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  1. Accessing The Center and Ragnarok

    Damn that sucks
  2. Iceworm Cave

    I suggest bringing a shield. The Iceworm Queen has insane reach and there's no where on the ledge where the Queen cannot reach you besides the water. (which you cannot shoot from) So that shield could save you big time. Grappling hooks are also disabled.
  3. Accessing The Center and Ragnarok

    You need to unlock those maps? Is this a console thing? It doesn't do this on PC.
  4. You do realise they have alot of servers to update? It doesnt just update in the snap of your fingers.
  5. Stuck on v269.2?

    I've done that multiple times. I ended up having to verify ark
  6. Stuck on v269.2?

    I've launched ARK and the notes (in-game on the right of the main menu) say v270 yet my game only says 269.2 on the bottom left? Steam isn't mentioning any updates to the game either.
  7. You can tag posts to say LEGACY-PVP or LEGACY-PVE
  8. TEK Wyvern Saddle?

  9. Feeling utterly defeated

    Problem is the duped items being transferred to the new cluster. This wouldn't work unless WC went and deleted all duped items.
  10. Don't Click On SOTF, You Will Be Screwed!

    SoTF the mod or the standalone game?
  11. Most Creative Dino Names

    Sl1pg8r? He had an argent in S1 of ARK named Air Force One.
  12. Just as the title says, looking for a super boosted (around 100-200x gathering) Scorched Earth server to play on for a bit. Preferably with no big mods like Extinction Core or ARK: Eternal.
  13. phoenix map transfer

    It was mentioned in a stream by the Ragnarok devs that they will be including a weather system for not just the desert, but the entire map of Ragnarok. I highly, highly doubt the Phoenix will be on the Ragnarok map as it was released as a thank you to the people who bought and supported Scorched Earth. As for transferring, I have no idea. I was unable to transfer the Phoenix from my Scorched Earth singleplayer to my The Island singleplayer. Owning Scorched Earth is quite nice. You get the Safari Hat skin, Thorny Dragon Vagobond saddle skin & of course the map itself with the Phoenix. The part of the map where ocean would normally be on another map is super nice because of the 120+ frames per second!