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  1. What's the craic

    I can show you around a bit tommorow!
  2. First topic.

    I don't get it either?
  3. Before v264 I was able to attack wild & tamed creatures and set them on fire but I have yet to test it with this new update. The flames would only last a second or two though!
  4. New Boosted PvP Island Server

    Quite a lot of servers do 10x, I really want to find a server that does 100x or 200x for some quick PVP action Oh, sorry! I didn't know this was the Xbox section since I just looked at the recent posts on the main page.
  5. Share Your Boss Fight Tips Here

    Don't do them right now, I lost a Giganotosaurus (100% Imprint) with 83,000 HP & 15,000 Damage a bite! (Admin teleported me into the Alpha Broodmother arena)
  6. PSA: Boss changes after v262.0 (Stealth Buffs)

    On the unofficial server I play, the server was having a 1 year birthday event & was doing boss events. I took in my bionic giga which had 83,000 HP & did 15,000 damage a bite. Once we were in the arena the admin teleported me in & the giga lasted 2 seconds! The Broodmother was doing 3000 damage a hit & her armour made my giga only do 2,000 a hit. Seems the Broodmother got SUPER overpowered.
  7. Breeding Need help understanding how it works

    That ptera is obviously a crap one if it has 130 mutations... anything over the 20/20 cap limit is ghost mutations!
  8. Ragnarok DLC Patchnotes -- Update is out

    What are you talking about Ragnarok has been out for soo long or has it still not come out on Console?
  9. How do i?

    Wildcard are planning to have a feature to be able to host an xbox server from your Windows 10 PC on the games release so don't buy another Xbox
  10. Please remove crafter

    What you are saying here does not make sense.. So if you have no crafting skill, the tool / weapon / armour is just popped into existence? It makes total sense it says your name on the item when you've crafted it because you have crafted it, it doesn't matter if you have no crafting skill, you still made it!
  11. 2 Diffrent GameUserSettings.ini

    I don't think there is any way other than using these two methods:
  12. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    I was looking at recently posted threads on the main page, sorry!
  13. Blocking an engram from being learned will also block it from drops. As far as I know, there is no work around but I'm not 100% sure!
  14. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    It has worked for me on the PC version
  15. Pteranodon names?

    I just do 224 Male 0/0 for any & all tames, haha! (Tamed Level) (Male/Female) (Mutations inherited from the Father / Mutations inherited from the Mother)