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  1. Bad DLC, bad map, bad game... I see a lot of messages that the game has died, that the DLC is very bad, that the map is terrible, that the changes are terrible, and there are a lot of lags with it... How much I play in ARK, I still like it. People do not even read what they are buying and then scold its developers for the wrong DLC in their opinion. Someone even said that the game is only about dinosaurs and there should not be any technology, and everyone began to repeat after him forgetting about all the notes, history, etc. I'm tired, can anyone say what is wrong with people? W
  2. If you have not checked all past tracks, then new ones will not appear
  3. Weird steam download speed
  4. Do not be toxic, they work on fixes and new content... This is not a quick process, this is normal. If you want to help, it's better to just support the developers, and do not scold them for nothing. And do not forget, developers are also people, they have a personal life.
  5. I'm not sure, but try unchecking the Genesis DLC on Steam, launch the game, turn it off, and then re-check the Genesis DLC
  6. Update your inventory, try logging into your local server / single player
  7. Here is my Raptor... The best color mutations!)
  8. Thanks for the answer, there is one more question... Can I use the program with a screen resolution of 1440x900?
  9. Does not import stats from the game... And when enabled overlay gives an error "No calibration-info for this resolution found.". How to fix the bug and get the program to work? P.s. - Sorry for my bad english
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