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  1. Not sure if someone had ask this already, but is there going to be an industrial forge for prim plus? Some type of one?
  2. I know you guys are busy with all the events. I am really excited for all the new stuff coming to ark and want to thank you guys for all your hard work. Now for the grit, I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, fear on prim plus is completely broken. No loot from headstones, scarecrows, and pumpkins. No skins from skeleton alphas and the skeleton dinosaurs health are extreme! When will new dinosaurs come to ark that we can tame without issue and have saddles right away? The beers still don't work for chali on prim plus. How about some corner builds for roofs, so it doesn't look like a kite tale. New water pipes, like curves or a left and right straight with one of the side. Adding a super forge to prim plus, not a metal one like regular, but make it look like a black Smith's forge. I've tweeted these ideas and concerns, but to no avail... They got unanswered. I know prim plus is a secondary, but when you have a team working on it, let's makes sure it works before release. Thanks.
  3. Wth.. this really disappoints me.. I am hoping you guys release this later on and it doesn't have to be Halloween..
  4. Easy there troll. Crawl back under the bridge.
  5. Just because they release new dossiers doesn't mean the game wont come out in December. Calm down and don't get your panties twisted. There are such things as after release content. Think about how many dinosaurs have been discovered. You think they can do all of that in one release? Ty have a nice day.
  6. Oh man.. I've wanted a boar or something close to it in game for awhile. Please make this happen. I've also been waiting patiently for the hyena...
  7. I would like to ask, why the fishing pole and saddles for tapejara and allosaurus wasn't added into prim+??
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