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  1. This isn't where you ask for help
  2. Anyone getting crashes trying to play Singleplayer on PC?
  3. Not a fan of upgrade station it makes finding better saddles and such way too easy
  4. How? You must have set like insanely boosted rates. I'm still on the Island 2 years later.
  5. Set up a singleplayer how you like it then go for an "Ultimate ARK" type play-through. I started a playthrough before Syntac even started that series but I've been having a blast. You play through the maps without transferring between them until you finish the bosses of that map and move on. The Island -> Scorched Earth -> Aberration -> Extinction -> Gen1 -> Gen2 -> The Center/Ragnarok/Valguero/Crystal Isles + Transfers open up between all maps.
  6. Try playing Non-dedicated (only recommend if on PC, as on console the host tether distance can't be changed and it's just not worth.) with your kids or buy a server and change the rates of the ovis yourself
  7. All other platforms. I wonder why that one is different to other platforms.
  8. Gun TLC or Death message TLC Was thinking maybe instead of dinos, we could get a death message TLC or gun TLC, (fixed ranges, new attachments, maybe the gun model update but they look fine as is imo.)
  9. Dang, your loading screen looks alot different to everyone elses.
  10. What a waste of tranqs.. You got to wait 5 seconds between each tranq for it to be good
  11. Crossplay Will the Steam edition and PS4 edition ever be able to crossplay with the Xbox edition? I doubt it because that would make buying the Windows 10 edition useless but worth asking. Also yeah no, I really doubt Switch would be included since they got just one update lol
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