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  1. Man that is some serious losses there! I'm almost to afraid to go to Ext and AB with all the meshing issues.
  2. If that happened to me, that would have been the end of ARK for me right there! Did you get to build you base eventually.
  3. Ouch.... Can imagine that was not a very pleasant experience.
  4. Thats rough! Luckily we left our breeding pair at base, so we will just go down the path of breeding for weeks again...
  5. How have you been "ARK'ed" lately? Let me get it started. Yesterday the wife and I headed over to the red obi on the Island for our weekly boss kills to farm element. Got to the obi pulled the Megatheriums onto the pad, dumped the artifacts and tributes for Beta Broodmother. We spawned in, I mounted our new lvl 230 Yuti, wife on our new 217 pig with 17 Mega's. We killed the BM with only 1 Mega lost. We teleport back proceeded to move the megas off and load the 17 Rexes on the pad ready for the Monkey. Dropped all the required Items in the obi and start the teleport process. 3...2....1.
  6. How will this be added to ASM? I tried adding it to the launch arguments but had errors stating it cannot be found.
  7. Question I have not seen answered yet, will the Anti-mesh activate if collision for building has been disabled on a private server?
  8. Mom and dad either side of their daughter
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