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  1. What does DILO mean? I looked it up and it says "Day in the life of" but it doesnt make sense for your reply so it must mean something else?
  2. Was yesterday not today sorry but I defeated my first boss in my singleplayer (with official dino stats) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2_EBeLDI08&t=115s
  3. Thank you, WIldcard. ARK has its many bugs but it doesn't change that I've had alot of fun in the 3,800 hours I've played of this game. I haven't had a chance to try out Genesis yet but it looks great. Once again, thank you for the incredible game and I hope we can get more positivity in the community. I can't wait to see the new TLC in summer. Insects? Brontos?
  4. The price of Genesis is pretty good. Just a reminder, youre paying for 2 maps, not one
  5. Try using the antidote to cure the swamp fever.
  6. Evolution events on SP/Unofficial/Player Dedicated Could we see an option in the singleplayer menu to enable evolution events that are the same as official? Like if I had 10x gathering it would become 20x gathering on evo event. Right now I play 1.5x gathering on my singleplayer and dont want to have to change all the values to make it an evo event everytime. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  7. HoganRyan01

    Bugged as hell

    Use the antidote to cure the swamp fever, as intended.
  8. HoganRyan01

    BUG - No HUD

    I dont know what button it is but on PC you press backspace to disable/enable the HUD
  9. For me on PC I only had one update which was 27 GB in total
  10. HoganRyan01

    Swamp Fever

    Maybe try the intentional method of curing it
  11. Dang it'd be nice if PC had these skins too. Console only unfortunately. Just spawn them in
  12. yes lets skip the thousands of other people that need help just for you
  13. On PC, it's 100% guaranteed every time from a tier 2 or tier 3
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