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  1. I haven’t seen anyone from wc say anything about it ~ I would like to know if it will happen again
  2. I also lost levels after this update
  3. I wouldn’t have minded the mindwipe if I didn’t lose 4 levels from it ~ I thought that issue was fixed
  4. Defense Units/ Drones damage metal? Is that intended? seems a bit much with everything else going in the lunar biome ~ I was looking forward to my main base being there but I’ve got invisible stuff messing up my metal buildings
  5. I had this happen to one of my characters on pve Val when the new dlc launched and I was pretty upset ~ I dc’d on log in to re log on to myself dead and tribe log said anti mesh ~ I must have rag dolled and fell through the foundation when I dc’d ~ I can replace everything I had on my body but still I shouldn’t have to ~ I don’t cheat, I don’t glitch so why am I being punished because this mesh “fix” that seems to cause more problems for the honest players than it helps ~ It is definitely worse in your case if I was playing hardcore and that happened I wouldn’t go back unless they changed the system a bit ~ I haven’t raised anything since this mesh system out of fear of them getting deleted from growing into the ground ~ We have also lost gates and building structures because of rocks etc being spawned back in
  6. To me it has seemed like things are eating more lately, since Val ~ Also sometimes a when i’m on a dino/wyvern they eat 3 meat in one bite then continue to eat when they haven’t even used hardly any stam
  7. 1 ~ Any passive tame other than Lystro 2 ~ Yutys when far from trap because they want to fight everything 3 ~ Dodos because I can’t stand their noise at all in my egg farm and would rather get anything else for that kibble tier
  8. Can you breed them? Please let us breed them
  9. I was wondering this as well
  10. I would rather get this late than not at all ~ I love Halloween, I was looking forward to this seasonal event
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