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  1. https://streamable.com/l0ujwn Any ideas on how to prevent this other than just killing time in the biome?
  2. You can also quick travel between beds to get your mini HLNA skin back!
  3. Was hoping for UE5 ARK1 info but this is good too!
  4. If you were a six year player you'd know when they officially launched in 2017 they made all the saves of official servers available. If you have the Xbox version you get a free copy of Windows ARK. You could host your own server on your computer and join from your Xbox with your wife and play locally together with all your creatures and buildings like nothing happened.
  5. Unfortunate that they died but good on you for prioritising real life over some pixels
  6. Aw is the playstation player sad about exclusivity? Boohoo. You guys get exclusivity for like 99% of games and at the sight of that other 1% where you dont you start crying.
  7. Going off the voice actors it seems Helena now has a wife, which was not mentioned in the explorer notes from what I remember. TBH, I'm not really sure what social justice is but I think this relates haha. Sorry if I'm wrong
  8. Awww is the Playstation player upset he doesn't get to play ARK 2? Boohoo. Suck it up mate you get so many exclusives on Playstation but cry the second theres a good game as a PC/Xbox Exclusive
  9. ARK is a sci fi game not a dinosaur game
  10. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration This has all the information you need. Using "-ActiveEvent=" in the launch options will just enable the event. It doesn't give you anything in game. So for example you could play the ARKeology event or the Eggcellent Adventure event right now.
  11. Its a server config, not a cheat. Its like setting your harvest rates to 2x. Not cheating.
  12. You can enable any event on singleplayer with the use of "-ActiveEvent=" in the launch options. (Available only on the Steam/Epic Games Store version)
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