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  1. Pointless to have multiple managarmr's? So I was playing around with managarmr's with the intention of breeding them for fighting a titan. But I am finding that they don't follow well at all. If it is following me on another mana, whenever I jump it just doesn't know what to do. Are these worth breeding for the purposes of creating an armor or is it pretty pointless to expect them to fight something like a titan unless you are riding them?
  2. Constant disconnect during OSD and veins Apologies if this is not the right place to post. I play on a private server on Extinction. For the past few days, I and another player having issues in which we get disconnected during the beginning of a wave for an OSD or an element node. This is the only time we ever get disconnected. I have checked our internet connection, reset the router and tested the speed and everything seems fine. The game runs smoothly when doing anything else during the game. Is this a known issue?
  3. Tips for controlling managarmrs you arent in the saddle with So I had the idea of breeding manas because I love them so much. However, I recently found out they act really wonky if you aren't in the saddle with them. On neutral, whenever I or another tame got attacked, it would jump away and I would have to go and track it down. It would never attack anything, it just jumps in the air and either goes all over the place or just lands down and doesn't do anything. Is this a common occurance? Is it not a good idea to breed manas with the idea of have a small army of them for drops? Any tips on how to control them while not in the saddle is appreciated.
  4. Tek replicator tekgram disappeared I had a weird bug in which a tekgram for a Tek replicator disappeared. I got the tekgram from an OSD, had it for a few days then it disappeared. Is this a known issue?
  5. Tek Replicator tekgram disappeared So I got a tekgram for a Tek Replicator from a blue OSD a couple days ago and I had the Tek Replicator tekgram. It showed up in my crafting menu, verified it was there a day later. Today it is missing. It this a bug?
  6. You can not bola them. I learned this the hard way. When they first were released, you could but it was patched.
  7. cryopods break in city terminals I put a cryopod in a city terminal. It immediately broke when I took it out and I lost the dino inside of it. is this working as intended or is it a bug?
  8. Can you bola a snow owl? I read online you can, but when I tried it it didn't seem to work.
  9. Augmented kibble Is there a point to augmented kibble anymore? I was looking up kibble recipes and noticed there are augmented kibble recipes but it was implemented before the kibble overhaul. Is there any extra benefit to using augmented kibble?
  10. Finding specific orbital supply drops So I found the map on the wiki that shows the locations of specific orbital supply drops. But I am unsure of the timing of when it drops. How do the OSDs work? The locations and type that spawn at a specific location is fixed but the location that drops one is random?
  11. Extinction meant for high level characters? Our party recently started a private Extinction server with fresh characters and I noticed a few things that make me wonder if perhaps that wasn't a good idea. First, I noticed there are no Scorched Earth engrams. Also, you need a Tek Replicator to produce the enforcers. I know you can kill a titan to get the engram(I think?) but given that the enforcers and scouts are one of the first things encountered, it seems like the map already expects you to have all that stuff already. Also, it seems like having dinos(like gigas) that don't spawn on this map would be very beneficial. Am I right in assuming the map was designed for imported characters or am I missing something?
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