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  1. Hey Wildcard, Please remodel the arms of the Tyrannus, this is a Dinosaurs and not a mantis. Thx
  2. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    As you ask @Jatheish , - Fix the Tyrannus arms. A Tyrannus never been able to have this "mantis praying" arm postion. It's just look like stupid. - Fix the Carnotaurus arms. I never understood this stupid arm position including the tiny hands. A Carnotaurs had also mor powerfull claws. - Fix the Pteranodon ! It means Ptera with no teeth, but this model has teeth .... for me just annoying - Dilophosarus complete remodeling. These were nearly 2 meter high, don't have a collar or neigther spit. With a master degree in palaentology, these points are even more annoying. Following some mechanic ideas for older creatures: Parasaurs - 1. can warn nearby cratures/player with noises for larger predators 2.herding, small predators wouldn't attack Spider - can climb as like the megalania Dodo - passiv tame like Lystrosarus Brontosaurus - stamp attack Spinosaurus - second attack if standing in water (stand onlegs and mag more damage with the claws or even can hold medium prey (?)). Carbonemys - 1. withdrawl into the shell (no or nearly no damage) 2. 2x2 plattform saddle Megalodons - chance of bleeding Mesopeticus - 1. able to climb on trees 2. throw poop if spooked or attacked while more Mesopeticus arround. Gigantopeticus . able to wear armour
  3. No breeding on Island ?

    Hey, I managed to bring a pair of Ravangers and Featherlights to our own the island server. I set them on wander and they are "ready to mate", but the mating process don't start at all :-( ? Is this a bug ?
  4. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Hey Wildcard, Really nice rework ! I really like the ape and wolf. But please, can you or your designer remodel the T-rex arms ? A T-rex was never able to get this arm postion like a mantis. As a palaontolgist I also really disapointd about the pteranodon. Please Wildcard, remove the teeth - it calls Pteranodon But at all really good work :-)
  5. Fish trap

    I placed the trap near some fish and take a walk. As I came back, the overlay told me a 1.1 coel was catched. I took the trap up and got the fish in my inventory :-). Maybe it takes sometime like fishing.
  6. Fish trap

    Hey, There are all the people who want to tame piranha ?! - now you can ;). I just wonder nobody have noticed this before. So, there is my aquarium wildcard ?
  7. Cavewolf/Ravager damage nerf

    I think my alpha could use the bleeding effect yesterday, but I was at all to busy to find water without crabs
  8. A little tip

    Some of the give you bio toxin (harvested by trike) and a lot of mushrooms :-)
  9. Cavewolf/Ravager damage nerf

    They nerfed again ?! The nerfed the cool Ravanger ?" Why ? The could be easy killed by using a bola. This is really really dump, I liked them to ride and go around icluding the bleed effect. Now, a saddle at lvl 47 for a weak wolf ?! Nice ... wait, no :(.
  10. Undrinkable water pond .

    I found a save place in the mushroom forest, a small river/lake system with small waterfalls. I'm also unable to drink here ....
  11. Rare Resource Spawns

    I found metal nodes near the river (near the portal spawn, a bit north).
  12. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    I have a 12 Gb Download :-)
  13. Lvl 280 alpha Mosa

    Hello everyone :-), Yes wie have some "trouble" with a lvl 280 alpha Mosa (in the west water cave ;) ). He waits right after the first possible cave loot location., so we can't pass through the cave :(. How can we handle this, or how would you handle this situation ? We have soem whales but no one is really high lvl (they are damn rar). I assume our breeded whale with 50 k hp and 260 dmg, and a tamed one (45 k HP and 200 dmg) is not enough. Thx
  14. best bossfight to do first

    We planning on our server the same, but actually need good saddles. Anyway we started breeding some Rexes. The values differs nearly from post to post for least Hp and melee, so are 13.2 k Hp and 482 melee something to work with ? (include imprinting). Would you level first Hp to 20-25 k and then melee ? Thank you
  15. "Gotcha" mechanics

    Had one of this moments two days ago. Did the south-east lava cave with my Dimorphs (4.5 k Hp and around 380 dmg was just funny :-) ). I grabed the artifact and jump back ... a Dimorph pushed me into the lava and I died. Lost everything -_- ... These moments suck but without them ... there wouln'd be no challange any more. Like others said before, Thylas and the seagulls can easily spotted.