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  1. Bookshelves and In game discovery

    Bookshelves already have more slots for blueprints than normal storage boxes.
  2. turret limit Turret Limit - Meet us halfway

    They need to make some dinos excel at defense. Right now every dino falls into either raid dino or kibble. None are great defenders. The only true offline defense we have is turrets. It's boring to build and easy to break, regardless of how many turrets you have. Chalico and arthropleura come to mind. Both turret dinos. Chalico can wield regular rock for regular damage as it is now. Wield a catapult boulder for 2x damage. Wield a spear bolt for 1x armor penetrating damage. Or wield a chain bola to slow and stop large dinos advancing on your base. Arthropleura spit could reduce saddle effectiveness by 50%. An advancing 100 armor stego gets hit by Arthro spit and starts taking extra damage. Rework dino pathing and follow. Maps should have a pathing map for permanent terrain features like cliffs and slopes. Each dino should know where they can and cannot walk. Change attack carnivores to only hit one target. Give them the huge hitbox, but apply the damage to only one creature based on some priority. For example, a giga priority would be something like: Titan Bronto Giga Rex Paracer Etc Generally going from biggest to smallest. Give us more defensive tools. Tripwire traps are great. How about concealed explosive landmines? Maybe a pheromone trap that makes a dino kick it's rider off and go aggressive for 10 seconds? How about using tripwires on storage containers? Give boxes a slot kind of like a "saddle" slot to put a tripwire in. The box is opened or broken, triggers the trap. Open a large storage box, find an explosion. Or knock out gas. Give saddles a durability like the roll rat. When a saddle breaks, armor rating goes to 0, but you can still ride it. Yes, people will just bring more saddles or repair them, but the idea is to make it more expensive for attackers.
  3. I'm unofficial so maybe it's different, but on our cluster I have several characters that have been arkes for weeks. They lose their items after 24 hours, so I reccomend not trying to hide blueprints that way.
  4. Bullet soaking dinos

    Imagine being able to mix in some chalico defenders. I don't know their current rock throw damage, but let's say it's 500 for a 300% chalico. Someone comes up with a saddles stego and can mitigate idk 80% damage. Each rock does 100 damage. Equip it with a catapult boulder. It consumes it as ammo, but now each rock does a base of 1000 damage. 200 to the stego after mitigation. Give it a spear bolt. Now all 500 damage goes straight to the stego. Give two chalico spear bolts on long range and a third chalico chain bola on short range. Stego gets close, being pelted, gets held in position and killed. Mix in your short range Arthro to reduce saddle even further. Sure you could snipe those tames away with a fab sniper or fire arrows, but each of them has their own health pool and saddles. It could take you a long time. They could also have a daeodon boxes in underneath on passive healing. I really want to use dinos on defense. I really do. But they just don't work right now.
  5. Bullet soaking dinos

    I want smarter dinos we can use as defense. Arthropleura spit reducing saddle armor. Patrol paths for "smarter" dinos like raptors. Dinos chasing to the edge of a cliff, but not jumping over it. Chalico able to wield spear bolts (armor piercing), boulders (extra damage), chain bola (stop targets in their tracks) On turret mode.
  6. scatophilians discrimination

    He just wanted to trick you into eating your own poop.
  7. Paracer use on Aberration? (PvE)

    I'm guessing he takes offline members and cuffs them to a chair. When players are offline, after a certain amount of time, they can hold infinite weight. That's my guess. I've never tried it myself.
  8. Am I going mad in Aberration

    I've never heard a voice in abberation. I've pooped myself to death, but I've never heard voices.
  9. Controllable Auto Turrets

    No. Mounted minigun turrets hab e a much higher damage per bullet and would still hold a much higher DPS than a controlled auto turret. Additionally, minigun provides some cover for the operator. Drawback for a minigun is it is not a mobile piece and requires foundation support. A mannable smaller auto turret will be a light duty portable minigun. Much lower DPS, but also placeable anywhere and a much lower profile.
  10. Give players the ability to mount an auto turret. Mounting a turret increases it's rate of fire by 50%, making manned auto turrets more effective than unmanned. Electricity is not required for the player to fire. This will give your base defense manned auto turrets slightly better DPS but you'll be easily sniped off if the enemy sees you shooting from it. The most useful way I see these turrets being used is to set up on a flank against an enemy. Sneak around their back or side with an auto turret, put it down with a few hundred bullets and go HAM.
  11. Araneo

    This will probably be moved to the TLC pass thread. I think spiders should spin and shoot webs that function like ziplines on abberation. Few functional changes tho, only spiders can climb them. If an enemy or wild land tame hits them, the are slowed and the web destroyed. If a flyer hits it, it acts like an aerial bear trap, locking they flyer in place.
  12. Arthropleura

    We got a few horns today by fishing. Time to tame some danger noodles!
  13. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    Plant it in a crop plot. Where's a good place to hide my first base?
  14. I swear to you wildcard ...

    That was the joke. I think an overhaul mod for single player would be cool where you play out in the time period the explorers from the notes actually lived. Quests and stuff like skyrim.
  15. I swear to you wildcard ...

    ARK: The Movie. Start out following beach Bob. He builds a house, befriends a pachy. He goes to sleep, camera fade to black. He wakes up, cuffed, in a cage, phallic objects drawn on his face. Around him are 12 people screaming obscenities about his mother and one is jumping around playing a terrible song on a boom box. This scene remains for 2 hours. Closing credits.