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  1. Just hatched in time for 3x weekend and i got triplets. Hope to see alot of new mutations after this weekend !! Cheers guys
  2. Heres some of my latest color combo's and mutations i have been working on.. Orange giga, Pteras, Full black ptera, White giga, Matching monkey thyla and my orange/pink giga
  3. @Lancelot Those are awesome mutations. Are you on pc pve by chance?
  4. We do have one mosa we would trade right now only for that tuso... 50% imprint 24389 hp 385.8% dmg @BertNoobians
  5. Ok we have a few mosa and tuso stats we will trade once we get a breeding pair. Let me know when u have a full Horne one for sale and we will do the same for u. @BertNoobians
  6. @BertNoobians would u consider trading one for anything ?
  7. @BertNoobians Are you on official pve by chance? Thats an amazing mutation u got.
  8. took me forever but finally got these ptera mutaitons together all black and pink lemonade
  9. Love that people are still uploading all these cool mutations. heres my favorite self mutated Giga.
  10. That is unreal @Lynog85 are you on pc pve ? I would love to make a trade with you
  11. Those are awesome colours @DomiDarko
  12. my new ptera ...http://imgur.com/a/7pW6o
  13. @ArkSlenderMan getting a colour mutations is as rare as getting twins or triplets its like 1-2% chance i believe.Best thing to do is keep any females you hatch and just mass breed. Also keep an eye on stats cause you can get mutated stats as well. I noticed my ptera was 2 lvl's higher than my other ones turns out it got mutated melee...
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