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  1. Have you modified spawns at all? Maybe something is replacing the Super Turkeys.
  2. PC Steam version (I also own Epic Games store ver. and the Windows 10 version from game pass )
  3. Uh.. You literally have to enable the events. Atleast on PC Steam version (Singleplayer player here) I'd start by adding -ActiveEvent=TurkeyTrial to your launch settings
  4. You have to use "-ActiveEvent=TurkeyTrial" in your launch settings. If you're on console singleplayer... Tough. No event for you.
  5. Thankful for the hard work they've been putting in lately. A lot of recent patch notes have had some hole / mesh glitch / etc patched.
  6. ARK is a sci fi game not a dinosaur game
  7. I am playing "story mode" (as in playing the maps in order) so I did not have access to wyverns. I managed to take it out with 10 theris, 10 rexes, 1 giga, 4 allos, 1 giant squid. The theris took barely any damage. Only lost the giga.
  8. TBH man, just find a nice unofficial with some decent QOL mods and play there. I play in singleplayer with S+, DS2, etc its very nice. Any problem I have I can resolve myself.
  9. Weird, I'm sure that 3 nights had passed in those 4 hrs. Anyways, logged on today and it spawned.
  10. Yesterday I played for about 4 hours with no sign of the Dodorex showing up. Yes I'm using "-ActiveEvent=FearEvolved". What am I doing wrong?
  11. Thing is high level mosas are like super rare lol
  12. yea theyre totally just sitting around twiddling their thumbs not doing a thing totalllly. they are working on stuff bro.
  13. Unless youre in the water the HP means nothing as the fire is % based damage. I dont have a mosa but I have a good Tuso. Should I bring that?
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