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  1. Yes. You guys aren't putting patch notes up all the time, but every day the servers get at least one "Greetings Survivors! We will be taking the servers down in 15 minutes..."
  2. A lot of people here begging for fixes, and I was going to suggest one freaking day without a patch. How many patches has it been since the Genesis boondoggle? It was 3 a day for a week and a half…
  3. NA-Official-TheCenter406 just fast-forwarded two weeks (back to present) after being taken offline for a good 12+ hours. Would have been nice to know it was going to happen or a heads up on why it was down. It crashed suddenly while I was out and about, so I was checking for the next several hours to try and rejoin before my toon got eaten by the first wild dilo to spot me. Also, I had just repainted my base after the recent patch broke some colors. Now I get to do that again, yay!
  4. Any official copping to this from Wildcard? Do we need to repaint everything or will there be a hotfix to unbreak one of their patches?
  5. Official Center NA-PVE-406 rolled back about 2 weeks.
  6. Not sure if it's better or worse that my Center server NA-PVE-406 rolled back a whole TWO WEEKS. If yours come back, look forward to something like that,
  7. Left a ravager in a roo pouch when I logged off. Came back and the tribe log just said it had died, no explanation. 3 argies and 1 giga still raising on the same trough system. Same as above, my other server was taken over by Chinese hackers for a full day yesterday, password protecting it. Doesn't seem like WC actually fixed the problem, more like the hackers finished what they were doing and let us back in. Clipped into a hostile Chinese tribe's base during a lag storm, had to ditch everything into my pelagornis and suicide. WC's earlliest appointment to get it back was over 2 weeks away from when I submitted a ticket. And this is all just from the 11th.
  8. Dupers do it to exploit a bug that they've never been able to patch, so they made the server save timer every 15 minutes so that everyone's gameplay gets stopped four times an hour. And dupers still dupe.
  9. 406 appears to be back. It was fully down, and then finally came back looking normal in the server browser (PVE, BattleEye symbol). I've just been staying in my base for now (I suicided to get out of the hostile tribe's base, leaving my pela behind) but I haven't been randomly kicked claiming my client was unresponsive like it was doing to everyone earlier. If WC did something to bring it back online, I'd like to know. Otherwise, it seems like the hackers just finished up what they were doing and could easily do it again in the future.
  10. I've spoken to other players from 406, most of them report not even being able to pull up the server under Favorites or My Survivors. It's as though it's crashed for them. I did verify my Ark files in Steam and needed to redownload 2, but this problem with 406 appearing as PVP and rejecting my connections for weird reasons is persisting.
  11. One other thing that I only just now noticed. NA The Center 406 is a PVEnvironment server, but it's being listed as PVPlayer in my screenshot. I deleted it from my Favorites in the hopes that finding it again in server browser would troubleshoot any weird connection issue, but it doesn't show up when I set the filters to PVE.
  12. NA-PVE-TheCenter406 Requiring password? I have been trying to connect to The Center 406 (Official, North America) but keep getting locked out and told it needs a password. Also, the one time I was able to get in, my HUD was all messed up. I couldn't see any text when near objects for whose dino/metal wall/etc despite clearly having my HUD enabled. My tame groups were weird, too. It says Armor, which is not a tame group, and I couldn't change it on the numpad. This happens after I got stuck inside a hostile tribe's base last night by accidentally clipping through while flying during a lag storm. So, I'm a little on edge and any help wold be appreciated.
  13. Raptor's dismount ability get buffed? I don't see this under currently recognized bugs, but I noticed on Aberration I was getting dismounted off my Megalosaurus a lot recently. In all the time I've played on there, I couldn't remember getting dismounted from them before, then a pack managed to dismount me and pin my mega. Pretty sure this is a bug, on the Center I even walked away from my Rex on neutral and saw it was pinned by a raptor. That's a freaking huge buff to an already very annoying dino, so please tell me this is a bug and it can get fixed. EDIT: I know this source isn't always accurate, but: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Raptor lists the dinos raptors can dismount you from, and pin. Neither Rex nor Megalosaurus are on either list.
  14. Since this is already a topic I won't make a new thread, but this bug is still a problem. I play on PC and this glitch happens when a thunderstorm hits while the player in at/near the South snow mountain (the one with Artifact of the Skylord cave). Once a thunderstorm happens, the lightning strikes will never cease and get more and more frequent until a player logs off and rejoins the server.
  15. Why would people be asking for increased taming? We get that every weekend, how do you not have a breeding backlog that you're excited to make progress on? Also, dozens of countries have red, white, and blue flags. So this isn't purely American, and if they throw in yellow and green it'll be more countries than it isn't.
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