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  1. Great server. Challenging as hell but alot of fun.
  2. There a discord? Im coming off of xbox and playing on pc now for the mods.
  3. Im on xbox. That still has rockets and c4. The orginal prim was sweet dinos ment everything for a tribe.
  4. Bring back Orginal Prim. Please bring the orginal prim servers (2015-2017). Where Dinos matter and where raiding needed to planned for aleast a week. What everyones orginal ideas was about Ark not magical jedi space mechs and space lazers. Make it where you can only go up to smith items tier (so metal buildings, explosives, ect)Those there the best servers by far. And make them crossplay for Microsoft users. Thanks for your time reading.
  5. Don’t worry guys our new DLC is coming out so everyone can forget our bad decisions on not how to make the game better for the players but make more money. Messing ahh who cares new Exploits will be in the new DLC coming soon.
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