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  1. GeoSeb

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    There is no dolphin in ark. The Ichthyosaurus is a reptile ... The Ichtyosarus is a early tame, only lvl in speed and you can more or less rule the ocean. Instead the high basic speed a short second boost or dodge "attack" would be nice. The argi is just rules eveything with the quick regeneration. Got a couple of mutated ones they are just op actually.
  2. GeoSeb

    Is Therizinosaurus good against bosses?

    Is there a short number for Theri stats for fighting the dragon on gamma/beta ? + minimum saddle Thx
  3. Hi, We got the artifact of the pack last saturday with a baryonx without any problems. Hope not, how do you deal then with the sacros ... ?
  4. No, its a majestique vulture ! :-) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337628871 (Sorry, don't know how to put the picture into the post, while the upload size is so restricted.)
  5. GeoSeb

    Who liked the rideable Moschop ?

    It's really funny and gives them a real usabillity. Hope they keep this, even if they are rideable at a certain level.
  6. GeoSeb

    Kapro's are kinda more useless now

    Like said above, I think the Kaprosuchs is more like a wild threat creature than a "have to tame creature". They are smaller and you can't spot them in the dense swamp area that quick, than a jump and your down :-). Similar to the small Microraptors, running around in more dense bush or tree areas and knock you off. But taming one ? Na, maybe as funny shoulder Pet that just sit in the base ... . Kaprosuchus with bleeding would be the worst .... . Before this happen please Araneo with climbing ability.
  7. GeoSeb

    Best color mutation

    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/918044892548825252/DF69013843AF025F780E11479540DF62E3ADAF8A/ Our meat collector Rex
  8. GeoSeb

    Dino 6 TLC2?

    The saber got a TLC , the Megalosaurus don't need any. So I guess it's the Carnotaurus. I think the Megalodon get a TLC in phase 3, like the reptile Ichtyiosaurus (a short sprint boost would be nice) Personaly I would like to see wild flyers which are able to pick up small creatures an players like tamed one. Would be a permanent threat including the late game.
  9. GeoSeb

    Dino 6 TLC2?

    The name Pteranodon means tooth less wing
  10. GeoSeb

    Dino 6 TLC2?

    The Pterandodon could get rid of his teeth. In the moment the Ptera"nodon" ist more a ironic joke while having teeth.
  11. GeoSeb

    TLC patch this weekend ?

    Montag ist Feiertag
  12. Hey Wildcard, Please remodel the arms of the Tyrannus, this is a Dinosaurs and not a mantis. Thx
  13. GeoSeb

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    As you ask @Jatheish , - Fix the Tyrannus arms. A Tyrannus never been able to have this "mantis praying" arm postion. It's just look like stupid. - Fix the Carnotaurus arms. I never understood this stupid arm position including the tiny hands. A Carnotaurs had also mor powerfull claws. - Fix the Pteranodon ! It means Ptera with no teeth, but this model has teeth .... for me just annoying - Dilophosarus complete remodeling. These were nearly 2 meter high, don't have a collar or neigther spit. With a master degree in palaentology, these points are even more annoying. Following some mechanic ideas for older creatures: Parasaurs - 1. can warn nearby cratures/player with noises for larger predators 2.herding, small predators wouldn't attack Spider - can climb as like the megalania Dodo - passiv tame like Lystrosarus Brontosaurus - stamp attack Spinosaurus - second attack if standing in water (stand onlegs and mag more damage with the claws or even can hold medium prey (?)). Carbonemys - 1. withdrawl into the shell (no or nearly no damage) 2. 2x2 plattform saddle Megalodons - chance of bleeding Mesopeticus - 1. able to climb on trees 2. throw poop if spooked or attacked while more Mesopeticus arround. Gigantopeticus . able to wear armour
  14. GeoSeb

    No breeding on Island ?

    Hey, I managed to bring a pair of Ravangers and Featherlights to our own the island server. I set them on wander and they are "ready to mate", but the mating process don't start at all :-( ? Is this a bug ?
  15. GeoSeb

    Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Hey Wildcard, Really nice rework ! I really like the ape and wolf. But please, can you or your designer remodel the T-rex arms ? A T-rex was never able to get this arm postion like a mantis. As a palaontolgist I also really disapointd about the pteranodon. Please Wildcard, remove the teeth - it calls Pteranodon But at all really good work :-)