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  1. Hey, New creatures wouldn'T be a good idea. In the moment we have a lot of creatures with no real use while they outclassed by others. I think TLC's are a way better. Just think of the Bronto, Carno, female Megaloceros, Ichtyosaurus, Megalodon, Spider, Bat etc ... on one hand cool creatures, on the other hand not even useful to play with (the Bronto animation needs really an upgrade).
  2. I would like to displays the apex drops like megalodon tooth or the claws
  3. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/918044892548825252/DF69013843AF025F780E11479540DF62E3ADAF8A/ Our meat collector Rex
  4. Hey Wildcard, Please remodel the arms of the Tyrannus, this is a Dinosaurs and not a mantis. Thx
  5. As you ask @Jatheish , - Fix the Tyrannus arms. A Tyrannus never been able to have this "mantis praying" arm postion. It's just look like stupid. - Fix the Carnotaurus arms. I never understood this stupid arm position including the tiny hands. A Carnotaurs had also mor powerfull claws. - Fix the Pteranodon ! It means Ptera with no teeth, but this model has teeth .... for me just annoying - Dilophosarus complete remodeling. These were nearly 2 meter high, don't have a collar or neigther spit. With a master degree in palaentology, these points are even more annoy
  6. Hey Wildcard, Really nice rework ! I really like the ape and wolf. But please, can you or your designer remodel the T-rex arms ? A T-rex was never able to get this arm postion like a mantis. As a palaontolgist I also really disapointd about the pteranodon. Please Wildcard, remove the teeth - it calls Pteranodon But at all really good work :-)
  7. Helo everyone, Here my last settings. Sry this is german
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem with creating. After I testet some values, I have trouble with the water. The spawnpoint is aroun 10 meter over the water surface, and the land is far away or didn't exist. I don't know which value is the problem, can someone help me out ?
  9. Thank you for your statement, good to know you still try to communicate. And, THANK YOU ! for a new dossier. For me, this is one of the things which make me happy "Which creature comes next ?".
  10. Very nice ! Will we see more species of "small" fish then ?
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