't make it anymore. Thanks for that btw. What makes it even better is that you need angel tears and soylent green to tame more Thylas now.....yay!
Hopefully this update won't turn into a train wreck. 
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I like it except its more teir locked.  I dislike how u hv to tame creatures in that teir b4 u can make kibble for it.  So i hav to horrible tame 2 rexes or yutys ect b4 i can get kibble for rexes and yutys.  The old system allowed u to kibble tame down a line in a progression style.  No wasting was needed.  The kibbles ok, its an improvement in many ways, but i wish we could use a superior on at least 1 dino tht dropped the next lvl, u know, actual progression.  The texture changes r rather limiting as well, so far only my foundations can look different.

My real beef is the final kibble lvl.  Theres absolutely no way the megalania and thyla belong there.  The giga and mose should be there and the thyla and megalania should b like maybe superior...And thats being generous.  Theres lil use for them unless ur breeding them inside rags ice cave or the islands snow cave.  Theyre subpar combatwise, giga and mosa used to demand the ultimate kibble, theyre obviously not in the rex and spino teir.

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
2 hours ago, GP said:


While you're about, what's the chances of actually getting attention to bugs that have been around for over a year, with no dev contact/response at all. Been trying for a few weeks, even tweeted to no avail.


Seems actually really shabby in terms of how a bug can be around for over a year, and yet, not be addressed or queried by devs, even when tagged...

Also... Just so you know why I don't like you :facepalm: and non-response... This, is from JEN... So, like maybe you want to look at things before just dismissing them. YOU MADE ME GO FIND THIS... I wouldn't have spent the time going to find it, if it weren't for your dismissive nature.

Regarding previously crafted kibble:

  • Old kibbles will not be wiped, and will inherit their new "value/color" appropriately.
  • Old kibbles will still work to tame their appropriate creatures.
  • Old kibble will no longer be craftable, only the new types will be craftable.

2 Level 15 ichtys, dodo kibble versus simple kibble. Simple kibble instatames... Dodo kibble, the old kibble, is _3.9%_....... I've also heard this magical number from someone taming Griffins earlier on.

Seriously @GP maybe you want to have a look at what's going on before dismissing things. @Jen Can you please explain this? The old kibbles are not working as they should at all.

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