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  1. Online

    You've posted this in the wrong forum?? This is for Abberation..
  2. Please devs make x2 permanent

    If 2x is made permanent then in a couple months you will want to double the rates again!
  3. There is only a tribe tame cap for platform dinos not regular ones so what are you talking about?
  4. Can you explain whats wrong? You just cant download them?
  5. Craziest pve encounter?

    This was a year or two ago but I lived on the mountain south of the dead island (north island) and I was on the side of the mountain (not bottom or top, the wall) I logged in one day when gigas were added and one had spawned on the mountain and it jumps off eating my gates
  6. Extra Life

    What is this from?
  7. Could we atleast get a spawnactor command for the dodorex during non-event times? My fellow server members and I were speaking about boss creatures and the Dodorex came up. We were talking about how we couldn't wait for the Dodorex to appear so we could take it down but you have to go and rain on our parade by making it Official only... Couldn't you just keep the special stuff like skins / game codes (I'm not sure if those game codes are in drops this time but they were for the first event on official only.) in official only? I myself would love to take down the Dodorex for fun.. Why give us Fear Evolved 1 & 2 but not 3? Sorry if this seems like a salty post I'm just curious as to why we never got it. Now I have to beg my admins to set up a halloween like event with zombie dodos / zombie wyverns as prizes.
  8. Wyvern baby damage.

    I never wanted to do the moderator's job but since he was talking about wyverns I assumed he played SE. If he was playing Ragnarok then he should post it in the Ragnarok forum but hey, you've got a point on transferring [emoji106]
  9. Updated the list guys, thanks very much.
  10. Domesticated Castoroides dont make dams. Doedicurus have to collect stone, they don't create it. Thanks for replying youre my favourite YouTuber As I said about the doedicurus, these collect stuff i'm talking about stuff that passively makes items.
  11. Where are the new aberration skins?

    You can buy bionic skins? We only have Rex & Giga bionics on PC. Can't even spawn the rest here.
  12. Hello, I've been playing ARK for around 2.6k hours but I still can't remember what dinos make what passively. I will provide a list of what I can remember and please help me add onto it. (White in bold = Found on most maps. Orange in bold = Found on Scorched Earth) Creatures that create stuff passively: Achatina - Creates and also poops achatina paste & makes organic polymer in it's inventory in exchange for nothing. Basilosaurus - Creates oil in exchange for nothing. Tusoteuthis - Creates oil in exchange for nothing. Giant Queen Bee - Creates Giant Bee Honey in exchange for rare flowers (in hive form). Phoenix - Poops silicia pearls & black pearls. Iguanodon - Can create seeds in the inventory via the radial wheel Creatures that gather stuff on wander: Dung Beetle - Creates fertiliser and oil in exchange for feces. Doedicurus - Gathers stone on wandering. Castoroides - Gathers wood on wandering. Gigantopithecus - Gathers fiber / rare flowers on wandering depending on the biome. Mesopithecus - Gathers berries on wandering. Therizinosaurus - Can gather fiber / flowers / species X seeds on wandering. Moschops - Gathers resources on wandering. Oviraptor - Can collect one of a wild creature's eggs on wandering. Pegomastax - Gathers berries on wandering.
  13. Where are the new aberration skins?

    Oh I don't play console I just thought by spawning them with gfi would make the game recognise you get them or something. Sorry I play PC and just got them from updating then killing myself and repsawning on multiplayer
  14. Wyvern baby damage.

    If you thought that shouldnt it have been on the Ragnarok forum section? Pretty sure it should be in SE forum because Wyverns were first introduced on Scorched Earth