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ARK: Fear Evolved 2!


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The Dead have returned and for the next week the ARK is undergoing a spooky seasonal change where the air is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, and a Blood-Moon shines brightly as zombies, living skelesaurus, and terrifying creatures of the night appear above ground.


Running from Friday October 28 through Sunday November 6 on Steam, Fear Evolved 2 will have ARK survivors witness the ARK transform into a dark, eerie landscape teeming with ghoulish graves, overgrown pumpkin patches, and Halloween festivities. Prepare for the ultimate Dino-Ween event, Fear Evolved 2!


Survivors should take care when exploring the ARKs as the mythical DodoRex stomps across the land with an army of blood-thirsty zombie dodos in tow and is joined by its flying friends, the daunting DodoWyvern, its zealous ZombieWyvern horde, and a variety of re-animated Skelesaurs roam the world.


For those brave enough to face their fears, there will be a number of new items to collect including the mythical DodoWyvern Mask, the haunting Vampiric eyes, the terrifying Clown mask, the beastly Werewolf mask, and of course don’t forget to be on the lookout for more spooky Skelesaurs in the form of; Giganotosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Jerboa, and Wyvern! 


Not to mention, some old festive goodies will be making a return in the form of thatch-rich scarecrows, custom Jack-o-Lantern carvings, Skelesaur Costumes, Candy-Corn loot drops, Witch Hats, Masks! You’ll also be granted the opportunity to tame endlessly-rejuvenating Zomdodos and ZombieWyverns!


We’re also running a little Fear: Evolved contest! The first two survivors to post a video of them killing both the DodoRex and the DodoWyvern on Official PvP Servers will win a 100$ Steam Wallet Gift code! (they can be working with other Players/Tribe of course, but we'll only have one code to send to the player who actually posts the video). You can send us a tweet with the link to your video on @survivetheark. (Note: The Center servers are not eligible for this, as the DodoRex does not spawn naturally on The Center.)


Message from Studio Wildcard 


In regards to Xbox Patch 744 and some of the missing Halloween content, unfortunately we weren’t able to deliver on what we had intended to do for this holiday release. Both Jeremy and Jesse (the founders and captains of our team) had to unexpectedly take care of some work out of the country which affected the development and simultaneous release on both platforms, as well as the content we were hoping to provide. Fear Evolved 2 will not be making its debut on the Xbox Console, and on PC the special attributes/effects related to Werewolves and Vampires will not be a part of this holiday event. We are hoping to be able to release these special effects in a future event, as we understand a lot of players were looking forward to experiencing it. 

However we did manage to make sure that all PC Content through Version 248 would make it through the update, including Explorer Notes, Mounted Weaponry on Dinos, three new creatures; Kaprosuchus, Chalicotherium and the Diplocaulus, as well as crash fixes and some performance optimisation to memory and rendering.

We always try to include everything that mention in the patch notes and sometimes things occur outside of our control, in this case it was losing two star players - going forward we’ll be working hard to ensure that our Christmas Holiday patch will have a simultaneous release across all platforms, and include the content we intend for it - there’s a lot to look forward to and we’ll do our best to make it up to you guys!

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by the lack of the Halloween event for our Xbox players, as well as the missing content on PC. We understand the frustrations but we do hope that you enjoy the rest of the Xbox v744 content and on PC the Fear Evolved Patch.

Evolution Event Weekend!


Plus, with the release of the two patches, we’ll be running another Evolution Event across both PC and Xbox;

Through the weekend the Official ARK Network will be affected by an Evolution Event! Survivors playing this weekend will get to experience the following bonuses:

2x Harvesting Rate
2x Taming Rate
2x EXP Rate

So be sure to log in and enjoy the increased rates whilst you can! The change will take place on Friday the 28th of October at 12pm ET and will return back to normal on the Monday the 31st of October at 12pm ET.

Steam Sale!

For this spooky festive period, players are in for an additional treat, begining Friday the 28th of October at 1PM ET until Tuesday November the 1st at 1PM ET, ARK: Survival Evolved will be discounted on Steam by 50% and Scorched Earth will also receive a 33% discount! Get it whilst you can! ;)

Wishing all you Survivors a Happy Halloween! 

Wildcard Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team


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so you announce this now and could not release it on both platforms? to take care of some business? shows how much you care about your xbox fan base when you dont bother giving us any of the content on xbox one. assholes dont say something if your not going to do it and stick to it simple as that .... people may say oh or think oh im disrespectful. no as a dev or publisher should not even bother to mention it then on the day be like oh your not getting the content because we had more important things to take care of. ie we didnt give a crap to release it to xbox players? ....

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I don't understand how they can have it ready for pc and not xbox. I'm kind of upset that i bought scorched earth( a finished expansion) when they cant even provide the proper updates to the unfinished base game that they promised us. i would rather have the Fear evolved update than the 3 dinos. to the people telling us to quit complaining....let me guess...pc players?

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