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  1. RasFW

    New Puzzle/Mystery Dino solved

    That's some impressive detective work there.
  2. Pontolis Description: A large carnivorous mount. The Pontolis waddles slowly on land, and can slide down cliffs and slopes quickly. Their land turning radius and rate of turn is very slow. In the water, they are very fast and nimble. The high weight capacity of the pontolis couple with the speed in water and ability to travel on land (slowly) make it a very good all terrain pack mule. Location: found on the frozen shores and icebergs. Temperament: territorial aggressive. The Pontolis will spawn on land very close to shorelines. When a player approaches the shoreline, the Pontolis will put on an aggressive display, attempting to intimidate the aggressor. After 5 seconds, if the player has not left the area, the Pontolis will charge and chase them away. Abilities: Bask - the Pontolis lays on the beach, soaking up the sun. While basking, the pontolis regenerates health quickly. Intimidate (Turret Mode) - the Pontolis detects rafts and water tames approaching the Pontolis and raises an alarm, similar to Parasaur. Both abilities require the Pontolis to be within 50m of a water body. Taming method: standard knock out tame. Preferred food: yutyrannus kibble, raw prime fish, mutton, prime, fish meat, regular meat.
  3. RasFW

    Wild gigas

    Ascendant hide armor, pike and wooden shield. Be a man.
  4. RasFW

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    Tek Soap.
  5. RasFW

    Tek and lower tiered items/structures

    Tek Bow. Fires Tek Arrow exclusively. It acts like a sticky grenade. Hit a target, 2 seconds later kaboom. Armor penetrating damage, because the arrow tip is inside you and exploding.
  6. RasFW


    Yeah. Handcuff an enemy to a chair. Bring in your mesopithecus, set him to turret mode. Then set him to aggressive. He will throw poop at the enemy until he is dead.
  7. RasFW

    Tek and lower tiered items/structures

    A tek cannon would be fun, actually.
  8. RasFW

    A fix for dinos left on obelisks

    Summon any gamma boss before loading up your dinos onto the ob. You'll send them to the arena without a player and they will instantly die.
  9. RasFW

    Grinding/ Leveling on dinos

    Hatch a bunch of high level rexes and kill the babies with your tame. My boss rexes are leveled up with the next generations rejects.
  10. It would be neat to see quality versions of structure blueprints. The blueprints would work like the old fishing rod blueprints where they could only be crafted X number of times. On the levels of primitive to ascendant, you have a chance of getting a wall, foundation, gate or ceiling between 1x and 5x durability. Auto and heavy blueprints could be damage modified between 100% and 300%
  11. RasFW

    Underwater base - viable?

    I'd take one of those weird little tunnels that's on the cieling in the deep ocean cave/cavity. Unless they come down with a cliff platform and transmitter, no chance of getting a golem up there to soak. And even then, terrain is super uneven. I like the idea of weighted tusos. Get some good saddles. Enemies will be limited in their weapons underwater. No compounds for armor pen, and I'm sure fire arrows dont work either. No quality harpoon guns exist either. They can still be sniped with enough time and arrows though. Or minigun plesi.
  12. RasFW

    Underwater base - viable?

    Defending would actually be easier than defending on land. Keep your base hidden. Bury it behind some of those giant leafy things. Hide your tames in a different spot. Theres tons of gaps and crevices big enough to hide a couple tuso. Good advice for any base. People cant use rockets under water and unless they have tek, will need to dismount to do any damage to your base. And theyll be wearing scuba, most likely. Use a few heavies on player only for your passive defenses. Underwater mines are effective only if people arent paying attention. Almost any tame will outrun them and cause them to detonate before they deal any damage. A few hidden ones might catch someone by surprise. As for active defense, have baryonyx on standby leveled for movement speed. Get right up to the saddle and spin the character. You can knock anyone off any mount and stun them that way. Tuso and mosa are good for killing tames after they are dismounted, but baryonyx is a staple for underwater life. Spin to win. I haven't tamed any yet, but I would think a horde of manta with good saddles might help take down dinos. Their attacks ignore armor.
  13. RasFW

    TEK Updates and Gear

    Another thought - have them spawned in the wild in the passed-out phase. In order to "tame" a tek dino, you need to power it up with charged batteries from abberation. The process would be to fill the "torpidity" bar, which could be upwards of 15,000 for a Rex. At 500 charge per battery, that would take approximately 30 batteries to "tame" a tek rex. Then the "food" stat for the rex is again filled by charged batteries. No breeding, that's just silly. But the stats could be "modules". Sacrafice a tek rex for one of its seven stat "modules", then piece it together in the replicator.
  14. RasFW

    Challenge me!

    Build anywhere, but play the game without flyers and 0 points in movement speed. It is sufficiently challenging.
  15. RasFW

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    I mean, since you have 50 dino slots, you might as well fill them. Double up on the Raptors just in case. And bring a few lystro for the exp buff on your dinos. Wouldn't want to waste potential levelling!