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Best color mutation

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Best? Idk... but def unique! This one has many of the babies I have hatched with various colors and color mutations.

I agree with the above, please don't kill your unwanted color mutations. Others will buy them and it can really REALLY make their day to get a new color mutation in their collection of dinosaurs.  I'l

I hatched an anky yesterday and got, for the fourth time, the same bloody mutation in oxygen (he's the fourth anky to go from 690 to 720 in oxygen, I guess that's what happens when you try to keep a m

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I like to add from time to time as i get certain colors combined. 




I have a yellow fur Yuty I'm currently raising so when that's done i'll work to get those blue hands and feet on it. Right now I am trying out different color schemes for the Anky but haven't found/gotten one I like yet. I have an Anky with blue stripes on it's shell so gonna see if that combines well. Also have one with a yellow belly so trying to get that and see how it looks. 

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On 2017. 04. 03. at 4:03 PM, Griffin1984 said:

My mutation was found in the wild so not sure if it counts but anyways here is my argent, even post-nerf i still use him as a slow treesap transport (I'm just to attached to this one :$).



On 2017. 04. 21. at 6:52 PM, Mayai said:

Finally got my blue mutation rexs. Dunno how to make them full blue though 




If i could get Argents and Rexes like those... omg, im in love xD

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