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  1. it mentions community mods too
  2. when they tell players they are going to release content, they need to do it...if its not going to be ready in time, they should NOT wait until the day it was supposed to release to tell us we aren't getting it.
  3. also...I thought xbox was supposed to be getting mod support, or was that a lie as well?
  4. well considering they have had the patch notes for the event update out saying it was coming today...that sounds like a written promise...and the fact that they waited until the day of release to tell us it wasn't coming...kind of a sleezy thing to do
  5. its not called life, its called "lets go pick up a sotf trophy instead of finishing the content we promised to give the xbox players. and the event isn't delayed...its CANCELLED.
  6. amen And let me point out that I am a huge Walking Dead fan who was ticked off at the season six cliffhanger, but i think this move against us xbox players made me angrier than that did
  7. except it wasn't an emergency...2 of the devs had to go either give away or receive a stupid survival of the fittest trophy...since when is that an emergency? check twitter. the dev posted a picture yesterday of him holding the damn thing.
  8. but knowing that the event wouldn't be ready on xbox they should have scrapped pcs event too...its only fair considering we were promised everything that pc has
  9. since when are holiday events for kids? I'm pretty sure people of all ages love collecting scary dino skins and fighting dodowyverns
  10. actually it does make it a waste...When people are told they will get the same content as the pc version if they buy the game and then get screwed over by the devs, that makes it a waste of money...i for one, paid for the xbox version expecting to get the same treatment and content as pc players, yet the devs give everything to the pc players only, instead of making sure it was ready for both systems and THEN releasing it
  11. better yet...add all the items from the fear evolved event without the actual event...dinos and all. one big patch...
  12. they shouldn't have given it to pc players until it was ready for xbox players too...but instead they choose their PC players over their console players. its only fair to make them wait too instead of them giving it to pc and cancelling it for us
  13. https://www.change.org/p/studio-wildcard-release-the-fear-evolved-event-on-xbox?recruiter=619494026&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
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