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  1. Scorched Earth comes out the day before
  2. it was only finished back then because you couldnt do updates all those finished games had multiple bugs
  3. if you were getting the maps you wanted they wouldnt focus on bugs and youd tell them to stop making maps and fix the game
  4. there is no magical fix all button look at patch notes. its nothing BUT fixes
  5. what do you mean worthless? gigantoraptor is game changing
  6. youre the joke lol the reason they are pushing mods is because 1, they were forced to release early by nitrado and have to give us something to have fun with until they can smooth things out 2, ASE only lasted as long as it did because of mods
  7. Transfers is on 31/01 (Source: ) The Centre is out at the end of February (Source: ) Scorched Earth is out on April Fool's Day (Source: )
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