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  1. Cant Glide - 200 Ping - Official Legacy Server

    The key to open your glider is space bar
  2. So what did you do in ARK today?

    "/saveworld" why did you put a / in that
  3. Thoughts on the blinding fog

    2-3 times a day? Don't you mean permanent? It doesnt appear in close range but when you look at stuff that is far away theres this blue tint to it and its so annoying omg I wish it would go away
  4. Stamina for quetz

    Theres an auto drive feature?
  5. Ragnarok Map with Aberration

    It's a horrible idea. I don't want to have wasted more money on Aberation just for it to be added to Ragnarok like they did with SE.
  6. Featherlight kibble

    I'e got 2,950 hrs and I still sometimes forget water
  7. The Ravager's Bleeding Bite

    When they become transferable to regular maps.
  8. The Ravager's Bleeding Bite

    Wouldn't this make the Allosaurus completely useless? Ravagers are most likely faster, have a pack bonus etc.
  9. Featherlight kibble

    Did you add water?
  10. Abbarant creature breeding?

    Anyone know if breeding an abbarant creature with a normal one is possible?
  11. Whistle commands REWORK....

    You can change the "Order Rank" to prevent people from commanding a creature with whistles...
  12. Rolling Rats:) Wrong Material reduction

    Why are you whining about the weight reduction? I'm sure most of us have played back before Castoroides were a thing.. Mammoths were the best at getting wood and they didn't have a wood weight reduction.. No one complained about the Mammoth other than the fact that it has slow attacks.
  13. Aberration PvP is Awkward...

    You can gather oil from Abbarant Trilobites and sometimes Seekers will drop nine oil. If you tame an Abbarant Dung Beetle you can make oil that way too. You dont have to go to the surface for oil either. There's oil down at the purple river in the red area.
  14. Plant z and basilisk

    You have to stand beside the Plant Species Z and wait for it to drop a plant on its own. I've tested this and the recent patch made the time shorter for the seed! As for Basilisk, I've heard it's similar to the Titanoboa but you use Rock Drake eggs.
  15. This is why we cant have nice things

    It was 33% off for me