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  1. Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    Can you elaborate on this "Wild" baby dino hatching and re-taming? How can you tame dinos that are unclaimed (not imprinted)
  2. Tek reaper saddle and tek wyvern saddle please

    Not all servers are "easy mode" its called "having a life mode". For example mine is 2.5x gather on everything but metal which is 5x.
  3. Best Reaper King

    The reaper in that image is 100% imprinted...
  4. Hello, please take a look at the image shown here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359447851 This is on default gamma using r.bloomquality 0, r.lightshaftquality 0, r.shadowquality 0. Don't you people over at Wildcard think this is a bit extreme?
  5. Best Reaper King

    I've gotten an Easter Reaper on a recently wiped unofficial 2x server.. So no Xmas or valentines Reapers for me! I also got it first try
  6. When you realise that Snail Games made this not Studio Wildcard
  7. Aberrant Dino mutations

    If the region they're on mutate they mutate too!
  8. Impregnated by same reaper question

    Reaper Queens dig away once they've impregnated a survivor. How did you manage to get two tribemembers impregnated by the same Reaper?
  9. screenshot Karkinos painting template

    OP is talking about paintbrush and colours in-game, not colour regions.
  10. He is referring to body bags used on official servers.
  11. ARK is coming to mobile. what are your thoughts?

    So, like, I assume you saw this as an opportunity to make a big thread when in reality there is 0 point to this thread because discussing it coming to mobile can be done on the announcement thread?
  12. wood structures loading incorrectly on Rag

    doesnt look any different to me.
  13. pve boss fighting

  14. Featherlight Model Bug

    Could just be that it scales with your survivor weirdly. All shoulder mounts scale with the player.