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  1. I wish there was a way to turn building damage way down (maybe 6x or 10x), but keep damage to doors vanilla. I think it'd be a neat experiment to see how raid styles change.
  2. Unofficial cluster. Tribe on island was upset that their gates were being destroyed. Called me out as the culprit, as a tribe mate was attacking random beach boxes at the time. I tell them I never touched their gates, and that I never really leave Center all that much and that I've got better things to do than attack random gates. They call me a liar and call my tribe a bunch of p*ssies for offlining and running away as soon as a fight starts. So what do I do? Grab a stack of C4, a cryo crap giga and a crap Ptera. They left the ceiling of their dino pen completely turretless. I drill down, steal 200 cryo tames (including their boss rex breed line and giga line), then chuck my crap giga into their pen on aggressive. I didnt have a saddle for it, was too lazy to make one, so I used it as a distraction to leave. After that, we stuck around for 4 hours killing them and their tames as they tried to take down a Vacuum Compartment FOB (s+, they can be placed on land for a fast FOB). Another tribe had to come to their aid and make it a legit 2v1, both in terms of tribes and players. Used their own dinos against them and kit farmed. They stopped being rude to us after that.
  3. Build elevated on cliff platforms if possible. Aside from that, rows of railings as described, or bear traps. Purlovia will stop them once or twice. Offline, all you can do is hope to slow their advance. Online, keep setting species Y traps down. If they rocket run, theyll get stopped and killed. They're very difficult to see, so they end up being a pretty effective trap. Grappling and reeling them into turret range is also a good strategy.
  4. Sounds like shes not fully tamed. Leave render range for a while until she de-aggroes. When you come back, wear full gillie, sneak up behind her and you should be able to feed her the preferred taming food again.
  5. I did some science with a 100 stimberry recipe on a velona. I was able to AoE spam continuously, but not use the direct fire. Running depleted stamina and gave the "winded" buff. Have not tested on other dinos.
  6. RasFW

    Desert Titan Tame

    Owl and tek boots. Tamed titan in about 30 minutes. Dive away from flock.
  7. Soloed all 3 titans with a single Mek. Load up with 300 element for each and just pew pew until dead. Desert - cake walk. Ice - avoid the breath and icicle attacks. A frozen mek is a dead mek. Having 2 people, I would think if one is frozen the other does what he can to take aggro. Tree - just time consuming. Kite him around the arena and get him to stomp out how own trees and you'll be fine.
  8. I'm not sure how our admin set it up. As for tribes, tribe is server only. We also have members in a tribe together on one server, but might be neutral or at war with the same players on another. It's a pretty casual good fun PvP server mostly. Theres just one group who plays it like official and feels the need to wipe.
  9. We've got a cluster of 5 maps that has, throughout the day, 20-25 active players. On our lowest, you'll see 1-3 in each server. At our most active upwards of 9 or 10. What is really cool on our cluster is that we have cross cluster chat enabled, meaning when you type something on extinction it repeats your message seamlessly to island, abberation, center and ragnarok instantly. So even on the lowest population times you're never really playing alone.
  10. Cant tame a horse or gigantopithecus at level 1. Most dinos you can. I dont think theres any level restriction for any knock out tames at all.
  11. 4.85 million shards. Unofficial
  12. I should add the best way to deal with turrets is to not soak them if you can. Soak as a last resort. Scout the base, see if you can find a blind spot to blow up and get inside. Or if the turrets are up against a cliff, try using rockets to blow some of them up by firing from a blind spot.
  13. Saddle is your issue. Get a better saddle or have about 25 trikes to rotate out. Some other stuff that will help: Bring a mate booster. Have 100% imprint on the trike. Load up with veggie cakes. Bring an owl for healing.
  14. Can set an RCON job to destroy all ptera, argy, everything else you want not there.
  15. Make the saddle cost materials. Titanosaur resources plus 200 element seems fair. Remove the assistance for taming titans. Forest wyverns are aggressive to players. The lightning doesnt damage corruption nodes. Make corruption only damage able by tek weaponry and give them a larger hitbox. You'll have to lead the shots for corruption quite a bit more if you have to use tek rifles or mek cannons. Just a few ideas to make them slightly less accessible. Accessibility is good on paper, giving small tribes a chance to fight alphas, but an alpha/mega can easily block an entire extinction server for titan taming.
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