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  1. Bad DLC, bad map, bad game... I see a lot of messages that the game has died, that the DLC is very bad, that the map is terrible, that the changes are terrible, and there are a lot of lags with it... How much I play in ARK, I still like it. People do not even read what they are buying and then scold its developers for the wrong DLC in their opinion. Someone even said that the game is only about dinosaurs and there should not be any technology, and everyone began to repeat after him forgetting about all the notes, history, etc. I'm tired, can anyone say what is wrong with people? Why did they degrade so quickly to monkeys? So much dirt and 0 logic in it
  2. If you have not checked all past tracks, then new ones will not appear
  3. Weird steam download speed
  4. Still nothing. Novosibirsk, Russia.
  5. Do not be toxic, they work on fixes and new content... This is not a quick process, this is normal. If you want to help, it's better to just support the developers, and do not scold them for nothing. And do not forget, developers are also people, they have a personal life.
  6. This is when I with 12 friends went to the cave for rock drakes, took a bunch of sets of armor and protection, everyone sat on their crabs, as a result, only I returned with one friend, the almost dead reached the base... All the armor broke, but we got 3 eggs of level 140, 150 and 95. The first campaign for rock drake eggs took almost 4 hours, not counting the preparation and collection of resources
  7. I'm not sure, but try unchecking the Genesis DLC on Steam, launch the game, turn it off, and then re-check the Genesis DLC
  8. Update your inventory, try logging into your local server / single player
  9. Ayzix

    Some suggestions

    Some suggestions Structures Wide Low Gate - Wooden / Adobe / Stone / Metal / TEK Gates to which some wide animals can pass Behemoth Walls - Large Wooden / Adobe / Stone / Metal / TEK walls without a door More Thatch Structures - like in Advanced Thatch mod Items More saddles - like in Saddle Emporium mod Tek Binoculars - Shows the temperament, level and stats of the animal Manticore Armor - Not skin, but full-fledged armor, the recipe of which we get after defeating Manticore. More types of shields and melee weapons - like in Armory Additions mod Creatures The Island Rat - Can dig resources out of the ground. A bite can infect rabies. Fox - Can take weapons from the enemy hands, and report about nearby caves and ruins. Protects from the cold. Wolf - Normal non-riding wolves, whose ability is to detect the nearest wild animals, the detection radius increases depending on the number of wolves in the pack. Horse - Moves faster than equus but cannot carry many heavy things Raven - Can explore the area and report on nearby resources and animals. Reports an approaching enemy in a small radius Rabbit - Decorative animal, maybe he can give some small buff Polar Fox - Can take weapons from the enemy hands, and report about nearby caves and ruins. Protects from the cold. Tiger / White Tiger - May cause bleeding when bite or claw Scorched Earth Lion - Predatory animals smaller than a lion behave neutrally if there is a lion nearby. Radius of the effect increases due to the lion pack. Coyote - Search for a specific animal in a certain radius, the radius increases due to a coyote pack. Fennec Fox - Determining the weather, increasing the radius of hearing African Wild Dog - Disorders the target when the pack is nearby Aberration Aberrant Species - Has a specific glow Aberrant Fox - Spread the glow in a radius. There are 2 types, one can become temporarily invisible, the other can temporarily blind. Can give hybrid offspring Aberrant Lion - Has different types of additional damage depending on the biome. Aberrant Wolf - Spread the glow in a radius. if required, then begin to protect the owner with light. Aberrant Tiger - Has different types of additional damage depending on the biome. Aberrant Rabbit - Spread the glow in a radius. Aberrant Fennec Fox - Spread the glow in a radius. Can sense the approach of an earthquake, the reaper queen and identify danger zones. Aberrant African Wild Dog - Spread the glow in a radius. May temporarily disorient the target Extinction TEK Fox - Can mark explorer notes and resources in a small radius TEK Wolf - Can mark corrupted creatures in radius. TEK Horse - Faster than a normal horse. Confuciusornis / Aberrant Confuciusornis - An animal from a very interesting mod called "Confuciusornis". (You need to ask the author for his permission)
  10. For some reason it seems to me that this is The Island
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1loxqVsLD0dt58TeJbgI5RQ-GNrC5W1uRkFkWEXpe334/edit#gid=0
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