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  1. Do you guys not use tamed bees for honey??
  2. Are you serious? Game devs dont live to make games. Being a game dev is like any other job, you get to go home too. Shocker, I know.
  3. I blame Snail Games (the people who own Wildcard I think) they probably pushed for Genesis and ARK 2 as ARK is a cash cow to Snail Games. I doubt Wildcard actually want to ignore major issues but because of Snail Games they have to work on Genesis 2 and ARK 2
  4. i just changed it so by the time im done collecting they havent respawned but by the time i come back they are there.
  5. I know it's not something you'd like to hear but maybe try putting a transponder tracker on your tames. Or putting them inside a cryopod before logging off. (I think putting a transponder tracker on a dino then cryoing it destroys the tracker, not sure though)
  6. The baby got a mutation on the mother's melee damage rather than the father's melee damage and since your spino's mother's melee is lower than the father's, it didnt go higher than the father's melee.
  7. What do you mean all? I've been on Singleplayer for 2+ years now and still haven't used any cheats to my advantage other than fixing bugs
  8. Try going to the graphics settings menu and hitting reset to default?
  9. I did Alpha Dragon with 1 player and 19 tames... 1 Yuty, 18 Theris. 21k hp, 900% melee and 25 armour saddles. Seems you guys might have been scorched a bit too much by the dragon. Have someone on a bigger tame taking the dragon's attention away from theris whenever you feel its about to breathe fire. This is a key thing when it comes to whether you win or lose
  10. Unfortunate that they died but good on you for prioritising real life over some pixels
  11. Aw is the playstation player sad about exclusivity? Boohoo. You guys get exclusivity for like 99% of games and at the sight of that other 1% where you dont you start crying.
  12. ARK isn't a dino survival game. ARK is a sci-fi game WITH dinosaurs in it (notice I didn't say "about") Specimen Implant, Supply Drops, Obelisks, Broodmother Lysrix, (ALL FROM DAY 1)
  13. You seem to have forgotten that you bought a sci-fi game that just happens to have dinosaurs... ARK: Survival Evolved. Even since day 1 of early access its been a sci fi game.. Specimen Implant (literally the first thing you look at), Obelisks, Supply drops, etc. I can't remember for sure or not but I believe even the Broodmother Lysrix was in the game. Last time I checked, no such giant spider existed IRL. You saw dinosaurs and immediately thought its a primitive dinosaur game without looking more into it. Thats on you. So to say again, you bought a sci-fi game, not a primitive game.
  14. HoganRyan01


    Chibis = +5 Levels Alpha Overseer = +15 Levels Alpha Rockwell = +15 Levels Alpha Corrupted Master Controller = +15 Levels
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